6 Common Reasons, Why Content Marketing Isn’t Responding You


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6 Common Reasons, Why Content Marketing Isn’t Responding You - SEO Corporation

6 Common Reasons, Why Content Marketing Isn’t Responding You

As, we all know, content is king. Without proper and unique content, it is not possible to attract people for your blog and your website. Everyone is doing content marketing, 95% of small business, 93% of B2Bs, and 78% of B2Cs use content marketing. If we analyse the total percentage, all are into the content marketing.

Therefore, there is a problem though as all are doing content marketing. We know very well, that things in common creates problem to be a topper. Extreme hard work and detailed analyses is required to compete with the competitor.

According to content marketing institute, only 10% B2B consider their content marketing efforts to be “very effective”. In other words, it can be said that the efforts are not working in such a large competition.

Why isn’t content marketing working for you? What is the reason for failure of your content marketing? You are not uploading content for a story, but you are uploading it for enhancing and promoting your website. Here are few of the most important reasons See, if you can identify one of your reasons.

1) Less spending on content marketing – Companies who spend less on content marketing cannot grow faster in comparison to the companies who grow more on the content marketing.

In other way, we can say, we get what we spend. If you want to get result from your content marketing, then you need to spend money to make a difference.

2) Promotion of your content – One of the most important reasons that destroy your content marketing is to do nothing after you create your content.

Let me explain

Some marketers have a false believe that content marketing is simply creating content. They sit idle and think that content will do magic for them.

Creating content is only a part of the content marketing. The other main half is the promotion of your content. So, “Lest not forget the marketing in content marketing”. The two most important part of the content marketing is

  • a. Content creation
  • b. Content promotion

Now the question is, what are the best ways to promote your content?

  • Google+Posting
  • LinkedIn Sharing
  • Face book Posting
  • Email newsletter
  • Pitch bloggers and site owners and ask them to share your content.
  • Ask bloggers to write a review on your content.
  • Try to mention your comments on other blogs and websites.

Always remember, the content marketing is the creation of the content and the promotion of the content.
3) You are in a tough competition – The content marketers who are struggling most are in the hard industries. These are mostly:

  • An industries, where people are away from the virtual world, and, they do not know the value of an online world.
  • Industries in which, people do not know about the B2b business.
    If you are in a similar niche, then make sure to edit your strategy for the promotion of your content. Try to make a list of the content that will do wonder in these industries.

4) You have Horrible SEO – SEO and content work together. They are in parallel to each other. If you are doing content marketing, but if you have a poor SEO, which means it is a waste of time in creation of the content. No one is going to see your content.

Hire a best SEO consultant for your content marketing. It will do thorough audits on the status of SEO.

5) You have too much expectation – Do not try to expect too much in beginning for the content. If you are getting little revenue from the content marketing, then try to improve the same bit by bit with good strategy and do not jump with joy. Look for gradual success, not an overnight success.

6) You are in a hurry – Haste always creates trouble. Content marketing needs time to show the result. Do not expect any result in a few days and few weeks or even a month.

Give some time to your content to gain attraction and deliver organic result. Content marketing is a marathon, and it needs a large huge wow… to show its result.

Keep producing top quality content, and wait to see the result.

Best of Luck……………………

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