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Advantages of hiring an SEO Company of India for SEO Services

The most important concern of a website or business owner, is to get customers for its products and services.

To get customers you need to be found on search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex. But are you really visible to your customers? If not, then you are losing a big chunk of your pie to your competitors

To give you a perspective, Google processes 40,000 queries every second, which translates to around 1.3 billion searches a day!

People are searching for your products and for that you need to be found in top on Google. .

How to Rank in top in Google:

If you type this keyword in Google, you will find thousands of articles on this topic ranging from high quality in-depth articles to shallow articles. But only few of them answers the real question coz most of them don’t know that SEO is an evolving process and Google makes changes to its algorithm everyday.

To get good rankings, you need to follow the SEO guidelines of Google. If I try to summzrize what Google wants Websites owners to do is to make websites for real users and produce content for them. If you give good user experience to users then Google will automatically push your website in top.

You might ask, Is this so easy?

No, It is very easy if you have the right intentions in mind but very tough if you want to dupe the search engines. Even you succeed in the short termle , Google will catch you and penalize you. So It is always good to follow the rules set by search engines.

Some basic rules set by Google, the most popular search engine in the world:

1) Think about the end users and focus on improving their experience.

2) Produce in-depth and long content to enrich your industry and to educate your users.

3) If you produce good content, you will not need to worry about link building coz good content automatically attracts sharing and backlinks.

4) Interact with your customers and participate in conversation with them on social media.

What is the practical action plan to get good rankings?

You need to take care of the following factors:

1) Meta Data Optimization- You need to optimize the meta data and use the most important keywords in the title and description of the website. Having keywords in meta data, helps search engines identify the keywords and push your website up for those keywords.

2) Canonicalization Error Check- Canonical tags tell the search engines which URL should be shown to the users.

3) Content Optimization- Content optimization is one of the most important aspects of SEO. Using keywords in the strategic places on page can boost the ranking considerably.

4) Alt Tag Optimization- Google can not read images so we use Alt tags to tell It about the theme of the image.
5) Heading Tag Optimization

6) Anchor Text Optimization

7) Adding custom 404 error pages

8) Adding 301 permanent redirect

9) Image & Hyperlink Optimization


Speed of the website- Speed is a ranking factor and if Google favors website which load fast. In case, you want check the speed of your website then you can Check it Here. This tool is very to use and even provides suggestions and optimized codes to out in your website.

Link Building- If on page SEO is 20% efforts, link building is 80% efforts. You should get the following type of links:
Securing "unidirectional" or only-Incoming

(non-reciprocal) links

Links with relevant "Keywords" in the Anchor Text

Links from industry-relevant pages

Links from industry specific article pages

Link to your site should not be through a "redirect" script

No JavaScript links

No links from "framed" pages

No "flash" embedded links

No paid or time-bound links

No email spam used to solicit links.

No links from Link Farms

No links from FFA (Free-For-All) link networks

No links from pornographic and other sites containing offensive content

Full data sheet of links created at the end of each month

Only relevant established links are counted in the final report

No links text nude

No “no follow” links

If you want to know more in details then checkout Our Blog or get in Touch with us.

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Vishal & his team did an incredible job for me and my website. I came to these guys when they were a small startup like me and within 3 months of joining hands with them my traffic grew 1800% and profits grew by 76%. Today, my website ranks in the top 3 slots for all the targeted keywords

Candice Saadian

Founder Aarcslaw

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