WhatsApp Marketing Guide: A New Way To Reach Your Customers in 2022


WhatsApp Marketing Guide: A New Way To Reach Your Customers in 2022

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
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In this digital era, WhatsApp marketing services have gained greater importance since every business can’t bear the expenditure of having messaging apps. Apart from the speedy growth of its base, such apps offer two primary functionalities: authenticity and personalization. The strength of any business relies much on healthy relationships. The beginning of any relationship starts

In this digital era, WhatsApp marketing services have gained greater importance since every business can’t bear the expenditure of having messaging apps. Apart from the speedy growth of its base, such apps offer two primary functionalities: authenticity and personalization.

The strength of any business relies much on healthy relationships. The beginning of any relationship starts with indulging in conversation. That’s how WhatsApp became one of the most highest-grossing apps.

WhatsApp e-marketing is one of the common messenger marketing which promotes your brand via WhatsApp. Through this channel, one can increase the engagement of their audience followed by increasing the reach of their channel.

What are some of the common WhatsApp marketing tools?

Some of the popularly used tools for

WhatsApp marketing India are as follows:-

#1. WappBlaster

This is one of the common marketing tools which helps in sending messages in bulk to your regular as well as potential clients. This tool constitutes different features for effective marketing. The users can send unlimited text messages to their clients which facilitates better communication.

#2. Viking WhatsApp Marketing Software

This all-rounder tool helps in the creation of a customer database by carrying out different WhatsApp marketing campaigns. Moreover, the tool constitutes a lot of features for sending promotional text messages in common formats like .png, D ocx and, Xls etc on Whatsapp.

#3. Whatsapp Business API Sandbox

With the help of this tool, you can easily regulate the integration of Whatsapp API without the requirement of any special setup. It also eliminates the need for infrastructure setup since one is just required to register their WhatsApp business to use this software.

#4. AutoBlast Messenger

This popular WhatsApp marketing tool is ideally designed for handling small and medium businesses as well as agencies. Apart from unlimited text messaging, it also offers features for the management of contracts by using user engagement. It also provides end-to-end solutions to users for marketing campaigns.

#5. Allwebmart

These tools are widely used by small businesses since it’s very budget-friendly and cost-effective. Along with features such as bulk messaging, with the help of this tool one can send around 20 text messages per minute which means informing about your business to 5000 potential customers without the fear of message spam.

What kind of WhatsApp marketing strategy is adopted by potential clients?

A unique practical strategy indicates the effectiveness of every type of marketing channel. It enables planning every step so things take place in an organised way. Here are some of the common WhatsApp marketing strategies which can yield great results:-

  1. Defining your goals properly

The success of marketing on WhatsApp is highly dependent on the kind of strategies that are followed at the beginning. This step helps in keeping the users focused on useful activities and refrain their involvement from unnecessary things.

It is recommended to start with following your marketing funnel and inspecting your weaker spots. Think of accomplishing goals with WhatsApp marketing ideas. Jot down all the points which would help in meeting your goals.

  1. Create your business app

To meet the requirements of small and large firms, a stand some application, WhatsApp marketing for business was launched by WhatsApp. This tool constitutes some of the useful features such as:-

  • Maintaining a business profile would constitute your important information like address, email address, business description and website.
  • A digital depiction/showcase of your different products.
  • Different labels for organizing the chats with customers. For example, label the conversation as per a particular stage of the marketing and sales funnel.
  • Speedy replies for keeping in touch with your customers and providing immediate responses.

#3. Creating a brand persona

The formation of a brand persona is very important for effective Whatsapp marketing since it constitutes a wide range of attitudes, traits along with different values which are associated with your brand.

#4. Designing proper channel for communication

WhatsApp messages constitute outstanding open rates when compared with different other channels. However, if you provided poor or cheap produced content, it would affect your marketing channel negatively. As a result, it would decline your reach and marketing efforts.

#5. Delivering top-notch customer service

Most of the customers take help from messaging apps for getting support for their brand. By using Whatsapp marketing you can give faster responses to your potential clients which would enhance the communication channel. Moreover, it would make the customers feel valued since their queries would get resolved immediately with such support.

