What Makes a Mobile Application Successful?


What Makes a Mobile Application Successful?

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Mobile application is a computer program designed to run on mobiles, in smart phones and tablets. We find some devices already installed with several mobile apps such as pre-installed software as web browser, email client, calendar, mapping program and an app for buying music or other media. An app market is flooded with Smartphone outselling

Mobile application is a computer program designed to run on mobiles, in smart phones and tablets. We find some devices already installed with several mobile apps such as pre-installed software as web browser, email client, calendar, mapping program and an app for buying music or other media.

An app market is flooded with Smartphone outselling computers threefold. An app on mobile is handy to carry by the users. If you are running your online business and you have not developed a responsive website, then it is no use to be in the virtual world. It has now become a requirement to develop responsive design to develop a quality mobile responsive website; mobile app development can do even more.

Mobile Application Services
Mobile Application Services

“An app can carry information to the users and can even give them a more inspiring visual experience”.

However, what are the features, which make a mobile app successful?

Building an app is not building a rocket, but it requires bit thinking and correct analysis of what we can do for a successful mobile app development.

What defines a perfect app? What are the features which makes a successful mobile app, stunning designs and gorgeous looks, but that is not enough. Apart from the external features, there are other several criteria, which is essential for successful mobile app development.

It is not justified to define a mobile app with stunning features but it has to be useful to the users and the targets user’s device.

Smartphone has become one of the essential handy devices in the world. Almost 99% of people cannot do without Smartphone. Smartphone is the platform in which several apps can be installed. There are countless apps uploaded on the Smartphone, but how long does you app ‘stay’ on user’s phone, mostly one year or half year. Why is it so?

There are several reasons that can create a loophole in the successful mobile application development. So, what makes an app successful? There can be lot of factors with many combinations. Certain objectives can be applied for successful development of a mobile app.

1) Simplicity is the best knockout

It is true that everyone is using app now days. But before developing an app, you have to be very clear about the objective about what you want to give to your users.

Remember, that not all the mobile app users are so flexible to handle every kind of app. Everyone using a smart phone is not familiar with the Smartphone apps the survey have proved that apps should be efficient and flexible to handle. It should be simple and easy to use by the Smartphone users. Just look at these examples…

Mobile Application Company
Mobile Application Company

2) Great Imagination leads to great result

To create a successful app, you have to keep your imagination crystal clear. If you are developing an app, then first think and identify the problem which your app can solve and then decide the features of the app

Your app should give tangible benefits to the users and help to reduce costs via productivity enhancements and improving the customer experience.

3) High Quality Product

Successful app solves the problems of the users. Design is an important feature of an app, so try to make it appealing and intuitive to use.

4) An Android Platform

Android is now the dominating platform globally. It has now more than 80% market share in most market. “It is good to have an Android app first, but try to implement IOS version in your further strategy.

5) Usability – Uniqueness

Before you build your app, think that how often your apps are being used?

Is your app worth to the users?

Do your apps differ with the other apps?

If you are not aware to these answers then try to do some research and testing. You have to be well aware about the future needs and the feedback of the users. Make sure that you have complete data in your hands on. Analyse your app from every angle and your users.

Development of mobile is an expensive issue. So, before going for that do some analytics. Analytics can be categorized into 3 key steps for successful mobile application development.

a) First – APP Store Analytics

This analytics will help you to access when your app is published on an appstore. After installation of the app in an app store, you will have an account so that you can review, ratings, download numbers, from where and when downloading is done and all high level information about the users.

Mobile Application
Mobile Application

b) Next – In App Analytics

This will help you to determine, what actually is going on within your app. If someone has downloaded your app, you can see if the user is using your app or not and whether user is uninstalling the app after downloading.

Mobile App Development
Mobile App Development

c) Final – Competitive Analytics

In every stage of mobile app, you have to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. The Exicon AppBoard is the best site, which can give you the snapshot, of what your competitors are up to, in the market, and in the category, you are interested.

Application Development
Application Development

So, what are you thinking about? “Is mobile analytics good for your app?”. The answer is YES.

Some of the other mobile analytics tool, which will help you in this process, is

  • Google Analytics
  • Flurry
  • Localytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Preemptive

6) Built In Virality

Great apps have a good mechanism incorporated within its core function, so that users can share it with their friends and social media platforms. This automatically creates and multiplies one on one customer fast. Users enjoy apps more when their friends use it too – It is a simple rule.

7) Make your App offline

How much your user is paying for the mobile bill? Are they using data plans? Are your users frustrated with your app constantly eating data? OMG……………

It is essential to solve the problem. It is not justified, that your user uses the app with poor data connection.

Why your app should go offline? Its not just because of data usage but also sue to security. So, now the biggest trend in the industry is to make apps work in the place where data connection is not available.

8) Develop a Prototype

After, you have finalized your plan, then try to develop a prototype. A prototype is actually the process of taking the idea and turning it into an application with some basic functionality. A prototype will help it easier for you to sell your idea to the potential buyers who can see the tangible benefits of your mobile app.

9) Identify Beta Tester

Beta testing can help you to get first feedback from your target customers. Beta testing can help to enhance your visibility in the app store. It will help you to reduce product risk and will help you to get an initial push in the app store.

10) Make Your App free

There is a great difference between the app, which, are free and paid. Even if your app is priced at just $.99, many users may not consider it because there are many apps which are free and offering the features similar to your mobile app.

11) Upgrade your app with new feature

Upgradation of mobile app is important to be at par with your competitors. Improvement and innovative features will help to beat the competitors and will enhances its visibility along with downloads of an app.

12) A solid marketing plan

Marketing is the heart of business. Even the best mobile app of the world cannot succeed without proper marketing plan. Include app promotion, because it is essential if you want to attract your first users, test metrics and continue with more campaigns.

Various variables are going into mobile app in the market. It needs dedicated and technically expert personals for correct mobile app development. At SEO Corporation, our dedicated app development team can assemble a plan correct platform for your mobile app development. We will help you from start to finish. Will also help to develop, launch and support your application. We have adaptive development methodology; based on best practices and industry standards, means we deliver only highest class of mobile apps.

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