Now You Can Make Free Calls On Mobile & Landline Even without Internet Connectivity


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Now You Can Make Free Calls On Mobile & Landline Even without Internet Connectivity - SEO Corporation

Now You Can Make Free Calls On Mobile & Landline Even without Internet Connectivity

Latest update on website  “Dear Freekallers. We have completed our beta testing , so we are temporarily suspending our services please do not call any of our numbers it wont work. We will be back with final release of product with better features on April 15th. Please bear with us till then thanks for your amazing support keep it going thats the fuel for us to do things faster. “


Now you don’t require an app or an Internet connectivity to make a free call on mobile or a land line. Read the step by step guide to know how to make free call on phones and landline.

Who doesn’t like to get anything for free? We are all ears for an offering if we hear the word ‘free’ in its package. Utilizing this very attitude of people towards things that are free, a Bangalore based telephony called FREEKALL is incepted which is another high in the telephonic calling services. Believe it or not, FREECALL facilitates free telephonic calling services to any fixed land line or cell phone number and it doesn’t involve use of internet or installation of any particular software. It is designated to launch today and it will be available for public beta.
The brilliant minds behind it are Sandesh E, Yashas C Shekar, Vijayakumar Umaluti. Sabari Jagadisheen has an immense contribution in its development. It’s a result of eight month back to back hard work of its developers.

How to use it?

It’s very simple to use it. All you needs to do is dial the number 080-49202060 (FREEKALL number), which make the call to drop itself automatically and the call will be reverted back to your number. Answer the call and then dial the number you want to make a call to post fixing #. This will connect both the calls and you can talk you heart out for “FREE”.


Motivation behind inception

Yashas explains- The motivation behind developing FREEKALL is the problem faced by people of developing countries due to poor 3g and 4g access while using software like Skype, Vibe or Tango. In most of the developed economies it doesn’t cost much to communicate because of the presence of a large number of service providers and excellent internet connectivity.
In this public beta launch users can avail the facility of free calling for three minutes a day without registration. In case they have got it registered twelve minutes per day will be allotted. To register check out the website or revert to the text message sent to you by entering the needed information. The limit of twelve minutes per day will be removed after the beta will be over and then users will be free to talk their hearts out without paying a penny.


Wondering what advantage are its developers at?

Rest assured! It’s not a gimmick because the developers are at an advantage. Albeit the users won’t be paying a penny out of their pockets and can enjoy the service without registering themselves, they have to give their ten seconds to listen to advertisements in each call they make. They will be about the new brand offerings and users will get offer coupons in return of hearing them.
This is what makes FREEKALL ‘free’ and will keep the developers at an advantage as well. At a two minute frequency the users will be hearing advertisements in between their calls.
Ranjit Cheickel a founding member of African accelerator program platform has sourced FREEKALL with around One Million Indian rupees.


Step by Step instruction:

1) Step 1: To use the service, users have to call their number 080-49202060 after which the call will drop.
2) Step 2: You will receive a call on your number.
3) Pick up the call and dial the number and press # on which you want to talk and you will be connected to that number.
Now you will get limited minutes as this is in Beta stage but very soon you can make unlimited calls for free. Cheers!!


Written by Vishal Vivek, Founder and CEO of #1 SEO company India, SEO Corporation, in a off beat section on SEO Corporation  blog. Follow Vishal here.

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