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Ohh, finally you have arrived and you have arrived at the right place. You may have many questions and apprehensions like what if this company turns out to be like other SEO companies which always promise a lot but fail to deliver or how will you even track what we are doing or what if we flee after taking your money or start dictating our own terms or become passive?

You will find the answers to all your questions below.

First and foremost, we can’t afford to fail you because we need you as much as you need us. Yep, it’s true. There are hundreds of types of SEO companies in US or India and all claim to be an SEO expert but most of them don’t even understand the basics. We don’t claim to know everything but we can boast that we have proven our mettle by making our website and blog rank for some of the most competitive keywords on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing.

…..but ranking our own website on the first page of Google, Yahoo & Bing for hundreds of keywords is not the only milestone we have accomplished. As of today, August 18, 2018, 6484 keywords of our clients are on 1st page of search engines.

Read our reviews and you will know how much we are loved by our clients. We don’t work with our clients as vendors but we work with them as their own team and partner in their quest for online traffic. We take pride in calling ourselves our clients’ family instead of a company.

Why we succeed and how we do it

We always succeed because we know what is going to work and what is not going to work and none will ever give you an honest advice about the probabilities of ranking your website on the first page of Google and other search engines.

Let me tell you a story.

Few years back, a prospect wanted his website to rank on the first page of Google and we began talking. He said that he just wanted to rank #1 on Google USA for one keyword. This keyword had hundreds of thousands of searches every month as the product was super profitable.

All the websites on the top 10 positions had very high domain authority that they earned with continuous and consistent work.

We suggested the prospect that he should avoid targeting just one keyword as it can get his website penalized due to over optimization of the anchor text. Besides, he risked sacrificing almost 90% of the potential website traffic by not targeting numerous profitable long tail and short tail keywords.

We also told him that if he really wants to leave the top websites behind, his website will need to earn higher domain authority than his competitors. Since his domain authority back then was zero, we estimated that it would take almost a year to get there. But the prospect did not listen to me and I let the opportunity pass.

Couple of years later, after losing thousands of dollars he realized the truth. Now he knows that he ended up damaging his website and its future by getting bad and spammy backlinks and hiring black hat SEO professionals.
He came back to us because we were the only one who told him the truth. Last year in September, I started working on this prospect’s website who is now my client. After months of hard work and white-hat SEO techniques, his website ranks on the 1st page of Google for more than 100 keywords.

He decided to trust us and let us work on his website. Because of this, he now makes millions with just his website.

But the million dollar question is how we do it? How we rank your website on the first page of Google?

Let us explain how we do it.

We adopt a very scientific approach.

We compare your website against some of the most important ranking factors/signals like backlinks, domain authority, spam score, etc and then we give you a real score of your website’s quality. We follow up this analysis with what you need to do to rank on the first page of Google and what part we’ll be playing.
But you must have patience because SEO is time taking. Websites don’t start ranking overnight.

Let me demonstrate this better with an example.

If your competitor has 2400 backlinks and you only have 10, it might just take 24 months to rank your website. Even if we add high-quality 100 backlinks a month, it might just take 24 months to rank your website.

But SEO isn’t a game of numbers. We can rank your website by making backlinks with 4 times better quality than your competitors and rank you in just 6 months. It’s not hard work but smart and consistent work.

But backlink is just one of the many ranking factors. There are dozens of other ranking factors and we need to work on all of them.

We work on the following items:

On Page SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Meta Data Optimization
  • Canonicalization Error Check
  • Content Optimization
  • Alt Tag Optimization
  • Heading Tag Optimization
  • Anchor Text Optimization
  • RSS Feed Setup
  • Adding custom 404 error pages
  • Adding 301 permanent redirect
  • Image & Hyperlink Optimization

Off page SEO ( Link Building, reviews, Citations etc)

  • Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • One Way Links
  • Classified Ads Postings
  • Profile Linking
  • Blog Writing
  • ArticleSubmissions
  • PR Submission
  • Updates on FB
  • Updates on Twitter
  • Image submission
  • Article Writing
  • Video submission
  • Press Release

These all items are important.

We send you weekly report format and the monthly ranking improvement report in the following format.

How Can We Help Your Website Rank Top In Google?

Ranking top on Google, Bing, Yahoo isn’t easy.

There are millions of people vying for the same spot. But smart work can help you outrank your competitors.

We keep updating our strategies and ensure that our practices are aligned with Google’s guidelines. We analyze the market demand for content and keywords and help you rank top by offering maximum user experience and other strategies.

Advanced (Search Engine Optimization) Packages


SEO Services Plan
/ MO

12 Keywords

  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • No Minimum Contract Period
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Google Places Listing Optimization
  • 1 Article Writing & Submission
  • 40 Directory Submission
  • 20 Social Bookmarking
  • 2 One Way Links
  • Blog Setup


SEO Services Plan
/ MO

20 Keywords

  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • No Minimum Contract Period
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Google Places Listing Optimization
  • 2 Article Writing & Submission
  • 60 Directory Submission
  • 30 Social Bookmarking
  • 5 One Way Links
  • Blog Setup


SEO Services Plan
/ MO

35 Keywords

  • Guaranteed Ranking on Google
  • No Minimum Contract Period
  • On Page Optimization
  • Local Search Engine Submission
  • Google Places Listing Optimization
  • 5 Article Writing & Submission
  • 80 Directory Submission
  • 50 Social Bookmarking
  • 10 One Way Links
  • Blog Setup

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