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    Why Choose Us?

    SEO Corporation is among a handful of companies worldwide offering guaranteed SEO. Additionally, our SEO rates are among the most reasonable in the market, enabling travel agencies of all sizes and turnovers to work with us. Some of our advantages include:
    ● Rich travel industry experience
    ● Well-trained professionals
    ● International clientele
    ● Best-in-class SEO process
    ● Highly satisfied customers (we have a retention rate of 95%)
    Take your travel business to the next level with high-quality SEO services by leading professionals.


    Our SEO Approach

    Finance SEO needs a different approach. Apart from a laser-eyed focus on content, you need to establish trust and credibility to appeal to your customers. Our specialized SEO process takes all this into account. We emphasize on the following factors:

    Content quality
    Privacy and data security
    Testimonials, reviews, and ratings
    High-quality backlinks
    Humanizing your content so that people can relate to it

    These measures are backed by our world-class SEO process to ensure optimum results for our clients.


    SEO Company

    Our SEO Services Pricing Plans

    Here are our standard pricing plans. We can also customize the package as per your requirement.


    $399 /Mon
    • Number of Keywords 20
    • On Page Optimization
    • Local Search Engine Submission
    • GMB Creation
    • 20 Social Bookmarking
    • 4 Article Submission
    • 10 Article Social Bookmarking
    • 1 Blog Submission
    • 1 Video Submission
    • Business Page Creation
    • Press Release Submission
    • Local Listing Optimization
    • Web Content Writing
    • Directory Submission
    • 1 Additional One Way Links
    • 15 Photo Sharing*
    • Profile Content Writing
    • 1 Hour Consultation with SEO Corporation
    • Facebook Sharing


    $599 /Mon
    • Number of Keywords 30
    • On Page Optimization
    • Local Search Engine Submission
    • GMB Creation
    • 30 Social Bookmarking
    • 6 Article Submission
    • 20 Article Social Bookmarking
    • 2 Blog Submission
    • 2 Video Submission
    • Business Page Creation
    • 1 Press Release Submission
    • Local Listing Optimization
    • Web Content Writing
    • Directory Submission
    • Additional One Way Links
    • Photo Sharing*
    • Profile Content Writing
    • 1 Hour Consultation with SEO Corporation
    • Facebook Sharing


    $999 /Mon
    • Number of Keywords 50
    • On Page Optimization
    • Local Search Engine Submission
    • GMB Listing Optimization
    • 60 Social Bookmarking
    • 8 Article Submission
    • 40 Article Social Bookmarking
    • 4 Blog Submission
    • 4 Video Submission*
    • Business Page Creation
    • 2 Press Release Submission
    • Local Listing Optimization
    • Web Content Writing(upto 700 words)
    • 20 Directory Submission
    • 1 Additional One Way Links
    • 15 Photo Sharing*
    • Profile Content Writing
    • 1 Hour Consultation with SEO Corporation
    • Facebook Sharing
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      Why Is SEO Important For Travel Agencies?

      The internet has revolutionized the way the travel industry functions. Most holidays and travel itineraries are now planned online using laptops and mobile devices. A Google research reveals that 60% leisure travellers and 55% business travellers start the planning/booking process by logging on to search engines. This makes SEO crucial for travel companies, which stand to lose out significantly if they do not rank well on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

      How Can SEO Help Me?

      SEO is obligatory for travel agencies in today’s day and age. From raising brand awareness to driving sales, it brings multiple benefits to a business, helping it not only to survive but flourish. Here is a list of key advantages derived from SEO:

      • Brand-building and brand awareness
      • Improved sales figures
      • Establishing brand credibility
      • Competing better with business rivals
      • Sustainable results

      A good SEO strategy can turn your business around by increasing lead generation and facilitating a constant flow of customers. If you think you need travel agency SEO, contact us. We can help you chalk out a suitable strategy that will increase your online visibility and take your business to the next level.

      Do I Need An SEO Agency?

      Yes. An SEO agency enjoys several advantages over individual experts and amateur SEO enthusiasts that makes it prudent for you to hire them. Some of the benefits are listed below.

      1. They have the necessary tools and manpower to take on a job.
      2. They have clearly-defined processes and reporting structures.
      3. They come with prior experience.

      Unlike working with individuals and amateurs where you need to be constantly involved with the SEO process, an SEO company takes the entire burden off your back and returns to you with the completed job. This leaves you free to concentrate on your business without getting involved in needless hassles.

      Why Should I Choose SEO Corporation?

      First and foremost, we have an excellent understanding of the travel industry. We have worked with several travel companies in the past and executed many successful campaigns. Our robust SEO process is based on the industry gold standard and addresses the job from a 360-degree perspective, without ignoring any aspect.

