Google Webmaster Tool is one of the most useful tools in the hands of webmasters and SEO experts, as it gives a lot of useful information about a properly verified site. The kind of information available in Google Webmaster tool can help you understand about your site’s performance on search engines in detail.

The following information is available in Google Webmaster account:

1) Links: It avails you information about every cached link pointing to your site. It shows all links irrespective of attributes like No follow or do-follow. Besides it shows the number of links pointing to a particular page with details of domain. Not only this Google webmaster tool also shows internal links.

2) Your site on search engines: I like this feature the most as it gives a glimpse all the keywords for which my site ranks for along with the impressions, Click Through rate, Increment, Average Rankings, increment in rankings etc.

Cralwer Data: Google Webmaster Tool

3) Crawler Access: It also avails data about Google bots. The downloaded data etc.

4) Errors: A site without errors can rank quite well. This helped me a lot to remove all kinds of errors pertaining to http, page not found etc.

5) Site’s Speed: Google Webmaster tool helps to see your site’s performance by providing you an average of aggregated data from different users. It shows the speed (or slowness) of your site compared to other sites. This feature is available in Google Labs.

Since this post is about using Google Webmaster tool to keeps your link building campaign on track, I would not wander much from the topic (Which I am often accused of doing).

Google Webmaster Tool Interface

Login to the webmaster account for your site. Go to “your site on the web” on the left hand side.

Click on the drop down menu. You will see several options like: Search Queries, Links to your site, Keywords, internal links etc.

Choose: Links to your site” . You will see three blocks here: Who links the most : How your data is linked: Your most linked content along with Total number of links along with an option to see more for each block.

Each section is full of information. “Who links the most” section shows the number of links from each domain.

Number of Backlinks from different domains data

How your data is linked shows the anchor texts of the links. It does not show the number of links for each anchor text but it shows the anchor text which has maximum number at top and which has least at last. Here you can check the variations of the anchor texts.

Now if you are targeting a keyword XYZ but if this anchor text has been ignored you can instruct your link building services provider to fine tune the link building strategy and make links with the exact more links with the exact anchor text.

Google Webmaster tool is a very resourceful application for webmaster. The more you explore the more you will learn.

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