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Online Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses - SEO Corporation

Online Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Small-Business SEO

SEO Small Business:  SEO Corporation (P) Ltd, a leading SEO Company in India and one of the largest content marketing companies in world introduces customized SEO and content writing packages for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you are a small business owner you probably want to target your local market instead of the Global market. In that case, you can talk to an online marketing expert through live chat, Skype, Gtalk or phone of SEO Corporation to discuss the best suited internet marketing strategy for your website.

How to get started:

Get a nice looking web site- A website is the most important aspect of your business because it will make or mar your first impression. So get a great looking website.

It is a one time investment but it can bring great returns in the long run. Hire a reputed Web designing company to design and develop a great looking website for you.

Put beautiful clothes on your lady( Content): Now, you have a great looking website but without an interactive content it is soul-less. Get a good copy of high quality content written for your audience. Hire only those experts who understand SEO and copy writing.

An optimized content has the ability to rank high on search engines and a good copy writer will appeal both, visitors as well as search engines.

Keyword Research:  Keyword research is the second most important aspect of SEO. Choose keywords wisely otherwise you might end up repenting later. If you are targeting a particular place don’t forget to append the name of the place at the end of the keyword.

As an example: Instead of using a highly competitive keywords like SEO Company USE, SEO Company India. This will add local flavor to your business and bring higher conversion. Besides ranking for long tail keyword is easier than short tail keywords.

SEO Comprises 20% on page optimization, 70% Off page optimization and 10% Social Media optimization.

Depending on the url mapping you will need to get on page done from any company providing SEO Consulting services. After the on page is complete you can go for link building.

Some of the best links building strategies are;

1)      Three way Link exchange
2)      Article/Blog/ Press Release marketing
3)      Forum Posting
4)      Blog commenting.
5)      Social Book marking
6)      Directory submission
7)      Link Bait
8)      Link Wheel
9)      Profile Linking.
10)   Guest blogging etc

Social Media Optimization: Social media is all about branding. I company with 1 million fans on Facebook will impress anyone and gibe an impression of a great brand following.

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