How to Choose The Best SEO Company in India


How to Choose The Best SEO Company in India

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You have an online business and you are looking for an SEO company. So, what will you do? Just Google ‘Best SEO Companies in India’ and make a call to top 10 results? And, the company that will offer the lowest bid, you will select. Is that such an easy task? So, how will you

You have an online business and you are looking for an SEO company. So, what will you do? Just Google ‘Best SEO Companies in India’ and make a call to top 10 results? And, the company that will offer the lowest bid, you will select. Is that such an easy task? So, how will you a choose the best SEO company in India or in Delhi? The task can be easier if you follow certain rules.
The task is much more complex than your imagination. It’s because of the mushrooming of a large number of companies in India. The task becomes all the more difficult as all of these firms claim their superiority over others. Here are the five parameters that you can consider before hiring an SEO partner in India.

Ability of Website Ranking on Search Engine

The success of SEO depends on the ability to bring the website on top of the page when you Google a particular term or keyword. A good SEO firm helps to bring your website at the top of the page for most of the relevant keywords. If the SEO firms have the ability to do the same, the purpose of hiring them is justified. However, don’t just go by their face value.
One way could be to look where they come on the web search. If their own website ranks higher in Google search, chances are that you are at right place! But this is not the confirmed test since many companies rely on the offline marketing efforts and less on the inbound marketing.

Consistent ability to rank the website higher

There exists a tug of war between the search engine and the SEO firms. Search engines like Google keep varying their algorithms that constantly affect the website rank and traffic. Getting on the top might be occasional but slipping from there means losing business.
Therefore, it is mandatory to check the capability of SEO Company’s long-term performance (six month or more). Another way of authenticating the claim of SEO firms is that ask them to provide the proof of increasing traffic on their clients’ website. You can ask for the Google Analytics data for the purpose.

Ability to target the right keywords

The top SEO company or service provider or even a reasonably good SEO company will help you to identify highly valuable keywords and will make a detailed content strategy around these key words.
You can conduct a pilot test here. You should ask for the list of keywords they would like to target. Check their competency on how intelligently they select a long tail keyword? Ask for the reason behind the selecting a particular keyword and rejecting the other.

At the same time you can also ask SEO firms to show the keywords they had targeted to bring a particular website on top. Make sure that these keywords have sufficient search volumes and are relevant for their clients business. It will give you idea about competency of companies.

Ability to analyze the results with work alignment

As discussed earlier, the only purpose of doing SEO is to increase sale and it happens when the ranking of the website improves. The visibility of the website will translate into increased sales leads, bookings, more orders etc. You are looking for a marketing solution to help you to achieve this while delivering high value and profitability. However, don’t just limit yourself to sales; you should consider the overall metrics. You should know whether they just measured rankings, or do they track traffic, goals, conversions and revenue?

Don’t rely on creative stories

A good SEO firm tells a lot of stories. They are quite creative. Also ask about their failures and how did they handle it. Ask them how they have improved over the years. Even if you have already decided to hire a company based on the above tips, you can still change your opinion. Ask about their failures and just observe their facial expression.
If they say they have never failed, it’s time to stop the meeting. If they respond that they failed, but it has nothing to do with their process, but client was bit impatient to get stellar result. It might be the company of your choice.

Know their mobile SEO strategy

After the Google mobile update, implementing the mobile SEO strategy has become very important. Talk to them how will the score on this front? What is their content strategy for the mobile users? Such questions will help you reach to a definite conclusion. Do they possess capability to guide you on the issues related to information architecture and UI. It should be an important parameter in your decision making.

Final word

Ask few questions about how they will make an effective SEO strategy for their business. Ask what they will do in the first month, second month and so on. And what will they do if their Plan A fails? Do they have any Plan B ready? It’s also important to know their cultural fit. It’s also about having a good communication infrastructure. And the last point, you should not hanker after the cheap seo services. Look to hire affordable SEO company. It’s because you get what you pay for.

After all, how can a company can do SEO in just $500 per month when buying a good link may cost them $300 per month! And, what will they pay to their content writer for your blogs! They will avoid uploading infographics since they will have no budget left for the client servicing. It means they will certainly compromise somewhere with the quality. This attitude will certainly harm your business interest than the SEO service provider.
Be sensible and put a decent amount of budget for search engine optimization services. Never compromise with the content quality and it will pay you if you have some good quality blogs that increases your domain authority. Having a large number of high-quality content will benefit you more in the long run than any other thing. Even if you choose an average quality search engine services provider and take care of these basic things, you will get good result.