How We Add Value To Your Blog With Our Guest Post?


How We Add Value To Your Blog With Our Guest Post?

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
Passionate, Dynamic Personality, Hard working and Ground to earth persona.Always come forward for the needy people As our religion always teach us Kirat Karo (Working Hard at whatsever task you undertake and making an honest living), Vand chhako (Sharing one's wealth, possessions, and talents with others) and lastly Naam Japo (Meditation on God inwardly and outwardly through reciting, chanting and singing.

So, you’re wondering, why do we REALLY want to contribute a post to your blog.

We’re sure there are more questions.

Let’s address them

What value do we bring to the table with our guest posts?

The days of refurbished, rewritten, rejuggled content are over. Audiences are literally choosing among different content formats as they decide to consume information over the web. Blog webmasters know how tough it is to grow subscribers, and the only sustainable way to do so is via GREAT CONTENT.

We believe that truly great content comes out of brave, validated, and novel ideas.

And that’s what we generate in dozens every week as we deliver our full-stack digital marketing services (GMB Optimization Services, SEO, social media marketing, local SEO, video SEO, and more) to clients across industries and geographies.

We brainstorm, experiment, track, re-plan, revise, and record our observations.

And all this collective wisdom goes into all guest blog contributions we undertake.

We aim at contributing another stellar post to your blog, and we encourage you and your audiences to critically analyze us, share feedback, and in general, tell us what they think of the content.

How will your blog readers benefit from this?

Your blog readers, and the audiences we’ve written for, or delivered digital marketing services for, share these traits:

● They’re go-getters
● They want real, meaningful, valuable, non-obvious content and ideas
● They want to expand their knowledge
● They want to expand their businesses
● They want to learn digital marketing tactics
● They want to avoid time-consuming and expensive marketing traps

If you think your blog’s audience falls in any of these categories (we’re sure they do), we understand them, and we know what they need, and we’ll deliver exactly that.

What’s our ideation and content creation process?

The blogs we try to contribute to are related to these niches:

● Digital marketing DIYs and tutorials
● Marketing for SMBs
● SEO Tips, Tricks, and Trends
● Business Growth
● Reviews of SaaS solutions for marketers and businessmen

We understand that each blog has a highly nuanced tone, style, and audience profile. That’s why we keep our ideation and content creation process flexible.

These, however, are the common steps:

Understanding your blog’s style by studying all posts done in the past 8 weeks
Discussing with you (or your content team), as to what they expect/need
Ideating a few topics, and then selecting something that’s not been already done on your blog
Research from a wide range of digital and offline sources, brainstorm and let our content team create a stellar blog post.

Why are we doing this?

We are BELIEVERS, much like you. We BELIEVE in the power of ideas. When we reach out to a webmaster with an offer to contribute, that’s because we BELIEVE our interests are aligned.

The idea of expanding our network EXCITES us, and we make our place in your network by adding real value, by doing what we do best, by adding value to the center of your digital marketing ecosystem – your blog.

Eventually, you know that networks can solve bigger problems than individuals, and our offer to contribute to your blog is an honest attempt at connecting our network to yours, so that we solve a bigger problem, answer an unanswered question, and tell an untold story.

Do you want to know more? We’d be delighted to further the dialog. Tell us what’s on your mind at [email protected]. We’re sure something good will come out of the dialog.

Looking forward to connecting and contributing.