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Start our website's tour from Testimonial page. These are the clients who flew across seven oceans to thank us for our services. If you think we are culturally fit to serve you, don't hesitate to talk us right now through Live chat. Cheers!!

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We are inspired by Zen's philosophy of minimalism in web design. We care of every single font, shade, form and link on your website. Creating stunningly beautiful custom responsive web designs.

Search Engine Optimization

Get top Rankings in Google, Yahoo & Bing.

We use white hat SEO strategies with a right mix of content, on page optimization, link building & social media strategies. Give us 3 months & we will open flood gates of organic traffic to your website

Penalty Recovery and Link Removal

We remove your toxic links.

For someone who is into online business, receiving an email from Google like the one given below is like your worst nightmare coming true. Scary? Well something like this bad enough to spoil not just a week......

About SEO Corporation

SEO Corporation- Every Thing from Digital Marketing to Mobile Apps

We are a proud company. As a company, we are proud of our results, quality of services and customer care. We boast of 99% client retention rate and most of our clients are like our family members. In the span of just three years, more than 20 clients have visited our New Delhi office from US, UK, Italy, Australia and Japan. To thank us of-course!

Have a look at our services and how we excel at it:

1) Search Engine Optimization Services: Recently, we helped a website achieve approx million visitors a month with a combination of on page optimization, content marketing and quality link building.

We have achieved 1st page ranking for keywords from highly competitive industries like Finance, real estate, jewellery and more. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.

Our SEO solutions are highly customized and Google update-proof. Get in touch for a free no obligation analysis of your website and we will help you find out the reasons your website is not performing.

2) Social media Optimization: Some of our clients include Kaya Skin Clinic, Sanjivani Ayurvedashram and many more that generate millions of dollars of business through proper use of social media marketing. We can help you too. Get in touch.

3) Link building Services: We can bet that 90% of the links building companies don’t understand even the ABC of link building. Most of the times, they spam and harm their clients by making low quality spammy links. We do understand what quality link building is, and we make sure we prefer to leave projects that asks us to indulge in shoddy link building activities. None of our clients were ever penalized by Google as we have always believed in high quality link building only. If you are looking for low quality cheap links then we would recommend you choose another company not us!

4) Reputation management: Though we can't name our clients on our website, we would love to give you several references that are happy with our reputation management and brand management services. Some of our clients are famous celebrities as well as investors.

5) Web design services: Our clients include Intel, Bata etc. We specialize in responsive web design using latest technologies. Check our portfolio and help yourself get impressed with our designing skills.

6) Android App development: In the last two years we have designed more than 22 android applications. We don't only develop an app but we also know how to market an app.

7) ios development- More than 30 applications designed by us are live on Apple app store. Ask for our portfolio today.

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How we help our clients deal with Google Algorithm

Google is web’s big daddy and is home to around one million servers in different data centres around the globe and takes around one billion queries each day and answers them for its users. As per Alexa it is the website that is visited by largest number of people around the world. Google holds great significance in terms of SEO because the platforms connected with it are websites like Youtube, Blogger and the social media platform Google+ which will be promoting advertisements through it very soon.

Google is number one because of the excellent experience it offers to its users and that is not just in terms of high quality but also because of the convenience it provides to its users. Whenever a search result arrives on Google and matches accurately with the query the user had in mind, it’s often wondered if Google reads mind of its users. How does it do that? The big daddy of the web isn’t called Big Daddy after all without a reason. Google uses artificial intelligence techniques in the form algorithms to update the web content present on the web. Google has very stringent criteria in terms of quality and legitimate SEO practices for the websites listed on it. It simply doesn’t compromise at all on quality of content and these websites are hit by updates of these algorithms time and then to keep them in check. Different algorithms come with different purposes. At times new version is launched of an existing algorithm to incorporate new requirement and criteria. Our ever alert and well learned team of SEO Corporation has an intense understanding of what impact the updates of these algorithms can leave on your website. So far three major Google algorithms have been launched by Google and they are:

  • Google Panda
  • Google Penguin
  • Google Hummingbird

Google Panda and its implications

Launched in the year 2011 by Google, Panda was introduced as a Google algorithm and it’s based on artificial intelligence. Previously the quality check was done by humans and it was slow and not 100% accurate which gave rise to the need of an accurate solution and Panda came into being. Google Panda holds power of improving page ranking of your website and damaging it terribly if your website gets penalised by it. It doesn’t affect ranking of a website link by link rather ranking of the whole website or a very big section is affected in totality by it. Its latest update happened in January 2013 and the major focus of it was not just dealing with plagiarism but eliminating every form of content lacking quality and substance to it.

SEO Corporation doesn’t only help you get out of Panda Penalty but also utilise the update

Our SEO experts understand the mechanism and significance of Google algorithms deeply and that is why we keep telling our clients not to take an algorithm update always in a negative light because if your content is good and makes into the good books of Google the ranking of your website will shoot towards the top ranking slot. There are times though when your website is hit hard by Panda and you get penalised. That’s when our team starts with the diagnosing and healing therapy to revive your cherished website to bring it back in shape. It goes in the following manner:

  • Scanning and monitoring each and every section by conducting an intense audit of things like plagiarism, page speed, ad content proportion etc.
  • We consult the Bible of Webmasters, Google Webmasters guidelines and ensure compliance of your website’s functionality with them.
  • By the use of correct tools and expertise of our team we eliminate the duplicate content and the content that lacks quality in totality.
  • We submit the site map to Google because submission of HTML and XML site maps to Google helps in keeping indexation in check and keeping the record clean to a great extent.
  • We lay huge emphasis on the structure of the website. We keep it flat, neat, free of broken links, each option three clicks away and easily accessible to be used by user.
  • We design pages in a manner that their loading speed remains less than two seconds as lack of speed is also a big reason of being penalised by Panda.

Our Clients

What they say about us
  • SEO India Client - Kaz
  • SEO Corporation Client - Lauren Deacon
  • SEO Company India Client - Andrew Elphee
  • SEO FIrms Client - Steve

SEO Corporation is an excellenet SEO company. The increased my traffic from 56 a month to 10K per month in just six month. Would strongly recommended their services.

- Kaz

SEO Corporation has the best team of copywriters. Quality of work is at par with copywriters here in US. I am very happy with their work.

- Lauren Deacon

I am a die hard fan of SEO Corp's services. Their reporting, quality of work, performance everything is remarkable.

- Andrew Elphee

I saved more than 70% by hiring a dedicated SEO team at SEO Corporation. It is better and lot cheaper than having an in-house team.

- Steve