How Much Does an iPhone Application Cost to Build?


How Much Does an iPhone Application Cost to Build?

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Over the years ago, mobile phones have become the lifeline of a common person. Mobile phones are the basic need and we can’t even think of doing away from mobile. How mobile phones have made our life simple? Mobile phones are easier to carry than the basic phones, and it’s easy features had made us

Over the years ago, mobile phones have become the lifeline of a common person. Mobile phones are the basic need and we can’t even think of doing away from mobile.

How mobile phones have made our life simple?

Mobile phones are easier to carry than the basic phones, and it’s easy features had made us flexible to use and operate. Mobile phones have gain more importance after the development of smart phones and the presence of apps in the smart phones.

iPhone Application Cost
iPhone Application Cost

“Smart phones are really smart, as they help us to think and mould ourselves in the smartest way”.

Mobile devices have now become a focal point in the IT business. Technology has advanced and going even sharper day by day, so the development of android application has made the life of a common man full of excitement. Smart phones have smart OS (Operating system), and it helps to gain productivity. These app market place have made easier for people to gather data in a fraction of second in their fingertips from a market place.

“We are aware that what is a smart phone”? So, what is the difference between an iPhone and a smart phone?

Simple………………….iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It’s run on Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

If you have planned to buy an iPhone, so what is the difference between the two? There is a difference, which you should know before buying an iPhone, and the price varies between the smart phone and iPhone.

iphone Application
iphone Application

Smartphones combine cell phones and PDAs into a single device that has similar function as the computer. An iPhone is a smart phone, that has more features found on competing device, but it differs from other smart phones in the market.

iPhone cost development
iPhone cost development

Why iPhone is costlier than normal smartphones and how much does it cost to build an iPhone?

iPhone cost development

If you are thinking of developing a new mobile iPhone app, you must know, how much does to get a iPhone App developed?

First answer, I would like to convey you is that,” It depends” on the factors as complexity, design and nature of the industry. A more complex app with many data sources will take more time to outline and develop.

The factors that are essential while designing an iPhone that creates difference between the price of simple smartphones and an iPhone are –

a) Operating system – The iPhone runs on the iOS operating system, or, OS. The other operating system of smartphones includes Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows.

b) Compatibility – An iPhone user’s need a Mac or a Windows-based computer and an iTunes account.

c) Applications – The iPhone connects to Apples’ app store, for using thousands of applications for use on the iPhone.

d) Hardware – An iPhone developer uses different hardware in comparison to other smart phones. The battery life is one of the longest in any smartphones on the market, as on in the time of publication. The size of an iPhone screen is smaller than the most other smartphones.

e) Cost – Although the cost of an iPhone is more than the other smartphones. This is because of the features, which I have described above and the other reason is that iPhone was first Smartphone released and other companies decided to be in competition with the device based on price.

The price of the app also varies according to the industry and technical limitations. As, we can see that an app developed for an engineering industry will need maximum testing to ensure that the calculations are error free, and on the other hand, a simple app made just for fun, may not need ‘that’ much testing.

In a simple word, we can say that the cost of developing simple iPhone Apps can be something around the price of $500 to $3000. Apps, which carry medium complexity, can be priced above $4000. In addition, apps used for enterprise by the corporate can go above $10,000

We are iOS development specialists, and we often get the very first question from our client. “How much does an app development will cost”?

We follow the general guidelines in a simple way to make our client full satisfied for their App development……..

‘BASIC APP – $5 -$15 K

An iPhone app designed at entry level will start around from the price of $5000 and this might include

– Calculator or small utility app
– Store locator or brand extension apps.
– Simple reference apps

This, I have explained above to know just the basic app price, but how much does an iPhone costs to make?

If you compare the Apple iPhone 5s to the Motorola Moto G. If you buy Apples’ handset SIM –free in the US – we will talk about dollars now, for the easier comparison with the analyst’s report – costs $649 for a 16GB model and a whooping $849 for 64 GB version.

Why it is so? Of course, the specification matters a lot. Components breakdown shows that the iPhone parts are worth almost double that of Moto G’s, in addition, there is design and licensing to consider.

Here look down, what drives price up and down?

How much does an iPhone component costs

According to an estimate, between the Moto G’s and iPhone, the Moto G’s costs $109.75 for components and assembly, while the 16 GB iPhone 5s racks up at $198.70. The Moto G’s retail price is only $73 more than its physical costs, while the iPhone final price adds to the eye watering at $450.

Moore’s law – How much does an iPhone costs to make.

Good manufacturer’s follow the Moore’s law, the equipment get better, the process gets better, the yield improves and the costs goes down, but if you look at how those component contribute to the overall BoM, the proportion of the costs remains the same.

Despite, Moore’s law the tech prices doesn’t falls with each new versions,. Since manufactures add better-quality parts or new features.

The improvement of the specifications can also lead to retails prices going up, as the 2013 version of the Nexus 7 was $30 more than its predecessors.

How much does an iPhone costs to make

Specification is one of the most important elements to decide the price of any Smartphone or an iPhone. However, it is not the key component to decide the cost of an iPhone. When looking at the price, Labesque notes – “What is the strategy, how does a manufacture position itself on the market, and how does it aim to make money?

This is the main reason, why Apple products cost more than the any other smartphones in the market. The company makes a strategy to make money on the hardware. Samsung follows the same strategy, but on the tighter margins, while Motorola, Amazon and Google are even happy to break the rules.

Disruptive changes are also followed in the costs of making an iPhone. The biggest changes have come from Google and Amazon, which have pushed prices well below what Apple and Samsung are selling at.

It can be very well understood, that Amazon and Google are in the longer game. “They are interested in making money in the long run”. Thanks