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How to Choose the Right SEO Company for Your Business

SEO Corporation- #1 SEO Company India

SEO Corporation is a milestone in the search engine optimization and IT related services. Search Engine Optimization is the heart beat for any website. Search engine optimization or search engine optimizer is the strategy, perfect plan and a methodology to increase your visitors in the website. Search Engine Optimization has now became extremely essential for site ranking and business building. Unless and until traffic is not increased in your site, your website will be just like an art in a gallery, only having beautiful pages. Now the question arises how to get the business and how to rank your site on the top of the Google search engine. As, it is mentioned above, search engine optimization or SEO is the simple method which uses active phrases and keywords relevant to what the website is offering to the customer.

SEO Corporation – Your answer to your website

But it is essential to beware of the companies which are providing services in the name of SEO. They will just blind you with the fact that SEO is a science and will put you in a dilemma thinking of as it is only a black art. If you ask to some companies What is SEO and just after two hours later, you will see the result. Not so here at SEO Corporation. We put all our efforts, tricks, and tactics for the satisfaction of our client. Client need is the first priority at SEO Corporation. We love to see the greener shade and satisfaction for our client.

SEO Corporation – Your answer to your website

A simple guide for better search result
Content is the king of any website. Without useful content it is useless to build a website. Proper SEO can only be effective if content is appropriate with keywords and phrases. Content written according to the products and people are more valuable for the website.
Keep sharing your link to the social media.
Keep doing it continuously.
These are the basic steps which should be followed for the proper website functioning.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization techniques are of two types.

  • On page optimization
  • Off page optimization

  • Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization can easily and smartly connect your website to the world of internet. It can make your product and services available to each and every part of the World. Your website is your online shop so be sure to make it par at the best.

    SEO Corporation – Your answer to your website

    Search Engine Optimization technique uses SEO tools for website ranking and generating traffic for the website. These tools make the website friendly for the Google update. Keyword density checker, back link anchor text analysis, back link builder, back link summary, keyword suggestion tool, domain age tool and many more.

    In these tools mentioned above you can see that link is used more. Now what is a link? How can it contribute to SEO for any website?

    Links are essential part of the SEO services, but never consider that link is useful, in isolation. It is essential to remember that great content massively increases your chance to get natural links from quality relevant pages. These links will help mostly in SEO. Always remember great sites never link to poor quality content and why would they?


    SEO Corporation is the leader in the field of IT services. We give our best efforts even in the content marketing, social media, content building, web designing, ppc services, video services and SEO services. SEO Corporation is a group of team members who continuously works for the high projection and success of any website. You will find few webmasters who will look for the shorter path, but in SEO Corporation we never rely on the shorter path of success, we work for the utmost satisfaction of our clients. We are the best SEO Company in India, who only believes in the best strategy and work.

    What Is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is an approach that assists search engines find and rank a site higher than the multitude of other sites in return to a search query. Thus, SEO helps one attain traffic from the various existing search engines. The tutorial on SEO below masks every necessary information one needs to know about Search Engine Optimization - what is it, how does it work and differences in the ranking criteria of major search engines.

    When a user enters a query in any of the search engines, and hits the ‘enter’ button, he is stormed with a million websites that relates to the query he has entered. Generally, users tend to click on those websites that appear on the top of the list of the search engines. This is because the users recognize them to be more relevant to their query. On the same thought, have you ever been curious as to why a few websites rank better than the others? The answer to this curiosity is a strong and effective web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    How do SEO Services India function?

    There are 2 kinds of SEO done in web marketing by SEO India companies:

    • SEO On Page Optimization
    • SEO Off Page Optimization

    We have briefed on every SEO technique that are followed in web marketing. The details in nitty-gritty have been stated below for your understanding:

    SEO on Page Optimization

    Keyword Research & Analysis: Keyword research and analysis is probably the most important part of SEO. It is not possible to start a campaign without knowing the phrases that you are targeting. Further, the costs and returns cannot be estimated unless one is well informed as to whom they are competing against. Keyword research is the process of identifying which phrases are used on search engines when people are looking for information, and usually includes finding both the search volume and relative competitiveness of the terms.

