Mark Evans, CEO of [ XXXXX] [Name not disclosed due to Non-Disclosure Agreement], was not at all happy as his venture was not doing well. There was hardly any traffic on the site and leads were simply non-existent. He was completely clueless about how he must deal with this problem.

Business Goals

  • To increase traffic and leads
  • To raise consumer awareness about the business

Overview of the Problem

We analyzed the website comprehensively and tried to make a list of problems. Here is a brief list of the issues we encountered:

  • The website had scattered focus.
  • It was difficult to spot any distinct element on the website.
  • The layout and design were faulty.
  • The landing page was completely directionless.
  • The form on the page was too long.
  • There were numerous call-to-action buttons on the website, but the purpose that they were meant to serve was not clear at all.
  • Website navigation was a sore point.
  • The page load speed was quite high.

Our Approach

We took the following steps:

  • Optimized meta, title, and page description on all the pages.
  • Embedded long-tail keywords in meta descriptions.
  • Put at least one long-tail keyword in the URL.
  • Conducted competitive keywords analysis.
  • Minified JavaScript and CSS to increase the page load speed.
  • Improved the landing page both in terms of content and design.


These changes had a positive impact on all fronts. Some of the results that were achieved are as follows:

  • The website is now ranking on the first page in search results on4-5 keywords.
  • Increase in leads: 3X
  • Increase in traffic:5X
  • Increase in number of page views: 8X-9X
  • Fall in bounce rate:15% from 60%

Vishal Vivek began his entrepreneurial career at a very young age of 24 after leaving his job in IBM. Despite facing lots of hardships at an early age and loss of his dad in the first few months of launching his cash starved start-up SEO Corporation, he managed to emerge as a winner. He single handedly took a one man start-up to become a reputed brand in search engine marketing industry. Vishal has a lot of admirers in form of his clients, friends and colleagues. Though he still works more than 16 hours on week days and 10 hours, he still manages to maintain his passion of reading voraciously. He loves writing and motivating others to out do themselves. His life is indeed an example for many who wish embark on a journey of unknown after leaving the comfort of a secure future.
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