      We use 100% white-hat SEO techniques as we fully understand the dangers that questionable tactics pose to the long-term interests of our clients. Finally, our rates are much cheaper than those prevailing in the market with no compromise on the quality of work. These factors make us ideal SEO travel agency service providers who can partner with you to grow your business.

      What Are Your SEO Rates?

      Our services start at $399 per month (silver package) going up to $999 per month (platinum package). This is lower than the existing market rates of reputable SEO companies which range between $700 and $2000 per month for mid-sized clients. Get in touch with us to know more.

      Will You Guarantee Results?

      Yes. We will ensure that we deliver on our promises or give your money back.

      What Is Guaranteed SEO?

      Guaranteed SEO refers to a business model where the agency is duty-bound to deliver on its promise to the client or refund the entire money.

      Our guaranteed SEO program promises to bring your website on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing for a minimum of 60% medium-competitive keywords. In the case of high-competition keywords, we will provide a tentative deadline within which to achieve this goal.

      Technically speaking, it is impossible to guarantee SEO results owing to the highly secretive nature of the Google search algorithm (the company keeps it under wraps to prevent unscrupulous elements from rigging the system). But it is still possible to give reasonable assurances if the SEO experts are confident in their skills. Our guarantees are based on a robust understanding of SEO and not access to any special information or technology.

      What Is Your SEO Process?

      We follow a rigorous 9-step SEO process that is based on the gold standard in the industry. Here is a brief description:

      1. Analyzing requirements: First, we have a detailed interaction with the client to understand their goals and analyze the scope of our work.
      2. SEO audit: We put your existing website under the scanner to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.
      3. Competition analysis: We also put the websites of your business rivals under the lens and use the information to improve your SEO.
      4. Creating an SEO strategy: Using the information obtained above, we create a customized SEO strategy that aligns with your overall marketing goals.
      5. On-page SEO: We perform keyword research using sophisticated tools and place the keywords strategically in tags, headlines, and body copy to optimize your website.
      6. Off-page SEO: We employ proven link-building techniques to help you obtain backlinks from high-DA websites.
      7. Technical SEO: Technical adjustments to facilitate Google crawlers in indexing your website are performed during this phase.
      8. GMB optimization: In this stage, we claim and optimize your GMB page to improve its chances of appearing in the coveted three-pack listing.
      9. Analyzing the results: Finally, we wait for the results of SEO to come in and make the necessary adjustments to make it more effective.

      What is GMB?

      GMB or Google My Business is a platform that enables you to register your business on all Google products like Search and Maps. Its importance arises from the fact that it populates the three-pack listing at the top of a search results page. This three-pack listing is highly coveted by businesses as appearing on it can result in a huge surge in leads owing to its prominent position on the page.

      Do I Need GMB Optimization?

      GMB optimization can result in an exponential rise in the number of business leads by increasing your chances of appearing in the three-pack listing. It entails a series of steps such as claiming your page, updating your contact details, ensuring NAP (name-address-phone number) consistency across the web, uploading videos and images, getting reviews and ratings, and so on.

      What Is Local Search?

      Local search is a specific type of online search that deals with finding information for a local area. Examples of local search in relation to the travel industry are “travel agency downtown Boston,” “luxury travel agency New York City,” “Atlanta international travel agency,” and so on. As you can see, local search terms essentially consist of the main keyword appended with a location modifier. The location modifier tells Google to prioritize results related to the specific area to make the answers relevant to the user.

      Do I Need Local Search Optimization?

      Yes. While many people opt for large online travel agents (OTAs) like Expedia, Cheapflights, and Booking.com, there is an equally robust demand for smaller travel agents offering a more personalized travel experience. Local SEO for travel agencies will help you capitalize on this demand. That’s why you need local search optimization.

      What Are The Common Mistakes In Travel SEO?

      Travel industry SEO is notoriously challenging. The need for multitudes of flight pages, hotel pages, destination pages, property pages, maps, and databases make travel websites one of the most complex categories for optimization. These factors also make them frequently error-prone. Below is a list of three common travel SEO errors that people make, along with tips on how to avoid them:

      1. Flat meta titles: Unlike many other industries, bland, unemotive titles do not work well with respect to travel websites. Get creative with your copy. For instance, try and use descriptive words like “luxurious,” “mid-priced,” “boutique,” “sea-facing” etc. for hotel page titles and “cheap,” “discount,” “last minute flights” etc. for travel ones. For holiday packages, you may consider adding thematic keywords such as “adventure” and “luxury” to attract better leads.
      2. No on-site search function: With massive amounts of information packed into them, travel websites can be a veritable labyrinth of data for customers and users. That’s why it’s so important to have an on-site search function. Apart from helping users, it can also yield a treasure trove of information on how customers are interacting with your website and help you improve your SEO.But merely having an on-site search function isn’t enough; it must be optimized as well. Place your search bar in a place where it is easily visible such as the top right-hand corner of the page. Once some time has passed, take a look at the search queries and identify the common ones. Ensure that they are returning the right results and make manual adjustments to improve them if necessary.
      3. Index bloat: The sheer enormity of data on travel websites carries the risk of generating thousands of results with no real value to the user. This is known as ‘index bloat.’ It is a genuine problem for your website as it can confuse Google about the best/most relevant pages to display and also dilute your domain-level rankings. The problem can be rectified through a number of ways such as the appropriate use of the ‘noindex’ directive, the use of 301 redirects,  canonicalization, and so on.