    Competition Analysis: Competition analysis for SEO is a 4-step process. It includes – Identifying the keywords, identifying the competitors, determining the authority of competitors, and last but not the least, comparing your site and pages with those of your competitors. Any SEO campaign is founded on careful examination of who your competitors are, what they are ranking for, and how they achieved those rankings.

    Content Optimization: Content optimization is done for both user experience and search engine rankings. A few tips for content optimization are – making an editorial calendar, creating content that is engaging and relevant to the search, using images for content optimization, anticipating users’ understanding, using better anchor text, and most importantly creating content for users and not search engines.

    Internal Linking structure Changes: A few of the tactics for internal linking structure changes are tapping the most Linked-to pages, interlink all the target SEO landing pages, dropping links on the home page, looking for unconventional places to grab links, using the footer, using breadcrumbs, not ignoring the blog, and creating an internal linking dashboard.

    URL Structure Changes: The four SEO steps to follow when changing URLs are URL normalization, 301 redirects, internal linking, and legacy redirects. URLs have to be changed for a variety of reasons, whether you are optimizing the page for the first time, reacting to a change in the way people search, or are forced to do it for other reasons, it’s something that we all have to deal with in the world of SEO.

    Site-map updating/ creation: A good amount of effort goes into developing great content. Site-map monitoring helps one know the number of URLs you have provided in the XML sitemap, how many are presently indexed in Google, and the last time the sitemap file was processed.

    Keyword URL Mapping: Keyword URL mapping is the method by which one can determine as to which page of a website must contain certain keywords that will maximize the entire website’s optimization.

    Creation of Meta Information: Meta Data is used by search engines to identify vital information including the page’s title, description, the hosting website and the image associated with content. This optimization helps marketing professionals know how they want their content be shown in various search listings and social media.

    Title tag (LSI Based): Search engines take the help from LSI keywords in extracting word meanings that have more than one meaning. Overstuffing keywords or phrases is not recommended.

    Description tag (LSI Based): In webpage content, LSI keywords in page Meta tags probably help Google discern between synonyms. May also act as a relevancy signal.

    Alt tags (LSI Based): The algorithms by search engines have been modified by them. The significance of key phrases has been becoming less significant. This is because of unnecessary importance being paid to keywords. Thus, LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is gaining more importance than ever.

    HTML Coding, Validation & Correction: Valid HTML helps search engines and the various browsers in helping them comprehend what a particular web page is about. The HTML validator is a tool that automatically corrects every error found in a web page’s HTML source code.

    H1, H2 & Strong tags: Header tags are used in a web page to create headings.

    Canonical Issue Check: Canonical issue check is done to ensure that the website URLs are organized and redirected appropriately.

    Error 404 page optimization : Error 400 page means that the page a user has been looking for is missing. But generally, users mistakenly understand that the entire website is missing. To avoid this, error 404 page optimization is done.

    Xml Sitemap : XML sitemaps help SEO through a very pigeonhole purpose. They facilitate indexation. When we post an XML sitemap, it is similar to something as providing various search engines with a roadmap of the preferred routes through the site. XML stands for Extendible Markup Language. It is a standard machine readable format for search engines.

    Robots.txt: Robots.txt is a text file that is placed in the root directory. The function of this file is to tell the search engine crawlers as to which web pages of the site should be indexed and which should be ignored.

    URL Architecture: URL Architecture must be done keeping a few points in mind – consolidation of www and non-www domain versions, avoiding dynamic and relative URLs, creating an XML sitemap, closing irrelevant pages with robots.txt, specification of canonical URLs by usage of special tag. These help a URL rank higher in the search results.

    Google, Bing & YAHOO Site map Authentication: These help in understanding as to how the website’s site-map can be managed.

    SEO off Page Optimization

    Quality Link Building: Link building is a process by which external pages are linked to your website page. Some of the tips to build quality links are building quality in-bound links with rich anchor text to proper pages, using site search, and creating internal SEO link building wire frame.

