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About SEO Corporation

The Best SEO Company in India

Search engine optimisation is no cake walk and choosing a SEO Company India for your business is even more difficult, Reason number one because it is a very big responsibility as well as it has a massive impact on your business, profitability as well as losses and it’s not just in terms of revenue, mistakes made online take a very heavy toll on the reputation and goodwill of a company. Reason number two because there are a lot of SEO agencies that will promise you white hat SEO services but they won’t and you will end up writing a very big check and crying like a baby. There are a number of factors that are to be considered before you come to final decision of giving an agency your search engine marketing and other online operations. Most importantly it has to be made sure that all the goals and objectives your business wishes to achieve on the platform of web must be facilitated smoothly by the SEO Company you are allotting the responsibility of making your web presence prominent and quality experience for the customers and prospects.

SEO Corporation has come a very long way in a very short span of time, incepted by Vishal Vivek Singh back in 2010 as a one man organisation right from the scratch is one of the best SEO Company of India today. As of today it stands tall with a satisfied client base of 500+ , a brilliant team of 80 hard working people comprising 16 full time dedicated and talented SEO experts that keep their eyes and ears always alert for any news and update in the SEO industry, 12 well learned and experienced content writers that craft content meeting all the standards and Google webmasters guidelines, 18 highly qualified professional web designers and developers, 18 link builders & 17 off page syndication experts that handle the technical aspects and issues and 8 highly skilled project managers. The pace of its growth and development has accelerated commendably and its founder gives all the credit to hard work, determination to provide quality to its customers as well as clients and the dedication of the whole team of SEO Corporation.

The forte of SEO corporation is Search engine Marketing and our main focus towards serving our clients with quality in all services like enhancing the search engine ranking of the websites of our clients, helping them in getting out of the despair given to them by the penalties of Google algorithms and making the best use of these algorithm to improve the web ranking. SEO Corporation has satisfied clients all across the globe serving in 26+ countries specifically among the continental US, Australia and Europe. Our elite clientele include labels like Wal-Mart, Walt Disney, HCL, IBM, DELL etc. Our major search engine marketing services are focussed towards Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube and the main arena of attention is always customer satisfaction.

SEO Corporation not only provides SEO services throughout India but throughout the globe and the location of its office is in the heart of India, New Delhi the capital city. The swift pace of development of SEO Corporation and its robust growth is inspirational to many budding entrepreneurs that dare to dream big. In a short span of four years we have gone to places from being a new and small concern to becoming a brand name in the SEO industry and the testimonials, comments and feedback shared by our clients stand witness to it.

If you are looking for a SEO company India to outsource your work load of SEO operations, for the sake of having a world class website, for dealing with ways of getting out of difficulties in terms of Google algorithms, to improve your search engine rankings either through content in the form of images, text or videos approach us any time as are services are available 24X7.

At SEO Corporation we promise our customers and clients a sure shot increment in the ROI and way better performance in their operations once they allot the work to us. If you see potential in us choose us for SEO operations of your website and in return we promise you a service that will overshadow even the best experience you have ever had in terms of SEO services India.

SEO Services India

Services provided by SEO Corporation

Being one of the best search engine marketing agency and SEO Company India the main goal of SEO Corporation is to pay heed on the Return on investment of our clients. The area of enhancing the ROI could be in the search engine marketing efforts of your company or in the reputation management where you seek to protect your brand name along with developing it with a clean image. There are so many aspects related to SEO services and all of them focus on different areas that need attention while implementing them. At SEO Company India, we provide a number of services which include Search Engine Optimisation Services, Pay per Click Management services, Link building Services, Social Media Marketing Services, Mutivariate testing Services and local listings services. Our Forte is helping a website by understanding its structure, size, Segmentation of the customers it targets because we understand the fact that no two businesses and websites are similar and each one of them require customised solutions in a comprehensive manner.

Choosing SEO India Corporation as your internet marketing agency will be a wise decision on your part because it’s an internet marketing agency for all intents and purposes. The challenges faced by us and the success achieved within a small span of four years says a lot about the awesome services and quality of work provided by SEO Corporation. We are not a very big organisation in terms of size but we do have a big clientele comprising of the biggest names any SEO company wishes to work with and for but it doesn’t mean we don’t work for starters. We embrace each and every client with respect and a promise of giving them a better working website than before in case they come to us with a problem. Team at SEO corporation comprises of high class and well learned people associated with the SEO industry. The style of our search engine marketing technique is contemporary yet rooted to the conventional marketing philosophies.

