Many SEOs, these days, are well aware of the benefits of content marketing for SEO purpose.  If you’re  not been able to prioritize it, you can’t win the race. You must do so if you have not won the race.

So what are the right steps to prioritize content? Keep reading this post to know.

  1. Define Your Goals

We recommend taking a look at your website analytics and ranking tools to see what opportunities exist to drive incremental traffic. This could be done by looking at “striking distance” keywords; those that rank on page two of the major search engines. Moving striking distance keywords from page 2 to page one can improve incremental revenue and traffic, especially for keywords that have a lot of transactional potential. Focus on keywords that convert well from paid search and drive substantial volume. These keywords should target SEO, especially with Google’s new paid search layout pushing organic search further down the page.

  1. Evaluate Existing Content

While many businesses understand the need to show up in search results; they often ignore its benefits.
So review your existing content and segment it based on intent. In other words, which stage of the buyer’s journey does it lead to? From there, examine where gaps exist, and build content to fill in those gaps.

You should also keep a check on how your competition is doing using a tool like SEMrush, which allows you to examine which keywords your competitors are ranking for. Determine where they’re visible and where they are not, across the buyer’s journey.

  1. Communicate With Other Departments

Despite the consistent push towards omni-channel digital marketing, many SEO Experts still find themselves scrambling for right answers. Have open, unbiased communication with other departments or your client and ensure that you are aware of any important content initiatives that need to be further optimized. Evaluate content other departments are creating and prioritize it based on its intent. Promote it through paid social media and your existing social profiles.

  1. Social Listening

Listening to customers, their needs and finding influencers can purposefully impact visits and engagement. Social listening can give you a detailed overview of your own social scenario. Plus, it can identify prominent social trends from the millions of conversations happening every day. It can help drive your content strategy by introducing new keywords and trends.

  1. Social Amplification

Brands should never fail to focus on creating high-quality and engaging content. Engaging content is more likely to be shared through social media, which in turn attracts social endorsements and links. This will help improve your visibility in the search engine result pages.

  1. Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid social is a cost-effective way to help promote priority-content and to drive more traffic. Since paid social is relatively inexpensive, we recommend testing it to see what results you can get from paid social campaigns e.g., an increase in links, social mentions and traffic. They can influence rankings. We would recommend putting paid support behind engaging and useful content that answers users’ questions.

Prioritizing content is almost like a cardinal rule for every SEO campaign to drive incremental traffic and revenue. SEOs must continue focusing on building high-quality content that can tip the balance in their favour.




Vishal Vivek began his entrepreneurial career at a very young age of 24 after leaving his job in IBM. Despite facing lots of hardships at an early age and loss of his dad in the first few months of launching his cash starved start-up SEO Corporation, he managed to emerge as a winner. He single handedly took a one man start-up to become a reputed brand in search engine marketing industry. Vishal has a lot of admirers in form of his clients, friends and colleagues. Though he still works more than 16 hours on week days and 10 hours, he still manages to maintain his passion of reading voraciously. He loves writing and motivating others to out do themselves. His life is indeed an example for many who wish embark on a journey of unknown after leaving the comfort of a secure future.
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