Google means a world of technology to all of us. But is it true that Google have full hands on technology. It’s time to reconsider our thoughts. Well, the gigantic webmaster Google has cracked the deal of acquisition in-page search expert Apture last week.

Though, financial basis were not unveiled, but assumed to be small with respect to Google’s paradigms.

With immediate effects, the workforce of Apture’s is to join Google’s Chrome team to commence their work on web browser’s user knowledge.

Apture’s team is looking forward to this change as a path of long-lasting drive to innovation and constructing an improved web user experience. Also, they find Google to be an outstanding web stage for letting more enhancements in chrome surfing field.

Apture motto is to help users in experiencing the whole new world of web with multimedia experiences. Since many years of their existence Apture has added new heights in web by revolutionizing unexciting web pages into interactive multimedia web experiences.

Apture asserts to have augmented more than billion pages owing to its products. For instance, their “Highlights” hook up for publishers aids website visitors to underline text and look for the necessary information, maps and videos.

With this they have managed to inflate over $4 million, largely from Clear stone Venture Partners. Other than this, Google’s browser tactic persists to achieve toehold. A recent estimate from Stat Counter states that Google Chrome by this December will badge Firefox to hold the second position after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

According to Irish Web statistics, for the month of September, the average global share of Chrome’s was 23.6%, Firefox’s at 26.8%; whereas, Internet explorer leading all the way to 41.7%. More interestingly, according to Stat Counter, since January 2011 Chrome has collected 8% points, signifying an increase of 50%.

All through the same time period, Firefox crashed around 4% points, almost a fall of 13%, IE with a crash of 9%.

Google acquires the search expert “Apture” by