SEO services

Understanding the concept: If you have already come across the term SEO or search engine optimisation and have been advised by experts to implement it for making your business prominent on the web it’s very important to understand its meaning and purpose. Search engine optimisation is responsible for enhancing the web ranking of your website by combining a number of factors altogether on various search engines. SEO can be done for content in the form text, images, videos, jingles etc. SEO is not only responsible for making your website grab attention in a positive manner by the search engines but develop your business by generating leads and converting the prospective customers to loyal and dedicated ones. SEO is a very important component of internet marketing and at SEO Corporation we provide it in the best possible manner combining quality as well as cost effectiveness. Our satisfied clients and their positive word of mouth in the form of testimonials and feedback reflect our premium services to our clients.

The major services provided by us are:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Web site designing in search engine compatible and friendly manner
  • Availing submissions on payment basis to various search engines
  • Availing submissions to different industry based engines
  • Scanning and analysing websites and reporting of their status to the clients
  • Keeping a close eye on competitors modus operandi and analysis of their content composition services
  • PPC campaigns
  • Link building and popularity services are also provided by us

SEO Corporation believes in doing in depth research to bring out effectiveness in operations. It makes best efforts in understanding the technique of position engineering comprehensively because of which it is well aware of all the techniques and methods of search engine placement. SEO Corporation practices white hat SEO practices strictly, in layman’s language it strives best to not put your business website at the risk of being caught and penalised by Google penalties and algorithms. All the services provided by us are in conformity with the Google’s webmasters guidelines. Our brilliant SEO team and writers understand the mechanism and relevance of such penalties and algorithms and they craft the content and implement the SEO techniques in compliance of these algorithms. Our whole team stays up to date and monitor the industry trends and requirements of all the major search engine norms, terms and conditions.

Your website is your representation on the web and it acts as the source of communication and interaction on the web with the audiences. Through a well crafted website you interact, develop brands, conduct tests before launching a product or campaign etc. SEO Corporation understands the significance of the WOW experience and Aha! Effect on the customers and audiences and also understands that it’s the high quality of your website that will gain the trust of your customers.
SEO Corporation brings together high quality content and an intelligent web site structure and design along with smart applications that will help you in acquiring trust of your clients and the outcome of this combination of creativity and understanding of technicalities will help in giving your customers a very high quality web experience.

Modus operandi of SEO at SEO India

At SEO Corporation, customised solutions are provided to our customers and we believe in working very closely with our clients in order to understand their vision and bring it to reality just as they want it to be. Though we are not a very old organisation but our team and experts are highly experienced and well versed with the industry and their combined efforts give you a perfect blend of various strategies in order to provide a sophisticated and distinct solution to all SEO problems and all this in the most cost effective and feasible manner.

We start with knowing and diagnosing our client

As mentioned before we believe in delivering services as per the vision of our customers. For us each one of our client is our stake holder and is very much a part of our organisation which makes knowing and understanding them and their business clearly beforehand important. This consultation will help us in giving effective solutions to our clients. Our team at SEO Corporation dedicates a great deal of time to learn about the shades of your business as well as what you expect out of our services. Based on this understanding and pool of information the whole SEO strategy will be crafted by us.

After this diagnosis phase is completed an SEO expert of the related industry will be allotted the project of your concern and he will be the spokesperson on behalf of SEO Corporation with whom you will be interacting and conveying all your requirements.

Analysis and selection of keywords

Choice of keywords plays a very important role in search engine marketing. Due to continuous updates of Google algorithms the style of incorporating keywords keeps changing as well. After the humming bird update the fad of using long tailed keywords is in because Google now answers questions by picking up the context from the keywords of the query. This hasn’t lessened the importance of the use of keywords rather has changed the context of its usage in the content. Another very important factor with the use and selection of keywords is to never shove them in the content senselessly. Google has stringent criteria to deal with such SEO practices.

At SEO Corporation we help our clients in the selection of right keywords. We ask them to list down the phrases and statements that as per them describes the relevance of their business. With the help of various tools available on the web our experts monitor these statements and choose the one that’s most profitable and productive for the business of our clients.

Our clients define us and their success is our goodwill. Not only they invest in us, we invest in them too through our valuable efforts and time in order to earn reputation as well as good word of mouth from them. That is why we take each marketing campaign as another challenge and give our best to it.

Optimisation of your website starts with the optimisation of its content

After the finalisation of the keywords for each page of your website the next step is to focus on all the nuts and bolts and initiate the major process of optimising your website. The first and of utmost important is the optimisation of the content present on the website in every form because its high quality is what’s given the first priority by all the major search engines. The websites that are rich in keyword density along with sense making content are preferred by the search engines and it is one of the most important determinant of page ranking too.

