How to build a profitable e-commerce website?


How to build a profitable e-commerce website?

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Jaspreet Singh
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Introduction Over the years, people have started to rely more on online shops in comparison to the physical stores. There are several reasons for such a shift in consumer behaviour. For example, the 2020 pandemic played a crucial role in the growth of the e-commerce industry. According to a study, the total sales produced from


Over the years, people have started to rely more on online shops in comparison to the physical stores. There are several reasons for such a shift in consumer behaviour. For example, the 2020 pandemic played a crucial role in the growth of the e-commerce industry. According to a study, the total sales produced from e-commerce retail platforms is beyond $4.2 trillion in 2020. Amazon, Etsy, Taobao, and more have become the topmost platforms where online shopping has sky-rocketed in the recent time.

For a product-based business, launching an ecommerce website is the ultimate solution to drive more traffic and sales. Perhaps, that’s why it has become important for every businessperson to learn about the importance of the ecommerce market and how to launch a profitable website for online shopping. In this article, we will shed light on the ways of building a lucrative e-commerce website for your business. This will help you understand the various trends of the ecommerce website development market along with the factors that can impact your sales and revenues towards the positive side.

Why can e-commerce websites be profitable for your business?

With a popular ecommerce website design, you can enjoy a wide range of perks that most of you may not be aware of. Perhaps that’s the reason why many retail businesses are yet to launch their websites for the users. In the below section, we have mentioned some of the main benefits you can enjoy by creating an e-commerce site specific to your business.

  1. You will have unlimited access to the global market. Being an online platform, you won’t have to worry about the geographical constraints and therefore, you will start receiving orders from other states of the country and even from international customers.
  2. Unlike the physical stores that have a specific time of operation, the e-commerce website will function all day and night. Therefore, you will receive orders almost throughout the day with no time restraints.
  3. With the help of the best web development company, you can spread more awareness about your brand. This will further drive more traffic to your website, and your conversion ration will automatically increase by ten folds.
  4. E-commerce websites can be integrated easily with social media platforms so that you can get more exposure and use the influencer market in the best possible manner. Moreover, social media users are active almost all the time. And taking orders from the users is very easy.
  5. Trading through e-commerce websites is much more convenient. All you have to do is put up the products, their available features like sizes, colors, and more. The customer will filter according to his or her needs and place the order.
  6. With this type of business retail platform, the risks of losing orders or suffering losses will be reduced by ten folds. Therefore, you will make more sales than forecasted, provided the e-commerce website designing is proper and to the spot.

How to build a profitable e-commerce website for your business?

One of the main questions of almost all the businesses is how to build a successful ecommerce website. Even though the process seems to be easy, each and every step needs to be done with precision. If by chance one step is skipped or not completed in an appropriate manner, the entire website is going to be a catastrophe. Therefore, to help you out, we have discussed here the ways of developing the best ecommerce website for your business.

Getting a domain name

When you will choose a domain for your business software, make sure to go through different ecommerce website name ideas. It needs to be unique and not at all the same with any of your competitors. But the name should form an instant bond with the customers and hit on the right spot without any delay. Besides, the domain name will also help you gain higher SERPs in the search engine results which will be profitable for your business later on.

Make sure to go with the right hosting provider

Being the best ecommerce website development company in India, we, SEO Corporation will ensure that the hosting server is appropriate and trustworthy. We would suggest going with a server option that can give you expandable memory space so that you can scale your website on-the-demand in future. Also, security of the server will be important along with load time. Recently, Netflix suffered a loss of millions just because it was down for a couple of minutes. So, if you do not want the same for your website, make sure to choose the best host server according to your affordable ecommerce website cost.

Choose a relevant website theme

Since we are considered as a popular best website design company, you can talk about the themes with us clearly because it will add a level of relevance with your business. For example, let’s say your company deals with gifts and presents. So designing a theme based on the same will help you a lot in making your users understand that yes, your ecommerce website is dedicated for catering to their needs. However, choosing a theme for the ecommerce website is not easy. There are several things you have to include like:

  • You need to consider the background color of the ecommerce website.
  • Once done, choose the images you would like to introduce as background images or watermarks and their transparency level.
  • Fonts also play an important role, especially if you want to become creative. You can ask the web design services to show the list of possible fonts that will be relevant with your business.

Include personalized features

One of the main ecommerce website features is personalization. If you do not introduce a high scale of personalization in the ecommerce website or application, you will lose customers more than gaining the numbers. Here are some of the examples of personalized features you can find in the competitor ecommerce platforms:

  • Filters will obviously play an important role in allowing the customers to personalize their choices. For example, if your business deals with cosmetic ecommerce websites, you can include filters like brand name, type of makeup items, colors, discount, price, and more.
  • Another important example of a personalized website is the option of “sort by”. This way, your users will be able to arrange the displayed options according to increasing price rates, popularity, relevance, and more.
  • You can even add a category listing page as a personalized feature so that your users don’t have to navigate through the entire website to search for the product they are looking for.

Make sure to include multiple payment gateways

Long gone are the days when buyers used to opt for COD option or cash on delivery. Nowadays, most people want to opt for digital payment gateways like cards, third-party wallets, and more. Therefore, if you fail to include these payment options in your ecommerce website and mobile app, you won’t be able to meet the consumer market expectations. As a result, earning profits from such websites will be next to impossible. Besides, if you want to launch an ecommerce website for different countries, make sure to integrate payment wallets and cards specific to the country itself.

Improve navigation throughout the website

An ecommerce website content has several pages, starting with product pages, catalogue pages, category listing pages, payment gateways, order histories., and more. If you do not introduce proper navigation between these pages, it will become extremely difficult for the audience to place and track their orders. Furthermore, proper navigation will improve customer experience which will, in turn, drive more sales for your ecommerce website.

Integrate with social media platforms

Social media platforms will play a crucial role in ensuring that your ecommerce website goals are met accordingly. Starting from Instagram to Facebook, you can use several platforms like this and increase the outreach of your business. Following are some of the benefits of integrating social media platforms with the ecommerce website to create more profits:

  • The social media platforms will drive more traffic towards your business.
  • It will help in creating more sales and increase the revenues.
  • Another major use of social media is the enhancement in brand awareness.
  • You can use the influencer market to get more users for your ecommerce website.

Use third-party management software

Finally, you need to decide the types of third-party software platforms you would like to incorporate with the ecommerce platform. For example, a warehouse and logistic management software will help you cooperate with the vendors properly, keep a track of stocks and orders, and maintain the delivery channels. Some of the third-party apps that need to be integrated with the ecommerce websites are:

  • Database management for storing and manipulating all the data
  • Cloud management software to eliminate mistakes during audits
  • Warehouse management system to keep tracks of orders and deliveries
  • POS or Point-Of-Sale software to process payments with ease

Is it difficult to build a profitable e-commerce website? Let’s have the answer

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