A background check company came to us last month and told us that they had been penalized by Google due to which their traffic has plummeted to zero from thousands a day. The situation was grave as the company was on the brink of bankruptcy due to Its sheer size of scale and zero leads.

Google Penalty

Google Penalty

When they came us, their reconsideration request had already been rejected by Google making the case even more serious. On the top of that, they had thousands of shoddy back links in their profile from content scraper sites, blog comments, bookmarking and directories.

They had hired an SEO company to do the job of link building for them. Having spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get penalized ultimately.

After understanding their problem, we acquired restricted access of their webmaster tool and then started link analysis. On analysis we found that they have approximately 3677 links in Google Webmaster tool.

We also used other enterprise level software’s to dig out more rotten apples. After analysis, we identified more than 1500 links which were extremely dangerous to their website. Having identified the spam links, we contacted the webmaster of the sites to remove the link. We used the following mail formats to request link removal:

Mail format for getting spam link removed:

Dear %Name or Webmaster,

We recently received a notification from Google that our website has been assessed a penalty after they detected “unnatural links” pointing to our website http://www.OurWebsite.com.  This has really damaged our rankings, and as a result, we’re trying to clear things up.  Your website has been identified as one of the sites containing these links.  The only way that Google will give us our rankings back is by getting these links removed. I REALLY NEED your help!

The link can be found on your website at this URL:

Failure to remove the link would require me to file a “Disavow Links” report with Google and notify them that your site refused to take the link down. My concern is that if I submit your site, in the report to Google, they may “flag” your site as “spam” or otherwise not in compliance with their guidelines. The last thing we want is to have another webmaster go through this grief.

This is in no way a reflection on your site. Your prompt attention to this matter, along with a confirmation that the link has been removed, would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Sorry for the trouble and thanks in advance for your help!

Thank you,

SEO Corporation Webspam Team


We also maintained a screenshot of each mail we sent or each contact form which we submitted along with maintaining email id and contact form each site to show Google that the effort to get Spam link removed was genuine.

In a week, we succeeded in getting more than 500 link removed which was a big achievement for our team.The client applied for reconsideration with all the details like email screenshots, contact form screenshots etc and this helped him get out of the Google Penalty.

Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery

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