India is a nation of technocrats or better say India is one of the few nations in the world with highest number of computer and technology literate population.

We Indian have a tendency; if we love something we love it with whole heart. It is the same case with computers and Internet. As soon as computer entered into India we loved it and embraced it. That is why we are one of the most advanced nations in the world in terms of skilled man power.

People can say whatever they want to say about India but it cannot be denied that despite lack of resources, Indians has shown marvelous progress. Earlier we dominated the outsourcing land scape with companies like Wipro ( Founder: Azim Ji Prem Ji ), Infosys ( Mr Narayan Murthy) .

In fact most of the biggest companies like Google Inc (Founders Larry Page Bin Sergey ) , Facebook ( Mark Zureksberg) has Indians on the highest designations. Pull out Indians and the companies will crumble without the talent of the Indians.

I am not saying only Indians have the talent. No, no .Absolutely not. I just want to emphasize contribution of the India technocrats and the significant role in Internet Technology Revolution.

Now I am going to pin point a great irony. If you have read the first paragraph you must imagining that despite such a large pool of talented man power why India is far behind developed countries like USA, UK , Japan. We are behind due to two great reasons.

First Brain Drain and second our mentality (we still prefer working for others and job security).

Most of the talented Indians go to foreign universities to get a technical degree and the interesting part is that most of them go on scholarship (this is again a sign of their fertile mind).

Although I am not against Indian people working in other countries but I feel pity and wonder if would be great if these fertile minds working in NASA, CERN and other leading research centers came back to take India to the zenith of development.

Now let me talk about the irony: Indian minds are great and they are at the forefront of IT revolution yet the major population is not utilizing the great resources. As an example the SEO Industry.

There are hundreds of SEO Companies in India but the majority of Indian population is ignorant about it. A small fraction of people in IT industry has vague notion about SEO. In India people think that SEO is a kind of trick of keyword placement in content and nothing more.

They don’t know that SEO has evolved a lot and it is lot more than mere content. Link building , SMO are few other activities that go UN-mentioned.

This ignorance of Indian businesses towards SEO has already cost it a lot and if companies are not going to wake up to the prospects of SEO they are doomed to failure. This ignorance of corporate world especially Indian towards SEO is a great opportunity for SEO Companies and marketers.

Create awareness out the advantages of SEO in terms of profits , branding and super fast growth. And if you can convince few Indian companies then you are going to rule the next SEO revolution.

SEO is not a research kind of subject it is a practical science where you can see results in just few weeks but you have to keep a close eyes on every kind of development.

SEO Companies gear up and if you want to taste the cherry of the virgin Indian market you need to be proactive and once you have given it her first experience she will love you forever.

Vishal Vivek began his entrepreneurial career at a very young age of 24 after leaving his job in IBM. Despite facing lots of hardships at an early age and loss of his dad in the first few months of launching his cash starved start-up SEO Corporation, he managed to emerge as a winner. He single handedly took a one man start-up to become a reputed brand in search engine marketing industry. Vishal has a lot of admirers in form of his clients, friends and colleagues. Though he still works more than 16 hours on week days and 10 hours, he still manages to maintain his passion of reading voraciously. He loves writing and motivating others to out do themselves. His life is indeed an example for many who wish embark on a journey of unknown after leaving the comfort of a secure future.
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