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How We Increased The App Download by 5000%

Replay Recorder, launched by O’Sports, is a video recording and training app for all types of performing arts and sports. It acts like a substitute for expensive video cameras. Despite having some really unique features, O’Sportsdid not enjoy much success in terms of number of downloads.


The client had two important business objectives:

  • Increasing the number of downloads
  • Increasing mobile traffic


The biggest challenge was to figure out the exact reason behind the lackluster performance of the application. It was difficult to detect anything in the first attempt; nevertheless, we had to achieve the goals.

Our Approach

Most of the times, it’s easier to spot a problem in apps or websites that may have a bad layout and design or a poor navigation feature. This was not the case this time around. So, we decided to delve deeper.

We setup an app analytics account and analyzed the data. Our main objective was to understand user behavior and do its analysis. This led us to a strange finding. Most of the users were leaving the app at the login and signup screen. We changed the look and feel of the screen and made the navigation process a bit simpler.

In the next stage, we selected 15-20 keywords after a thorough content and keyword analysis. We targeted these keywords in the app description. We also carried out an A/B Testing process to find out the keywords that worked well with the app. After this, we started promoting the thing on different social forums.

Keyword research does help in generating traffic, but those who decide to install an app are humans and they do so only after they have read the app description. So, we decided to rework the app description and make it more compelling.

After various iterations of app description and A/B Testing, we managed to make the app more suitable for the target audience. Special emphasis was put on the selection of the title and keywords. During this entire process, we did away with highly competitive keywords and generic terms. In the last stage, our focus was on optimizing icons and screenshots through A/B Testing.


In just two months, we achieved good results on three key parameters:

  • Traffic increased by: 4000%
  • Click-through rate increased by: 300%
  • Number of downloads increased by: 5000%
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