The world of search has changed. Since, Google has already tweaked its search engine algorithm to award higher ranks to mobile-friendly website. The way Google has pre-announced the update and issued detailed guidelines, it is unarguably the most serious update. It’s even bigger than Panda and Penguin updates.

The most important impact will be that updating to mobile-responsive/friendly site will no longer remain a choice, but it will be a necessecity. If you don’t comply with this you will at least loose 1/3rd of the traffic and good deal of business, according to experts.

The task is simpler for those sites having a WordPress Content Management system. However, if your site is static, then it’s a problem. The range of this update is so vast that it discusses from mobile URL, images, videos and much more. Therefore, surviving the mobigeddon won’t be an easy task.

However, the least discussed part in this mobile update is what should be your mobile content strategy after the result It has to be understood well that no matter from what industry do you belong, it’s certain that a large proportion of people will access your content through mobile.

What should be the right mobile content strategy? What advice should you expect from your best SEO services provider?

First make sure that your mobile site should not be similar to the desktop version. Make sure your content should be legible and font-size should be soothing for mobile users. Other thing is that your headlines should be short. Smashing magazine has advised marketers to write content according to mobile users which means mid-length articles with shorter headlines.

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Another thing is that you should think about the multi-channel content strategy. It’s important that your images should be suitable for mobile users. Try to adjust the banner image with text so that it is visible to mobile users. You should also reformat the existing content considering the mobile users.

Now the bigger question will the tradition of submitting longer articles is advisable after the mobile update by Google? The answer will depend on whether a Smartphone user will prefer to read 2000 word treatise on mobile phone.

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Practically, reading such a long article on Smartphone will not be preferred. The best course of action will be that break your content in the digestible pieces. You should try to be more precise while writing. The layout for the text should be ultra-clean.

Additionally, the importance of videos, images and infographics will only increase in the mobile era. If you have stayed away from this, it should be your priority now.

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