What are some of the WhatsApp marketing benefits?

WhatsApp marketing is widely used by every business concerned to increase brand recognition at a very early stage. In the current times, there are a lot of media channels, amongst them, Whatsapp is one of the highest used apps because of its numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below:-

  • Ideal for B2B businesses
  • Provides multimedia support
  • Cost-effective
  • User friendly
  • Cross-platform communication
  • No additional cost to use the platform
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Read receipts

These are some of the advantages offered by Whatsapp marketing. It helps a lot of business owners in running their businesses.

How to do Whatsapp marketing?

Some of the WhatsApp marketing best practices include creating a particular character that would imbibe with your brand as well as establish a connection with your potential audience at the same time. This would make your customer feel as if they are directly communicating to your brand and not a bot. Some of the additional tips are as follows:-

  1. Setup the business profile

For effective Whatsapp business its significant to add all the important information related to your business such as:-

  • Profile picture
  • Business hours
  • Business website
  • Email address
  • Location
  • Business description
  • Business category

This would provide your customers with all the necessary information.

  1. Using stories to communicate about the business

Putting up stories to inform different customers about your newly launched products, the recognition you have earned, product reviews from different customers can increase the reach of your brand.

  1. Creation of different groups

Creating several groups for your regular customers and updating them about your latest offers, discounts and products could maximize your sales. Moreover, giving your customers brand new product samples and asking them for their feedback would help you to enhance your product.

  1. Greet and share important information

You can greet your highly valued customers on different occasions such as New Year, Christmas, or Diwali to let them know how important the customers are to you. It would also enhance brand recall.

  1. Label the chats for improved tracking

Depending on the nature as well as the scale of your business concern, there are different contacts for different goals. It is recommended to add and update labels to your chars instead of saving the contact with weird names.

What is WhatsApp marketing effect on small businesses?

WhatsApp Business is one of the ideal ways to support upcoming small businesses and entrepreneurs without the burden of heavy expenditure on them. It is very advantageous for a small business concern. Below are a few points that are enumerated:-

  1. Free of cost

In times of advanced technology, users feel fortunate to use such apps without money. Users can send unlimited free messages via this app at any time of the day.

  1. Security

This app provides end to end encryption which means the conversation would only stay between the receiver and the sender. No third party app can interfere.

  1. Brief descriptions for small business concerns 

A small business might not bear the cost of developing a website. So it’s suggested to use WhatsApp business where they can describe their company or brand in detail by providing every information.

  1. Payments

Through Whatsapp, businesses can easily send and receive payment. This ensures both clients, as well as customers, don’t have to take any help from any additional app for payment processing.

  1. Business analytics

WhatsApp Business constitutes text messaging statistics that give them insights into the delivery, receiving and sending messages. This can help you in understanding the needs of your potential customers.

How is WhatsApp marketing for real estate beneficial?

The best WhatsApp marketing company in India is used for dealings related to real estate which would help in harvesting the real potential of default conversational assistants. The best WhatsApp marketing agency would help in building an effective WhatsApp chatbot that would resolve all the queries immediately.

The potential leads won’t require to install any further apps or to visit a new website to resolve their query. These small yet significant factors matter a lot in determining the future growth of the real estate business. Some of the other benefits are listed below:-

  • Generation of leads between Buyers and sellers
  • Qualifying different leads
  • Answering routine questions
  • Assisting leads at the time of property search
  • Offering virtual tours
  • Booking different appointments
  • Confirmation of visits
  • Submission of necessary documents
  • Extending support after post-sale
  • A timely reminder for payments

The real estate chatbot of WhatsApp facilitates the address of a wide range of issues conveniently to provide support to their regular customers. There’s an option for automating the entire service or following the basics and allowing human takeover to answer complicated queries.

How accessible is Whatsapp marketing?

SEO Corporation   is one of the leading WhatsApp Marketing agencies which tops the preference of every small and medium business concern because of the numerous benefits it offers. The bot takes the load of identifying the issues of customers and responding to them accordingly. Its numerous benefits make it more appealing and beneficial.