The Ultimate On page Optimization Guide to help you ace SEO in 2019


The Ultimate On page Optimization Guide to help you ace SEO in 2019

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
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canonicalizationIf you happen to be a website owner and have thought about marketing your website for maximum ROI, you must’ve heard of On Page Optimization. Just in case, you haven’t, here’s everything that you should know about it. What is Onpage optimization? Also called On-page SEO, On page optimization involves all SEO measures that are

canonicalizationIf you happen to be a website owner and have thought about marketing your website for maximum ROI, you must’ve heard of On Page Optimization.

Just in case, you haven’t, here’s everything that you should know about it.

What is Onpage optimization?

Also called On-page SEO, On page optimization involves all SEO measures that are taken on-the-website to help it rank higher in search engines.

It’s literally what the name says, on-page meaning, on the website and can be technical to a certain extent.

Let’s take a look at the different steps that an SEO professional takes to enhance a website’s on page optimization.

What is a Keywords Analysis Report?

Keywords Analysis Report

Before the entire SEO process begins, a keyword analysis report is made.

Often, websites are not optimized and don’t have a keyword strategy or list. So, the SEO professionals uses a combination of competitor research and numerous keyword research tools to determine the right keywords for your website.

What’s an Initial Ranking Report?

Initial Ranking Report

The initial ranking report is the analysis of the ranking status of the website. This helps in comparing the SEO strategy performance before the SEO professionals start optimizing your website and after the website has been optimized and SEO process duration is over.

You can always hire more professionals to maintain the top rankings of your website.

What’s a URL Mapping Report?


In SEO, URL Mapping is the process in which the targeted keywords are identified for the purpose of including them in the URL structure of specific landing pages.

It focuses on optimizing the inner pages of a website through keyword optimized URLs.

Meta Tag

Meta Tag

Meta Tag is the combination of a meta description and a title tag, both of which are very important for your website’s rankings on the search engine.

What is a title tag?

What is a title tag

The title tag is literally the title of a webpage. It’s an HTML element that indicates to the reader what the web page listed on a search result page is all about. It’s clickable and is very important for SEO, ranking improvement and social sharing. It should be directly related to the content of the page and help the reader understand what the page is all about.

What is a meta description?

What is a meta description

The meta description appears right under the title tag and contains summarized information about the webpage content. It’s a snippet containing around 150-150 characters and informs the reader briefly regarding what the page is all about. It’s a big factor in ranking your website.

What are keywords?

Keywords are the building blocks of content. They are the words or phrases that people start their search on a search engine with. Keywords help searchers find the content or the website they are looking for.

For example, if you want to explore blue linen suit ideas then you can run a search using the keywords “blue linen suit style”. If you want to buy a blue linen suit online, you can use keywords like “buy blue linen suit online”.

H Tags (H1, h2, h3, h4, h5)
What are H Tags?

H1 Tag

H tags are the HTML headings that point to the headings in a particular webpage content. The H1 is the most important, and as the number of the headings increases, the heading grows less important.

So, H1 is the most important and h6, much less important.

What is Image Optimization (Alt Tags)?

Image Optimization (Alt Tags)

Image Optimization is important for SEO since it helps the images on a particular page rank too. So, when someone searches for the keyword on Google Images Search or Yahoo Images or Bing Images, the optimized image will show up in the results.

Alt Tag is also what your searcher sees when the image fails to upload.

SEO professional should smartly use Alt Tags and make sure that relevant keywords or text is used to indicate the content of the image. Alt Tags also indicate the function of the image in the content where it’s been used.

What is a Canonical Issue?

Canonical Issue

Every website URL needs canonicalization as it will make it easy for the searchers to access the website (usually the main, home page). There may be different options available for the website URL like

All of these are different and could take the searcher to a wholly different page instead of the home page. However, once the URL has been canonicalized, the SEO professional can pick the best one from the cluster.

So, when you decide the best, default URL for your website, 301 redirects can be used to redirect all other URLs in the cluster to the one you selected.

When there are no 301 redirects, the canonical issue arises because of which it becomes hard for searchers to access your website using different URLs. Moreover, having canonical issue results in your website getting indexed under numerous URls. This may further point duplicated content to the search engines and your rankings may decrease.

What is W3C Validation?

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) validation is important to make sure that your website works well on all browsers. Sometimes, developers and designers end up using certain extra features that prevent the website from working smoothly on other browsers than they were designed for. But W3C validation makes sure that your website is smoothly operating on all websites. Certain coding errors may also be causing the website to not perform well but with W3C validation, the website will be up to the standards.

Moreover, with W3C validation, your HTML remains clean and your website sharp.

What’s a Robots.txt file?


Robots.txt is a text file that helps the web robots (the search engine bots) crawl the website’s pages well. The webmasters create this file to guide the bots regarding what website’s pages they are supposed to crawl and which ones they are not.

What is Xml Sitemap?

XML Sitemap

XML sitemap will help Google bots to locate your pages that may be hard to find. Having an XML sitemap on the website makes it easy for the Google Bots to crawl all pages that the bots may have trouble finding.

Often, the home page doesn’t have all the pages linked so the bots go to the inner pages and then more pages. This consumes a lot of time but by having all links in one place through the XML sitemap, you can help Google bots crawl all pages of your website easily.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep Linking

Deep linking helps you supply more information without adding too many words to your content. You may be talking about one concept in one web page that may be connected with another topic. Instead of describing the latter, you can link to your more informative pages.

Deep linking helps you deliver more useful and in-depth information to your readers and get traffic to pages that may not necessarily be entry pages to your website.

What is External Link Check?

External Link

External links are the links that you give to website pages other than your own. If you are giving out too many dofollow links, they may be bad for your SEO. It’s important to maintain a balance of internal and external links on a website.

What is Content Duplicacy Check?

Content Duplicacy Check

As part of the onpage optimization, it is crucial that you examine the quality of your website content and ensure that it’s not duplicate.

Duplicate content is the one that appears in two or more places and is copied. It isn’t just bad for the reputation of the website but also confuses the search engines as they can’t determine which one to rank and show when a query is made.

Having original content on the website definitely helps you more.

What is Page Content Optimization? 

Page Content Optimization

Every page of your website should contain the useful, relevant keywords so it’s easy for search engines to understand that your pages offer valuable information. Unless you indicate to search engines that you are offering valuable information and use the right keywords, search engines won’t be able to identify your content for the search queries.

What is the Webmaster & Google Analytics Setup?

Google Analytics helps you track the traffic on your website along with several other important metrics and analytics.

SEO professional handling the optimization of your website will manage the setup and tracking for you. These analytics reports won’t just help you measure your website’s performance but also identify the challenges and improvise your SEO strategy for a better return