Marketing a website is going to become more important than ever in 2018. As the present year is just about to fold down, it’s the right time to learn important aspects of website marketing to get a head start in 2018. The following section presents four important trends that you need to pay attention to when forming a marketing strategy for a website in the coming year.

4 Important Things You Need to Know for Marketing a Website in 2018

Here are 4 important website marketing trends to look out in 2018:

  1. Preference for Keyword Performance
    Keyword performance is becoming increasingly important for matching with latest and ever-changing online market requirements. It is an effective metric that helps in assessing lots of things about a website, ranging from SEO strategy effectiveness to keywords relevancy.Therefore, it’s important to add a preference to keyword performance in 2018 for any website marketing campaign. There are several free and premium tools available to assist you in charting down keyword performance for one or more website marketing campaigns.
  2. SEO Evolution
    SEO is a perennial digital marketing trend. Interestingly, it keeps on evolving with the advancement in technology. Therefore, it needs to be kept in consideration while designing an apt website marketing campaign in 2018. Each year introduces new pointers for search engine optimization. The 3 most important ones to look for in 2018 are:

    • Local SEO Google is relying on local signals to generate the first result page. To see success in SERPs, businesses need to pay heed to Google My Business activity, citations, locally-relevant links, etc.
    • Mobile-first Index – Google Search, and other search engines too are increasingly focussed towards mobile-first algorithm. It has been going on for a couple of years and is expected to hit its stride in 2018.Hence, it becomes important to optimize your website for mobile devices if you already haven’t.
    • Voice Search – The market is already full of virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa. Voice search makes it easier and simpler for users to carry out several tasks, ranging from searching something over the web to telling the virtual assistant to play some music. SEO can perform better in voice search by means of targeting conversational keywords.
  3. The Advent of Chatbots
    Facebook Messenger and Skype already offer a chatbot service. With the rise in technological advancement, we have been benefitted with a number of options and chatbots is one of them. As per marketing pundits, chatbots will become an indispensable part of the digital marketing ecosystem in 2018. Chatbots are already being used in PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns.Plugins make it easy to add functional chatbots on WordPress websites. There are several reasons contributing to the ever-growing increase in chatbot preference. On top of all, chatbots can provide uninterrupted 24×7 interaction for different services and products or specialized ones only. Chatbots can be effective in converting potential visitors into clients and patrons.
  4. Video Content
    The time when content straightforwardly meant blogs and articles, is gone. Now content is made up of all sorts of media, ranging from images to video. Obviously, videos are more effective than other forms of content, including blog posts and articles.A great portion of the total web content is already videos. Hence, it’s important to give attention to video content as part of the website marketing campaign in 2018. Videos not only keep users engaged but also allow for better conversion rates than other types of content. It’s true that developing video content is way much expensive that blog content. However, it’s also much more effective if done in the right way.

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