How To Promote an Ecommerce Shop and Make It Insanely Successful


How To Promote an Ecommerce Shop and Make It Insanely Successful

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
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E commerce business is constantly on boom. In the recent coming years, whole virtual world will become an e-commerce platform. As, an entrepreneur, you need to know how to achieve success and sustainability in the e commerce platform. After all, you want to achieve great profit in your e commerce business. Making money online solely

E commerce business is constantly on boom. In the recent coming years, whole virtual world will become an e-commerce platform. As, an entrepreneur, you need to know how to achieve success and sustainability in the e commerce platform.

After all, you want to achieve great profit in your e commerce business. Making money online solely depends upon setting a proper e commerce business. However, to set up a store is not sufficient to make money from ecommerce business.

Before that, I would like to explain you the booming sector of e commerce business. The data of e-commerce growth can be seen from year 2010 to 2013, the total retails commerce of U.S increased from $167.3 billion to $263.3 and last year it jumped to $304.1 billion. It is a fantastic achievement, and I think that you would also like to achieve the same milestone for your online business.

1) How to boost your sale from your e commerce market

Sale and making money online is the main motto of an online business. As, very similar to the shop with a customer and shop without a customer. Your e commerce store is an online shop, and what it needs before setting up?

Before that you need perfect planning………….

You are starting an online store, so not time for holiday. You have to select what your brand can do wonder in the world. Work back for the most important initiatives for huge success in your e commerce store. You have to be very clear about your business, so that the marketing, sales and communication team easily understand it.

Planning is done, so what now? Are you going to rush? You are in a bin of trouble. Let’s look for the next step……

2) Haste can be a waste

The planning is done, so do not try to rush in any of your enedeveour. This is one of the biggest mistakes in an online business, which is creating unsuccessful e commerce entrepreneur. You have taken the domain name and have planned accordingly, so don’t try to show big dreams to your consumer before you have laid some strong groundwork.

Your business product, in an online business. Whose choice? You are choosing it…………..Beware you are doing blunder. Keep yourself aware of the user’s choice.

3) Your user is your asset

The biggest drawback of an ecommerce business is that the user is completely devoid of feeling and touch of your product. A consumer thinks twice before buying because it is virtual. A big issue, it is not possible to fill these gaps, but you can certainly make a bridge narrow by offering some offers, free pricing and easy return and refundable policies.

You have to be in the place of your consumer and should think on the same psychology level. Try your best to offer best deals for your products and work on the deficiency areas of the business.

Business launched, but where is the consumer? You are not satisfied with the traffic, how to get more traffic? Because, no traffic, no selling and no money making

4) Opt for the Paid Traffic

This is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic. But you may think that paid traffic is expensive, and may not generate sales.

Absolutely not

Things which are done in a smart way never proves to be wrong. If done properly, paid traffic can be quite affordable and can prove to be a winning campaign in your hands. Paid traffic can jump your business to the place of your wish.

How to test paid traffic

We know that small is beautiful, so spend the little amount in the initial stage on the paid traffic. A good pint, which can be suggested, is not less than $50.

5) Nature of paid Traffic

It is not possible to achieve the milestone in the first paid traffic. You need to adopt various bets practices to improve your odd, which can help you to run your ecommerce store successfully.

A clear understanding of your customer

You have to be very particular before running your paid traffic that who your customers are?

Knowing your customers will help you to make most of the advanced targeting options by the platforms, which are described below.

Good target is that your ads are visible to the right people, because if your ads are shown to the right people, there is a chance that you are getting a huge amount of sale for your ecommerce business.

If you have email ids of your customer, then mail them for a survey to better define who they are.

Try to provide an incentive to your customers, bonus point for the next purchase, rewards and ensures that people fill out the surveys honestly.

So, now let us look at the platforms that can be used in order to generate sales-

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Each platform is going to work slightly different, and sometimes it is not possible to use these platforms for the businessperson who is not familiar to the virtual world. You can hire an excellent and trained online social media manager from

6) Improve trust within your funnel

It may sound odd…But it is not so. If someone is buying a product from your ecommerce website than the journey from start to last step of buying look like this…

See an Ad/Visit Site Using URL – > View Product Page -> View Checkout -> Go through Checkout Process.

This is the funnel, which a potential buyer goes through before an actual transaction is already completed.

Increase the trust of your user. For product page there are number of tricks that you can use.

