How to use Google Analytics to Improve your SEO?


How to use Google Analytics to Improve your SEO?

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When you are working on your new blog and you want to get noticed, you need to have a solid SEO. But what can you use such that your SEO improves? Google Analytics. You can use google analytics to improve your SEO. Google Analytics can help you provide a lot of data that is related to the performance of the blog website on different search engines.

It shows various parameters that help improve your SEO and productivity. SEO google analytics is one of the most useful tools that can help you to build your SEO. You just need to know how to use it and you can get started with it.
Fact time: Did you know that 28% of the world’s websites use Google Analytics for their SEO?

What are the benefits of Google Analytics?

● Understandably, you may not have known about the various benefits of google analytics but once you get to know how you can use google analytics to improve your website pages, you will simply know how to work around with it.

● Hence, if you are completely new to SEO, you can take the use of the features of Google Analytics and work with it. We are sure google analytics SEO can become your favorite tool. Hence, let us talk a little about the various benefits of Google Analytics.

● If you do not have google analytics, then it is like working in darkness. Hence, first, download google analytics on your PC. But what can Google Analytics do to improve your SEO?

● It can help to tell you a lot of things about your website that include how much traffic you receive and from which source.

● Apart from this, the google analytics SEO tool can help to find out what pages are being frequently visited and also what pages they have visited before they finally exited from the website. All these are shown as analysis so that you can plan better and also get to know what kind of content you should focus on.

● There are many other benefits of the tool like the website ranking, Google Analytics can help you know what is the rank of your website. In addition to that, they can also tell some other statistics such as how many are viewing from mobile, desktops or tablets.

● They help in customer segmentation and apart from this, google analytics SEO runs some bunch of experiments that the powerful analytics platform provider.

● Before hitting it off with the next sections, it is important to mention that using google analytics to improve SEO is a wise choice. Apart from that, it is a product of Google and it is completely free to use on any website or mobile app. So, there is no harm in trying the google analytics SEO dashboard out.

How do you Install SEO Google Analytics for your Website?

● You have a couple of different ways to do it. You will have to create an account on google analytics and register your website with the Analytics tool. Once this is done, go to google analytics and click on the start for free option.

● You will find a few instructions on how to get started with SEO google analytics. After that, you will get a unique analytics tracking code and id. You need to add this to your website. But how do you do it? It is quite simple.

● You need to place the code on every page of your website.

● Since doing it manually is a time taking process, you can choose the built-in option in your CMS tool such as WordPress. All you have to do is to copy and paste in the appropriate place. If you want more help on how to install google analytics SEO, you can take the help of plugins like Monster Insights on WordPress.

What are the most basic Google Analytics SEO settings?

● They are very simple. Once you have your Google Analytics working for your website, you need to set the reporting time, the currency, bot filtering. You need to check whether your time zone is correct or not. After that, remove the bot filtering so that it can eliminate the data noise from the analytics reports. Apart from that, you can associate the google analytics with the search console.

How to use Google analytics to improve SEO?

● To know about the organic search, google analytics helps you know it by occasional reports. If you are wondering what to measure in google analytics, then you need to know this.

● One of the main purposed of to use google analytics is to know and gauge the traffic that hits your website and make conscious decisions about how you can control the traffic if its huge or how to improve your website’s ranking that the traffic hits again automatically through the search engines.

The reports it provides you contain the answers to different questions you can have in mind like:

● How much SEO traffic you are receiving for your website?
● What are the different google website analytics strategies are they using?
● What are the most visited and the least visited pages on your website?
● What pages do the people see their landing page as when they visit the website?
● How much traffic is organic or comes from social media?
● What are the usual exit pages of the website?
● Is there any Google Penalty for your website and why did it happen?

Thus, these are just some questions that your google analytics tool report sends you. If you want to improve your SEO using the Google Analytics tool, then start following these:

Check the SEO traffic you get from Search Engines

To monitor your performance over time and to use SEO SEM google analytics, you need to keep checking the SEO traffic you get from different search engines. You can find the desired answer from an option called ALL TRAFFIC reports.
Here, you can see a summary of all the traffic sources that your website is hit with. You can find out the organic search on google analytics and for which specific period. You can also have an overview report in real-time as this can help you to think uniquely and scout for ways to improve your website.

Get to know what the users type in the website’s search box?

Sometimes when the users cannot find what they are looking for, they type in the website search box to find the thing they were looking for.
Hence, if you use google analytics SEO tool for figuring out what they type, maybe it can help to improve your SEO. Let us explain how.

But before that make sure you have enabled the search box tracking. coming back to why it is essential for improving your SEO, you can find out the specific things the user wants. You can see the actual terms that they are using and incorporate that in your website content. This way, SEO will automatically improve and your website ranking will soar too.

You can make your website user-friendly by creating your content around the words they use most. This will help the users to connect with the website more and thus they will keep visiting often.

Using the custom segments

When you are using Google Analytics to improve your SEO of the website, you have to use custom segments. The custom segments have always been one of the favorite features of google analytics. It can help you to view the traffic, channel, visitors who completed the goals, demographic data and a lot of other significant stuff.

Custom segments have long been a key part of Google Analytics, allowing you to see traffic by channel, visitors who reach goals, demographics and more. Hence, these segments can teach you about the users and how they are consuming content on your website.

It also shows how they engage with the content. You have a separate audience tab and by clicking the overview, you can display the high-level look at the three interest reports. You can look out for the SEO SEM of Google Analytics as there are affinity categories, in Market segments.

Checking Google Penalty for your website

You can check for the google penalties from your google analytics account itself. Well, when the world is rapidly changing and Google is constantly updating their ranking algorithm, then at some point, you may have understood that it is affecting your website positively or negatively. Hence, to know how you can find out if you are under a Google penalty and can view the organic traffic report. This is significant because you get a chance to rectify things quickly.


Hence, using google analytics to improve SEO for your website is a great idea! Learn how to create goals in Google Analytics and try to reach them every time. This way you can use the feature and help you in achieving them. You need to have the purpose of your website and it is basically to provide exposure to your content for the people Hence, you can know how to channel your traffic to the most significant parts of your website.