How We Increased the Conversion Rate by 500 % without Advertisement


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How We Increased the Conversion Rate by 500 % without Advertisement - SEO Corporation

How We Increased the Conversion Rate by 500 % without Advertisement

A legal research firm ‘xxxx’ based in the US (name not disclosed due to NDA Agreement) had very low traffic and almost no leads from the website. The problem was serious as the company was heavily dependent on online marketing for lead generation which was affecting its bottom line.

A Broad Overview of the Problem

The website had problems at various levels. It did not just look unattractive in terms of design and layout; it also had a poor navigation structure. A more coordinated approach was needed to solve these issues. We categorized the problems in three broad categories: technical, architectural, and content-related.


There were 3 types of challenges:

  • Optimizing the overall website to make it more search-engine friendly
  • Improving the overall user experience
  • Making the overall web content more relevant

How We Achieved the Objective

Initially, we focused on putting the basics of SEO in their place such as optimizing title and meta descriptions of different pages.Our aim was to bring about incremental changes in all aspects of the website and this is what we did:

  • Increased the page load speed from 7 seconds to 2-3 seconds by minifying JavaScript and CSS
  • Simplified the navigation of the site with the help of heat map and mouse tracker tools
  • Conducted A/B Testing with landing page design and copy
  • Worked on basic things such as putting a proper permalink structure
  • Made the website responsive which was not the case earlier
  • Changed color combinations and images to make the look and feel more attractive
  • Tested the CTA button for color, size, and text

These steps helped us improve the search engine ranking of this website. Once this stage was over, we worked on the landing page of the website. It was in a poor shape both in terms of design and content. The message from the headline and the bodycopy was not clear at all. Apart from that, the form was extremely long and locating the call–to-action button was also difficult. We took the following steps to improve the landing page:

  • Analyzed the Line of Business (LOB) and the sector in which the company was working
  • Redesigned the landing page according to business requirements
  • Changed the headline and subtitle to make a clear value proposition
  • Reduced the number of fields in the form
  • Redesigned the CTA button
  • Added authentic video testimonials
  • Used action verbs in the bodycopy wherever required


The effect of these changes was obvious. We witnessed an improvement on all parameters such as page visits, page views, bounce rate, and conversion rate. The conversion rate increased by a whopping 500% and the website traffic almost increased 4X. This became possible due to a well-oiled digital marketing strategy



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