What is domain authority?


What is domain authority?

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Jaspreet Singh
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Increasing Your Website Visibility Link building: In link building, Link bombs are one of the most commonly used SEO strategy to increase website traffic.  The fact is that even though Google declared that such bombing does not hold a bright future and will be difficult to execute, it still happens in the SEO world. It

Increasing Your Website Visibility

Link building: In link building, Link bombs are one of the most commonly used SEO strategy to increase website traffic.  The fact is that even though Google declared that such bombing does not hold a bright future and will be difficult to execute, it still happens in the SEO world. It is performed by SEO experts all over the globe as an attempt to increase the rankings of a website on the search engine. Every search engine has an algorithm which it uses to rank websites.

Link building has various aspects and tools which can increase and boost your online sale results. Link Building benefits

  • They boost your search engine rankings- As search engines are the heart of online marketing linking your business to it can bring you spectacular rewards in terms of revenue sales, increased traffic as well as increased productivity of your business. Quality links posted on website creates an impression of credibility on the search engines and they rank your website higher than others.
  • Quality links brings people who are really interested in your products and services. When your links are placed on quality websites and websites related to your products and services is bound to attract a niche group of people who are genuinely interested in your products.
  • Link building gains your website credibility
  • They give you a wider web presence. Links on websites gives chance to visitors to talk about your website, your services and products on various social media platforms and forums thus giving you an access to a wider audience.
  • Link building helps your brand grow in different directions.
    Advantages of contextual link building.
  • Contextual links are links related to a website within a body of text and are of three major types
  • External Links- These links are posted inside contents of your website which clicked upon will lead to different websites.
  • Internal Links- These links upon clicked lead to different content within your website; may be on a different page
  • Reciprocal Links- Links on other websites which lead back to own website.


  • If you use reciprocal links to promote your content there is a big chance that audience of that particular website where you have posted the links will visit your website and thus increase your traffic.
  • As you will become more known to people you will find your business being talked about in various social media platforms and creating quite the buzz; exactly what you wanted for your website.
  • Contextual links provide a picture that you are trustworthy and most importantly credible. This will attract business in huge amount.
  • Your links will attract more and more readers which will increase your site’s position in Google algorithm because Google and various other search engines like to rank sites based on their readability.
  • Your website will gain more recognition amongst netizens and you will notice increased directed traffic towards your website.
  • Through contextual links you will be offering more information to your readers, this is sure going to represent your website as immensely credible, informative as well as functional.

What is Domain Authority?

It is all about predicting how well a website is going to perform and analyzing how well it is performing currently in context to search engine rankings.

The higher the rankings in search engine results, stronger the domain authority. It represents the strength of your website in comparison with other websites. It is calculated by metrics like total links, linking root domains, etc.

When you have exhausted all your rank boosting tools like keyword optimization, Meta tag optimization, urls, optimized body content etc. etc. and still not getting the desired results it is time that you focus on your domain authority.

It is important to understand how the metrics work in deciding the rank of your website because it is domain authority which is finally going to decide how credible and trustworthy your website is from amongst your competitor websites and finally assign you a rank.

If you want to understand on what basis domain authority is determined by; it is determined on the basis of the age of your website that is the longer you have been on the internet the more consistent and relevant information you are supposed to hold, size; the bigger website you are the more relevant information you hold and last but not the least, popularity; the more popular you are based on your inbound links the more popular you are and deserve higher rank on the results.

Search engines, whether it is Google, Bing, Yahoo or for that matter any search engine giant has one goal in mind that is to provide the surfers with authentic websites whose products and services can be trusted and worth investing upon.

With thousands of new websites popping up every day it is up to the search engines to scout them and offer websites to its users which are worthy otherwise they simply lose their credibility. This is where domain authority plays a major role in indicating to the search engine crawler’s websites which are worthy and of those which are not.

If you are not getting desired results from your website your goal should be to increase domain authority. Here are a few tips to increase your domain authority and boost your search engine rankings:

  • Create back links
  • Keep track of your domain authority metrics regularly and observe which activity is increasing your rank and which activity is pulling you back.
  • Use guest-posts. This increases your brand visibility as well as increases your website traffic.
  • Use infographics on your website which are subtle but effective. This will increase the visual dynamics of your website and enhance traffic.
  • Use Social media to its fullest. Create a buzz about your website on these platforms and increase our potential customer base, footfalls as well as revenue and sales.
  • Keep adding fresh and unique content to your website.

Domain authority not only can be considered a great marketing tool for your website but also something which will make you stand apart in the crowd of numerous websites online.