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Seal Excel Fittings (SEO Services)

Seal Excel Fittings

Designed a responsive and all inclusive website for a leading fittings and valves manufacturing company

We came up with the best content development, presentation and website design strategy for Seal Excel that had more than three decades of market presence and hundreds of products.

Seal Excel had been around since 1977 but concentrated on their presence offline.
An incredibly successful manufacturing company with industrial products like fittings and valves for instrumentation, hydraulic and pneumatics application, Seal Excel didn’t have a website until 2014.

They had been in the industry for more than three decades, dealt in multimillion dollar manufacturing contracts but never considered exhibiting their company online. In 2014, they contacted SEO corporation to get a customized, mobile-friendly and highly functional website built that could reflect the spirit of the famed company. The challenge was to upload the products in a specific order, create numerous categories and sub-categories as accurately as possible.

Campaign Strategy

SEO Corporation devised a special team for the task.

The team comprised not just mere web writers but content marketers and developers who envisioned a dynamic and large website reflecting the heart and core of the company as naturally as possible.

Initial drafts were approved by Seal Excel and within 15 days of planning, SEO Corporation started working on the design and development of Seal Excel

Numerous content design strategies drawn from a visual perspective that integrated a certain focus on marketing benefits. The complete products, company, industrial and infrastructural information was derived and categorized in digestible chunks.

The menu and sub-menu sections were designed to improve navigation and simplify user-experience.

Impressive Results

The entire process took 60 days and a commendable, responsive website was built.
The website contained extensive information on the products, infrastructure and the industries Seal Excel catered to.

The website didn’t just please the eyes but also performed well on the functionality and practical graph. It reflected everything that was central and crucial to the success of Seal Excel.
The website was looked extremely professional, well designed complete with appropriate content that could help the business develop a recognizable online image.

1.00% CTR

22% Less CPA

303% ROI

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