Try to include the review of the products that are being displayed on your ecommerce website. Because, review will help you to get a “social proof”, of how good the qualities of your products are –

Online review has become one of the most trusted reviews for more than 80% of consumers now day.

Live Chat Option – You must have chatted before online through a website, imitate it……………it will prove very beneficial for your ecommerce business. Make a live chat option window in your website to achieve good business, as 80% of people consumers prefer live chat over all forms of other services

7) Easy Checkout Process

Consumer always looks out for the easy checkout process. Sometimes they don’t need to sign up. Keep an option of to “checkout as guest”, this will make the checkout process simpler for the consumer.

Apple follows the same process, and if you have been an apple customer before then you have must experience their ‘Guest Checkout Option’.

This process will help to remove the friction and will make the job of going through checkout process easier and less complicated.

8) Email Marketing

This is one of the proven successful methods for growing your ecommerce business.

According to data survey, email marketing has some R.O.I of 43,000%, so it is definitely worth to spend some of your precious time on email marketing.

Two ways by which you can reach to your potential customer through email marketing is

First is mailing to the list of people you already know and second one is creating a new list entirely.

If you have email of your customers then it is well and good, but if you don’t have then you can achieve it by running paid traffic to a page, where people have to put their email for further step.

Now how to generate sales from email list?

CROSS SELLING – This is the selling a product in complementary to what people have already bought. Suppose someone has bought computer, then you can cross sell him or her a printer.

Email marketing can also be used for seasonal promotional offer. There are special occasion, which people love to celebrate so, you can send special offers to them in their email. Tie the offerings provided by your websites in the following dates.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Thanksgiving Day

Apart from the above, there are several occasions and seasons, which you can cash with the gold coin by offering discounts and special gifts to your customers.

You can also provide a 24 or 48 hours sales for the people who are already in your email list.

After getting better at email marketing, you would be able to differentiate your list and can promote special sales towards the people that are most likely to buy from you.

9) Showcase product feature and their characteristics

Another thing, which you do, to improve your online business store is to show case the benefits of your products, means people buy benefits and not features.

Take better pictures of your products which you want to put on your ecommerce business. Remember the dark is not the color of success.

If you are not good in photography, then do not be the jack-of-all-trades. Try to hire a professional photographer or you can also follow some of mine tricks to take best photographs of your products.

……………….Keep good background of the product
……………….use appropriate and right kind of light.
………………..Don’t use direct sunlight, as it may be harsh.

Alas ! a good option, if you are not satisfied by the photograph of your products then you can also use video to show your products.

10) Product Descriptions

Product is the heart of any successful ecommerce website, but proper product description is essential for successful, ecommerce business, and to drag the traffic.

You can write that how certain features can be useful for the consumers. You need to have in depth and complete understanding of who your customers are.

Avoid using too complicated words and description. Use power words to describe your products.

Some of the power words that have come from kindle product page –

  • Display, touch screen, kindle books
  • Exclusive kindle features
  • Battery last week –not hours

There are many more power words, which you can find for your products or you can hire a professional SEO expert, as they can suggest best words for your products.

11) Optimize your website

Your website is the shop, to run your ecommerce business, so what will happen, if the structure of the website is not user friendly. So, optimization of the website is one of the most needed features in an online business.

Check the details and the speed by which the pages upload in the site. If the speed is more than 5 seconds, then it is warning that your business will stop, because the consumer never waits so long for a product page to open.

Try to hire best web page developers so that they can optimize your home page clearly and mission of your organizations stands out loudly in the crowd.

12) Mobile friendly

Tables and smartphones are playing an increasingly important role as worldwide consumer jumps from $204 million to $626 million in 2018. So, if you are not building the eCommerce website with mobile in mind, then it is useless.

13) Role of SEO

As the eCommerce industry is growing, more and more, businesses will be entering the market. It is important that your website stays on the top of the search engine for better business.

Excellent SEO techniques can help you to get external links because if you don’t have good external, links then, you will not rank well. You have to be first in the external links with your competitors.

Hire an SEO expert from an industry who has good track record. Try to maintain communication with their past clients and find out the results they received.


If you want to be a proud owner of your online e-commerce business, then you would definitely try techniques to boost your sales.

I hope that after reading this article, you now know a lot about setting up the right e-commerce business. Whether paid traffic or email marketing, options are, many more and you can opt after decisions.

Still, if you have any query and confusion, you can visit our website to get complete guide for building a successful e-commerce business.