If you are still trying to get links from article directories then Its the right time to stop.

Article marketing was dead long ago, just after Google Farmer/Panda algorithm was launched. Reputed article publishing websites like Ezine and Hubpages saw large drop in traffic after the Google algorithmic update which was launched on 23rd February, 2011. Several posts on the topic are worth reading including Rand Fiskin’s analysis. Below is a screenshot from the same post about the article directories which lost traffic, after the Google Farmer update.



Earlier, web-masters or website optimizers used to write a 400-500 word articles and publish it on several article directories, putting three to four keyword rich links in the article or the author bio. This practice is dead long ago and If you are still doing it for your website or your client’s sites then stop it immediately. It can irreparably harm your rankings and traffic.


The major reason the article directories lost traffic through search engines especially Google was that these websites allowed shallow content to be published on their website. Except in some circumstances, we all know that nothing much can be shared in a 500 word article. Say, you are publishing a “How to Guide” the end user can not expect a detailed guide in just 500 words. Hope you agree with me.


In the same update, the sites which published long detailed content emerged as leaders. Now, with yesterday’s video of Matt Cutts, the point becomes clear that article syndication is dead. Few days back, he announced the same about guest blogging.


If article syndication is dead then what should you do to get back-links and improved rankings? Forget about creating artificial links and focus on content marketing and natural links if you want to rise above the fear of any cataclysmic Google update. Produce high quality content and create an audience who are hungry to consume your content.


Now whenever a prospective client comes to us, we suggest her to focus on content marketing and social media optimization. Want to know how to create a killer content strategy for your business? The following links will help you a lot and if you follow the advice, It will open flood gates of website traffic to your business.

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4) As per a research held by Kapost, it was found out that per dollar content marketing generates thrice the amount of leads in comparison to the leads generated as an outcome of conventional online marketing, for example paid search.

Written by Vishal Vivek.   Follow him on Google Plus page.





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