    Social Networking: A few social networking practices that help boosting SEO are - growing number of followers on social media profiles, by the practice of encouraging external inbound links, optimizing posts for searches, by influencing social sharing, creating posts that have been locally optimized, and increasing brand awareness.

    Press Releases Submissions: Press release submissions have long dominated the offsite content arena. They offer various benefits such as building natural links from multitude outside sources, class authoritative sources, opportunity to link keywords and recognize names, quick visibility and referred traffic, and last but not the least – performing online reputation management.

    Posting Stories in Relevant Blog Websites: Posting stories in relevant blog websites helps one in getting relevant and targeted set of links, readers, users, and customers.

    Video Submissions (Video Provided by Client): The various benefits of video submissions are having a high page rank owing to becoming popular, the video submitted also appears in video searches of search engines as an alternative to organic rankings, site traffic, and building reputation.

    Directory Submission: Directory submission is a process by which the website is listed in various directories and databases. This practice helps in getting quality and safe back links, gaining huge exposure, gaining opportunity for paid posts, and an increase in the website’s rankings.

    Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking refers to bookmarking our favorite’s web pages online, saving them to be read later. This helps SEO as it is considered as quality back link by the search engines. This increases traffic and search engine ranks.

    Blog Commenting: Blog commenting is done with the purpose of building back links, increasing Alexa, getting visitors to the blog and ultimately the website, and the most pertinent – creating a bond with the fellow bloggers.

    Forum Commenting: It is somewhat similar to article submission but two differences that are – they are shorter and more straight-forward and focused than articles, and they encourage more interactivity.

    Submitting Articles in Article Websites: This helps in drawing readers and customers from the targeted audience to the website. It also builds online reputation.

    RSS Feed Generation and Submissions: RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. These are web feeds that are published frequently just as the content for websites and blogs. They provide benefits such as making content reach to new audiences through syndication, generating more traffic and customers, and gaining popularity and ranking in search engines.

    Review Submissions: Review submissions influence readers and users in the digital world just as word-of-mouth publicity in the real world. Reading positive reviews about a product or a service compells them to look forward to it.

    Q & A Submissions: Q & A submissions increase indirect traffic to a website. There are thousands of users looking for answers in the internet. Answering them to their query increases a website’s credibility and hence, online reputation.

    E-Book Submissions: Creating e-books is a great way to increase your website’s visibility. It is a piece of text written for digital screens such as e-reader or a kindle. The difference is, it can be downloaded online.

    Classified Submissions: Classified submissions are online advertisements that are positioned on online resources. It works in a similar manner as to advertisements in other media such as television, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.

    Profile Submissions: Profile submission allows submission of profile page URL in popular websites rather than submitting the website URL directly. This SEO technique helps making the website popular.

    Business Listing: This is to get traffic through clicks in others websites where your website has been listed for a particular business, product or service. This helps in lead generation directly.

    PDF Submissions: PDF submission is very important in SEO. The PDFs can be brochures, press releases, etc related to the work of the company. They must be search optimized to get better results.

    Image Sharing: Image sharing is a concept that works as a banner ad. It generates traffic for a website.

    Link Wheel Submission: Link Wheel submission is a strategy to build links. They make use of latest Web 2.0 technology and multiply the link counts gradually over a period of time.

    Search Engine Submission: Search engine submission means direct submission of a website to the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This internet marketing form helps increase the ranking of the website. Hence, it is a very important tool in the entire SEO process.

    We, at SEO Corporation, have known in all these years that the more we work on these steps, the greater would be the results. None of the strategies mentioned above can be ignored while search engine optimization of a website. Few webmasters look for the shorter path and quick results, but we, being a credible and reputed SEO India company, have always chosen the “not-so-short” path and looked forward to long term benefits of our clients. The reason behind our ideology is quite simple - we have been able to yield results and exceeded client expectation, as a harvest of which - We Have Repeat Business from Customers! We have, and will, continue to be same in the future - A SEO Company India that believes in results and results that are beneficial in long term.