Why no One Comment on Your Blog and What is the Solution


Why no One Comment on Your Blog and What is the Solution

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
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Silent blog syndrome is one of the biggest worries for bloggers. You spend numerous hours and your hard work into your blog, and if you still find that it remains silent, then it’s a matter of worry. How you can attract people into your blog? What are the technique and tricks that you should use

get more comments on your blog
get more comments on your blog

Silent blog syndrome is one of the biggest worries for bloggers. You spend numerous hours and your hard work into your blog, and if you still find that it remains silent, then it’s a matter of worry.

How you can attract people into your blog? What are the technique and tricks that you should use for fetching traffic into your blog?

A silent blog is depressing, while an active blog is exciting. When people starts following your blog, arguing tips, sharing tips with conversation, then you will definitely feel that your blog is now validated.

In this article, you will know the reason why people do not comment on your blog. You will know how to fix your blog.

get comment on your blog

Why no one comments on your blog.

We often think of to how to gain comments?

No trick can help you to get loads of comments. Commenting on your blog is something that is very infrequent and voluntarily

They choose to do it because they wish to. And what tell them for volition? If your content is outstanding, you will definitely attract comments and likes. It can be extremely good. It can be outstanding controversial.

Commenting is about marketing. If there is no reader of your blog, there will be no comments. If you want blog comments than you have to do blog marketing

Now you know the way, let’s look into your blog and take out why you’re not getting comments.

Do you have a bad comment system?

If you are not getting good comments then it can be because of a broken comment system. It could be due to broken system, Captcha code may not be working. Or you have to choose an avatar. Or you have to log into some systemI.

All of these factors will stop your comment. Try to analyze your blog with your fresh eyes. Or try to hire any blog expert to fix the problem.

Try to stick with basic commenting system, to avoid these problems. Use the default commenting system that is provided with WordPress.

Do you have a poor site design?

Poor site design can lead your blog to be silent. Design your blog, so that it may support interaction. If your design is impressive, then without reading an article, a user can directly click through to the comments.

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Beyond that, I make my comment call to action very simple and straightforward:

Social Media

Don’t try to stuff your blog, otherwise you will miss the golden moment for capturing a would be commenters.

Forbes, for example, does a poor job of encouraging comment interaction because of its busy design and a no-show comment stream:


Do your blog as a corporate entity?

Blog as the voice of the business as your blog will speak in the long run.

The best blogs are those that come from person, an individual, someone who has voice, feeling, emotion, passion and experience. To create good content, you have to be just be yourself, and no celebrity is needed for best blogging. Remember you are the only one, who can put emotions and feelings into your blog.

People will comment and interact with other people, not with a faceless and soulless corporate mouthpiece. Be personal, and the comments will come.

Do you have a boring writing style?

Content is the king, so great writing style will shine your blog on the top of the Google page. Good content are shared and also commented on.

Try to avoid too many passive sentences. Weak verbs, less anecdotes and dry topics
Try to analyze your content, rework your content to make it more exciting. In other words, spice your writing style. Be concise, personal and clear.

Do you ignore interaction?

Blog denotes interaction. It means that you’re starting a conversation. Your conversation should be polite and soft.

If someone comments on your blog, try your best to respond to the comment. It’s not to write long personal letter, but at least you should acknowledge their presence as they have done you a favor.

Why no one comments on your blog
Why no one comments on your blog

Do you ask for comments?

You can ask for the comments, there is no shame in asking for comments. It’s not begging, it’s just a polite invitation to have a civil discussion for an important issue.

Tell your readers their input is valuable – Your readers want to know that you value their comments. Although you are providing information to them, always welcome their perspective and insights.

Do you provide something of value in your writing?

When people read your comments, then they are really investing their valuable time as money. As, time is money. Readers will definitely want to derive some valuable information from your blog. Look it out whether your content is valuable or not?

If you’re not providing something of value, people will feel slightly dislike your blog, as they spend their time on reading your blog.

The more valuable content you provide the better comment interaction you will score. Just imagine the dollars that your readers will drop for reading your blog.

Do you write anything really compelling?

Create content that will fetch emotions and reactions very natural to your performance, epic and speech. People love to be motivated, encouraged, or challenged. If you write according to the likes of the people, then they will definitely comment and like your blog.

It goes back to the issue I keep harping on — it’s all about the content.


There are lots of advantages for an active blog as you generate excitement, get engagement, initiate feedback, establish authority, invite back links and get extra SEO juice. It’s a beautiful thing. All you have to do is get rid of the barriers to comments and produce the best content you possibly can.

Blogging is something, which you want to convey to the world. If you are a social angel and you want your miraculous qualities to give to this World, then implement theses tricks and tips for perfect blogging. It is always a pleasure to do some deeds and some pops for the common people. A good blogging can also help you to earn money and it will make you feel.

A man of magic? Why?

True, your writing and your thoughts are magic for the world. If someone is getting benefit from your writing and you are doing it for a good cause, then virtual world starts paying you in disguise, as it is a very common saying that “Good always echoes back”. But before starting any blog, your blog should be extremely appealable to the users and for this a good web designing company and perfect strategy is a must that you can get from the hands of www.seocorporation.net.

So, keep going …………………