Tested and Result-Driven SEO Techniques


Tested and Result-Driven SEO Techniques

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It is always a website owner’s concern that how to optimize the company’s website on the internet such that it tops the list of search engine results of Google. All Google demands from you is to craft your tiles properly and make sure that follow its technical rules. As a site owner, you will agree

It is always a website owner’s concern that how to optimize the company’s website on the internet such that it tops the list of search engine results of Google.

All Google demands from you is to craft your tiles properly and make sure that follow its technical rules. As a site owner, you will agree that if not the most important thing, optimizing your website with Google is one of the most important things to do.

Search Engine Land’s guide to SEO suggests various types of Search Engine Success Factors that can be used to optimize a website efficiently. It is important to keep in mind that these tools are to be used in moderation to avoid getting spammed by the search engine crawlers. Considered as black-hat SEO techniques by many you can prove it otherwise.


SEO: Cloaking & Doorway Pages:-

It is one of the most controversial tools used to optimize a website wherein layman’s words, the Google crawler is misleading regarding the content of the website and directed to alternate pages. This technique has been used time and again by SEO experts to increase ranking of their websites.

It is done with intent to completely fool the search engine and has proved very effective in increasing ranks. Though considered a black hat SEO technique it has always given desired results. Coming down to the question whether it is an evil and unethical practice it depends upon the motivation behind it. If it is done to increase rankings then it is evil but if it is done to enhance the user experience then it is conditional.

Also known as gateway pages, entry pages, jump pages, portal pages etc. Doorway pages are created for particular phrases to perform well in a website and are submitted by webmasters to the search engines. It becomes a synonymous practice like Cloaking when you change the IP address of these pages while submitting thus misguiding the search engine crawlers.


SEO: Domain Names & URL’s:-

The best definition of a domain name would be that they are human-readable addresses of websites. Various techniques involving domain names can be implemented to direct traffic towards a particular website.

Creating keyword-rich domains which would have the targeted keywords in the name, hyphenating the domain name for example if your website name contains two words like https://www.seocorporation.net you might consider separating it with a hyphen;https://www.seocorporation.net.

This would give you more readability. Creating sub-domains and sub-folders, buying & redirecting domains, due attention to the domain name length etc. are techniques which have proved to be effective in driving traffic.

The same goes with the URLs, the structure and format of the URLs play a crucial role in attracting traffic and key points like the URL’s should be user-friendly, should begin with a domain name, have targeted researched keywords embedded in the description, usage of hyphens, keeping the URLs short in length etc. should be taken care of as they can be huge contributing factors to improve website traffic and as a result; ranking.


SEO: Duplicate Content:-

The good news is, Google’s Matt Cutts says using duplicate content to optimize your website won’t hurt the rankings of your website unless it is considered spammy. Google may just ignore the duplicate content if it is not generating spam. Duplicate content is a huge topic over the internet and SEO experts dread their websites being slapped by Google Panda for duplicate content.

It is important to make it clear here that Panda or for that matter the Google crawler is mainly aimed at removing spammy websites and contents. So as long as you don’t fall into that category, duplicate content can for work for you.


SEO: Redirects & Moving Sites:-

This is one of the most commonly used techniques to direct traffic towards a website. The search engines treat redirects in the context that the new URL towards which the users are being directed will not only have a changed location but will also have improved quality of content uploaded on it.

Thus this improves rankings of a website. Though the engines take some time to discover the moved page as well as in weighing the previous page with the newly directed page, it is worth the wait. Most commonly used practices of redirects are 301, 302, 307 and Meta Fresh.

Many site owners dread the situation where they have to move their website. If you are a website owner who has a website which is bringing in fine revenue for you, it has been probably for years, you gain quality traffic from it but as change is a constant part of the SEO world and if for instance you have scored a more potential domain name then this change becomes a must.

In such cases, redirects are your best options. They will give you a new location and at the same time not only maintain your awesome traffic record but will also give you increased footfalls!

For those millions of website owners and online portals, the websites are their only life lifelines also for established companies it is their best tool to reach out the world beyond their place of origin. The online world gives you an opportunity to reach potential customers beyond physical boundaries.

In this light, it becomes crucial to be on top of the search engine results to catch the eyes of customers scouting the internet. To bring it on the top position various tools and techniques are available in the market today but the catch is; you need to know how to use them and most importantly when to use them.

To rank top in Google search results above-mentioned techniques have proven to be efficient time and again.

Google and its algorithms are constantly changing. It is fair here to say that the only thing constant with Google or for that matter any other search engine is ‘change’ there are constant updates. Keeping in mind these changes, the above-mentioned tools have always proved result-driven.