SEO Corporation lays huge emphasis on providing high quality content to all its clients. Its high quality is what makes us a brand name in the SEO industry. Our skilled and learned team of writers are well aware of all the conditions and regulations set by the major search engines and the content they write is not only of high quality but also in compliance with them.

Also what makes a content high quality is that along with its accuracy and ability to woo the experts of the SEO industry, it must be understandable by the common people- your audiences, customers and prospects. Our writing team keeps this in focus while optimising the content of your website which makes it simply brilliant.

Why Choose Us

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How we help our clients deal with Google Algorithm

Google is web’s big daddy and is home to around one million servers in different data centres around the globe and takes around one billion queries each day and answers them for its users. As per Alexa it is the website that is visited by largest number of people around the world. Google holds great significance in terms of SEO because the platforms connected with it are websites like Youtube, Blogger and the social media platform Google+ which will be promoting advertisements through it very soon.

Google is number one because of the excellent experience it offers to its users and that is not just in terms of high quality but also because of the convenience it provides to its users. Whenever a search result arrives on Google and matches accurately with the query the user had in mind, it’s often wondered if Google reads mind of its users. How does it do that? The big daddy of the web isn’t called Big Daddy after all without a reason. Google uses artificial intelligence techniques in the form algorithms to update the web content present on the web. Google has very stringent criteria in terms of quality and legitimate SEO practices for the websites listed on it. It simply doesn’t compromise at all on quality of content and these websites are hit by updates of these algorithms time and then to keep them in check. Different algorithms come with different purposes. At times new version is launched of an existing algorithm to incorporate new requirement and criteria. Our ever alert and well learned team of SEO Corporation has an intense understanding of what impact the updates of these algorithms can leave on your website. So far three major Google algorithms have been launched by Google and they are:

  • Google Panda
  • Google Penguin
  • Google Hummingbird

Google Panda and its implications

Launched in the year 2011 by Google, Panda was introduced as a Google algorithm and it’s based on artificial intelligence. Previously the quality check was done by humans and it was slow and not 100% accurate which gave rise to the need of an accurate solution and Panda came into being. Google Panda holds power of improving page ranking of your website and damaging it terribly if your website gets penalised by it. It doesn’t affect ranking of a website link by link rather ranking of the whole website or a very big section is affected in totality by it. Its latest update happened in January 2013 and the major focus of it was not just dealing with plagiarism but eliminating every form of content lacking quality and substance to it.

SEO Corporation doesn’t only help you get out of Panda Penalty but also utilise the update

Our SEO experts understand the mechanism and significance of Google algorithms deeply and that is why we keep telling our clients not to take an algorithm update always in a negative light because if your content is good and makes into the good books of Google the ranking of your website will shoot towards the top ranking slot. There are times though when your website is hit hard by Panda and you get penalised. That’s when our team starts with the diagnosing and healing therapy to revive your cherished website to bring it back in shape. It goes in the following manner:

  • Scanning and monitoring each and every section by conducting an intense audit of things like plagiarism, page speed, ad content proportion etc.
  • We consult the Bible of Webmasters, Google Webmasters guidelines and ensure compliance of your website’s functionality with them.
  • By the use of correct tools and expertise of our team we eliminate the duplicate content and the content that lacks quality in totality.
  • We submit the site map to Google because submission of HTML and XML site maps to Google helps in keeping indexation in check and keeping the record clean to a great extent.
  • We lay huge emphasis on the structure of the website. We keep it flat, neat, free of broken links, each option three clicks away and easily accessible to be used by user.
  • We design pages in a manner that their loading speed remains less than two seconds as lack of speed is also a big reason of being penalised by Panda.

Our Clients

What they say about us
  • SEO India Client - Kaz
  • SEO Corporation Client - Lauren Deacon
  • SEO Company India Client - Andrew Elphee
  • SEO FIrms Client - Steve

SEO Corporation is an excellenet SEO company. The increased my traffic from 56 a month to 10K per month in just six month. Would strongly recommended their services.

- Kaz

SEO Corporation has the best team of copywriters. Quality of work is at par with copywriters here in US. I am very happy with their work.

- Lauren Deacon

I am a die hard fan of SEO Corp's services. Their reporting, quality of work, performance everything is remarkable.

- Andrew Elphee

I saved more than 70% by hiring a dedicated SEO team at SEO Corporation. It is better and lot cheaper than having an in-house team.

- Steve