There are several different approaches to SEO link building, but with Google penalizing every possible shady link-building technique; it’s extremely tough for small businesses to build a high quality linking strategy. Therefore, the success of your business’ SEO is largely going to depend on how innovative you can get. Follow these four points and you’ll have a full-fledged link building campaign running in no time.

1. Local Sponsorships

If you are a small business catering to a particular geography, then earning backlinks from organizations in your neighborhood can offer a great deal of SEO impact.
One way to do this would be to sponsor events. You can begin by first performing a backlink analysis of competition and then identifying links received through sponsorships; both digital and local. Once the right events are identified, it’s basically a matter of allocating an appropriate amount of budget. This is indeed a great way to build links from colleges, local events and industry conferences.

2. Target Your Journalists On Facebook

Spending considerable money in getting press releases syndicated across PR distribution companies is an exercise in futility. Instead use Facebook ads to specifically target the journalists you want to reach out to. We would recommend aggregating a list of journalists. Once done, search for their names on Facebook and find out their profiles. Finally, create Facebook ads promoting your blog post and target them to these specific FB profiles.

3. Turning Copyright Violations to Linking Opportunities

Businesses that publish their own content are quite vulnerable to copyright violations where their photos and videos are shared on other websites, often without permission.
Instead of threatening and admonishing these websites with lawsuits, you could turn them into a link-building opportunity. You could identify such opportunities just by dragging the images you own from the desktop to Google search bar. This action will list out all the websites using your image. You can later tell these websites to give you links.

4. Build Helpful Tools For Your Industry

Every industry needs unique tools that will make their work easier. Though a lot of these tools can be packaged and sold as a product; there are several other smaller tools that are useful but are not actually used for business purposes?

Free tools for SEO purposes have been really successful for most businesses. Most of them have decided to allocate a dedicated budget to build such tools that their peers and competition can use.

Focus on building better, in-depth content than your competitors can. Spend time making friends online who might like the content you are sharing with them and share it further. Don’t let anyone tell you that ‘link building is dead’ – because that’s simply not true. It is flourishing.

Vishal Vivek began his entrepreneurial career at a very young age of 24 after leaving his job in IBM. Despite facing lots of hardships at an early age and loss of his dad in the first few months of launching his cash starved start-up SEO Corporation, he managed to emerge as a winner. He single handedly took a one man start-up to become a reputed brand in search engine marketing industry. Vishal has a lot of admirers in form of his clients, friends and colleagues. Though he still works more than 16 hours on week days and 10 hours, he still manages to maintain his passion of reading voraciously. He loves writing and motivating others to out do themselves. His life is indeed an example for many who wish embark on a journey of unknown after leaving the comfort of a secure future.
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