      Please List Some Important Travel SEO Tips

      Below is a list of some important SEO tips for travel agents. Remember, they are not exhaustive, and also may not work equally well for all websites. A proper SEO plan/strategy can only be devised after taking into account the unique circumstances of your business.

      1. Attractive Home Page: The home page of a travel website should be lavishly illustrated with pictures. It should also contain relevant information that tells Google more about your business such as the services you provide and area(s) of operation. You may also include a list of your most popular destinations, deals, and discounts, your most popular blogs, etc. to add value to the page.
      2. Planning your pages: Proper page planning is integral to good SEO. Ideally, you should have dedicated pages for each place and each property. Your property pages should contain details such as a description of the property, facilities available, activities for residents, places of interest, etc. Don’t forget to add user reviews, helpline numbers, maps, and of course a CTA (call-to-action) button.
      3. Blogging: With scope for great pictures and potential for unending stories, travel websites lend themselves incredibly well to blogs. Blogging has many advantages from an SEO point of view, such as:
        1. They help you keep the content fresh and updated.
        2. They present you with an opportunity to promote your destination through stories, pictures, and videos.
        3. They are an excellent platform to share travel tips.
        4. They are easily shareable on social media.

      As a travel agent who needs to compete with both small businesses like yours as well as large OTAs, you should make blogs a key part of your SEO strategy. Remember to publish your articles on a regular basis for the best results.

      Why Are Blogs Important And What Should I Write About?

      The link between blogs and SEO has already been explained in the previous section (“Please List Some Important Travel SEO Tips”). Here are some exciting blog ideas to help you get started:

        1. 9 tips to help you travel with a pet
        2. Visiting ___ <add place name> on a shoestring budget
        3. 25 reasons to visit ___ <add place name>
        4. 10 best unexplored beaches
        5. Things to keep in mind while travelling to ____ <add place name>

      Apart from generic topics such as the above, a great way to find blog ideas is to look for questions people are asking on the internet and plan your articles around them. AnswerThePublic is a great tool to uncover relevant questions.

      What Is Link-Building And Why Is It Important?

      Link-building refers to the process of trying to obtain backlinks from external websites. It is among the most challenging and most important parts of SEO. Search engines like Google view backlinks as a sign of trust and credibility for a website. As a result, high-DA backlinks can lead to a significant jump in your SEO score.

      Quality is integral to backlink-building. While high-DA backlinks are highly desirable on account of their ability to pass on ‘link juice,’ links from bad or spammy sites are capable of affecting your SEO negatively and pulling down your ranking.

      How To Find Keywords?

      ‘Keywords’ are phrases that are commonly used by searchers to look for online information. There are many good keyword research tools in the market such as Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, and LongTailPro. You can use them to find SEO keywords for travel agency in accordance with your optimization strategy (local SEO, global SEO, regional SEO etc.).

      Why Choose Us

      Here are 6 strong reasons to choose our digital marketing services. We can be your one-stop Internet Marketing service provider for all your requirements

      Experienced Professionals

      Our designers, developers, copywriters etc. are skilled professionals who possess several years of on-the-job experience which helps them deal with all kinds of real-world challenges.

      Result-Oriented Service

      We understand the value of your money. That’s why we have a relentless focus on results. Irrespective of what your SEO goals are we always strive to meet them.

      Guaranteed SEO Service

      Our SEO techniques are built along the lines of those adopted by the world’s top SEO companies. We follow 100% white hat techniques which makes us certain of our results.

      Money-Back Guarantee

      Think we haven’t delivered? We will refund your money.We are so confident of our ability to meet your expectations that we even have a money-back guarantee in place!

      24/7 Support

      Once we have taken up a project, we are available for 24/7 technical support. After completion, we will handhold you for three months until the changes we have made have stabilized.

      No Long-term Contract

      Unlike many other SEO Companies, we don’t bind you in a long-term binding contract for 6-months or 1-year. You can cancel the contract in a month if you are not happy with our services.

      Want To Get More Traffic And Leads?

      Anything On your Mind. We’ll Be Glad To Assist You!

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