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You are also aware of his sad reality, aren’t you? This does not mean end of all hopes. New apps are coming and few of them are still able to capture the imagination of mobile users while most of the apps are lost in the crowd. They are not even downloaded. Does this mean their app developers were less capable or their companies put fewer resources? The answer is emphatic ‘No’.

So, what made few apps click and why other failed? Its difficult to point out what can click with the users making the app an instant hit while others arecompletely lost in the crowd. However, we arepretty sure you will never have imaginedthis scenario for your upcoming app.

Good thing is that you can still win the battle if you are able to make your app stand out in the crowd. A good design which offers amazing user experience for your app user can help you in doing that but sad reality is that majority of app developers don’t pay attention to this critical fact and they fail to realize that they have already lost the battle before actually coming in the battlefield.

Don’t you feel that design is the first things users notice about a mobile application. Initial visual experience plays great role in deciding whether people actually download your app. A clean intuitive design with easy-to-use navigation features can help your app to stand apart in the thousands of apps in your category. There is a solid reason behind the extraordinary success of Yelp, Instagram and Pintrest. Secret of their success lies in their simplicity and great design.

“Apple is the greatest example of what a simple and uncluttered design is capable of doing.”

Search abilityis the other major hurdle that can kill prospect of even brilliant app. The sudden growth of apps in the market place has made it difficult for the developers to get their hard work noticed. It may seem discouraging, but a lot of apps are just created not to be downloaded ever!

In a research it was found that 53 percent of app downloaders prefer existing apps download than trying a new app. This again emphasizes the importance of a great design. But, it also needs something more than that. Challenge becomes even tougher as majority of app stores don’t allow test drive of the app unlike Amazon app store. Another thing is that most of the consumers does not have patience to browse a large number of apps.

You have developed an amazing app, but do people know about it?

We know that people might be offended when asked this question. But, it is critical to understand that development of an app is just the first step. Creating a buzz about the app is the next most important step. Compelling the people to get it downloaded should be the goal of any app development company.

“Spend same amount of time in marketing the app as well as to develop the app. If your app is brilliant in terms of features, people will talk about it. The second bit of advice I would give, is also the most obvious, but also the most overlooked – aim to put the same amount of effort into marketing your app, as you have done developing it.”

We Can Make Your App Your Household Name!

World of app marketing, isczart full of such false claims. The only outcome can be disappointment with the result. They promise you to bring moon on the earth, but at last they leave you distraught. Your entire energy and money is lost and in the longer term it affects the morale of the company. But, you can avoid this. Just chose the right partner for all your needs. This means you should be very cautious about choosing the right partner to market your app. And, if you are indeed serious about it, just try us. We just don’t make amazing app for your company, but also ensure the popularity and downloads it deserves. Our access to world top bloggers, media outlets and reach to a great database of journalist and in-depth understanding of social media platforms just create right kind of buzz for the app. This ensures higher ranking for your app.

Why You Should Choose Us As The Partner?

Did you know this fact that Apple pays more than $10 billion to third-party app developers every year and Google Play applications are bringing millions of dollars of daily revenue? Are You losing slice of this pie?

Chose Us As Our Partner To Have Slice In This Pie

#We Get Your Application Discovered in Thick Competition

ITcZar is the one stop destination for both app development and marketing. We understand the importance of designing an amazing app and marketing it deserves. Our Professionals helps you to identify the most effective channels to reach out to your target audience.

# Our Apps Have Sleek Look, But They Offer You Highest Degree Of Security.

App developers can write quick codes, but it can lack necessary security features. In fact, bigger is the user base of the app, greater is the security threat. We understand this so our development team put a great deal of effort to make you app loaded with great security feature.

# We Rely On Solid Data And Experience, Not on Guess Work

Understanding consumers is of utmost importance for success. We understand this better than our competitors. This is not a tall claim, but we really believe in this. We believe in giving results and our satisfied clients speak volumes of our abilities.

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