Content gap analysis: methods and strategies


Content gap analysis: methods and strategies

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Table of content An ordered HTML list How To Identify & Fill The Content Gap in Your SEO Strategy? How can a content gap can affect a digital business? How to find the content gap in the SEO strategy? (a). Identification of competitors (b). Deciding the analytical method (c). Running a content audit (d). Analysis

Table of content

An ordered HTML list

  1. How To Identify & Fill The Content Gap in Your SEO Strategy?
  2. How can a content gap can affect a digital business?
  3. How to find the content gap in the SEO strategy?
    • (a). Identification of competitors
      (b). Deciding the analytical method
      (c). Running a content audit
      (d). Analysis of competitor content
      (e). Identifying the gaps
      (f). Recording the datasets
  4. Top ways to fill the content gap and strengthen the SEO strategies
  5. Hire the best digital marketing company to combat content gap in SEO strategies

How To Identify & Fill The Content Gap in Your SEO Strategy?

With the popularity of the digital market and increasing competition levels, search engines revamp their ranking and indexing conditions and protocols now and then. Integrating all points in the website or the digital platform is difficult, especially when your SEO strategy has one of the major faults- the content gap.

A content gap is a difference between what the target audience expects from the online business and its results. The greater the content gap, the poorer the SEO strategy. Furthermore, the content gap increases the bounce rate and reduces the total website traffic with time. Every online business should audit the SEO strategies to find loopholes.

In this article, we have shared further insights into content gap analysis, its importance, and the steps to identify the gaps and fill them to strengthen SEO strategies.

How can the content gap affect a digital business?

There are several ways in which content gaps can affect your digital business. Before you run an audit check on your SEO strategy, it is crucial to understand how content gaps can adversely affect businesses.

  1. If there is a content gap in your SEO strategy, you won’t be able to live up to the customer’s expectations. As a result, the incoming traffic volume will decline gradually. After a certain time, the incoming traffic will start dwindling by a thin thread.
  2. The bounce rate will increase if there is a content gap in the SEO strategies since your audience won’t find the matter they were expecting to have on your website.
  3. The content gap can lower the SERP ranking and push your online profile back in this hypercompetitive market. Plus, you won’t be able to climb the ranks and get the URL featured on the top search results.
  4. One of the major impacts of the content gap in SEO strategies is in business revenue, especially if the gap is present in the marketing or sales funnels. No matter how advanced or optimized the funnels are, the content gap can ruin the expected results, leading to a decrease in profits and overall revenue collection.
  5. Another way in which content gap can impact your business is by lowering the online brand reputation, especially if your business belongs to the retail or ecommerce domain. If the brand reputation gets lowered, you cannot expect to have higher website visits or get more exposure on search engines.

How to find the content gap in the SEO strategy?

Since you now know the gaps’ impacts, it is time to learn how to find content gaps in your SEO strategy. There are many ways you can proceed with the analysis, but not all of them will be effective for your business. Keeping this in mind, we have explained some of the major ways you can easily find the areas in the SEO strategies where there is a probable content gap.

Identification of competitors

The first and foremost step is to prepare a list of your competitors. Usually, when you look for how to find and fill content gap analysis SEO, you need to run a comparative analysis involving your and your competitors’ businesses. You don’t have to make a huge list of competitors. Instead, a couple of names will be enough to proceed further with content gap analysis. Now, you must ensure the chosen competitors are performing well and have become quite successful in the market.

Deciding the analytical method

There are two types of analytical methods that you can implement to find out the content gap in SEO strategies. These are qualitative and quantitative methods, featuring different components to consider. For instance:

    (a). In qualitative analysis, you must research keywords, content quality, load time, website performance, and several such KPIs. Here, you need to check the content quality and the related attributes.

    (b). In quantitative analysis, you must consider the SERPs and the factors that impact the rank. SEO-friendliness, backlinks, UX and content quantity, landing pages, taxonomies, navigation, visual appeal, etc.

Although you can choose either method, combining qualitative and quantitative methods is better. This will give you maximum coverage and help you understand the exact positioning of your business and that of your competitors on the market.

Running a content audit.

The next step is to run a content audit. It is a process where you must prepare an SEO audit checklist and tick the points the existing content satisfies. Here are some of the major pointers that you should be looking for while running the audit.

  1. Is the website content, UX design, navigation, and other features user-friendly and easier to handle?
  2. Does the website contain appropriate inbound and outbound links, and do any links lead to a dead end or 404 Site Not Found?
  3. Have you added an impactful CTA in the right position to drive maximum traffic toward your online business?
  4. Is the content on every page or section of a single page unique with no ambiguity, vagueness, fluff, or spun meaning?
  5. Is the existing content exemplifying the brand purpose, mission, vision, and goals appropriately, or are there gaps in the projection?
  6. Is your website suffering from technical parameters like low load speed, high bounce rate, poor performance, and so on?

Analysis of competitor content

Once you have answered the questions mentioned above after running an end-to-end audit of the content marketing strategy, you need to run an analysis of your competitor’s content. This will help you draw a parallelism between your website’s content and the one present on your competitor’s website.

While doing so, you need to focus on three things mainly.

  1. Content generating real-time business value and driving more traffic through organic keyword search
  2. Content relevant to your business that has room for further improvement and modification
  3. The content driving more revenues to the business with promising returns on the investments

Identifying the gaps

This is one of the most important steps in finding the presence of any gap in your content marketing strategies. You should keep the following factors in mind to properly identify the gaps without any further redundancy in the results.

  1. The content’s keywords are not performing well and need to be obliterated or modified.
  2. Page URLs fail to drive more traffic to the online business portal regarding the SEO metrics.
  3. Content performance over the past few months, including KPIs like load time, bounce rate, productivity, organic keyword traffic, revenue, and so on.
  4. The total revenues are collected through organic keyword research and the backlinks introduced in the content.

Recording the datasets

Last but not least, you need to record everything in a document or spreadsheet, like the observations, the factors based on which the content analysis was done, the poor-performing areas of your online business, and so on.

Top ways to fill the content gap and strengthen the SEO strategies

The most important part of this discussion is how to fill the content gap for SEO. Unless and until you have a complete report on this, it won’t be easier for you to improvise the SEO strategies and get the expected results. Keeping this in mind, we have explained some of the best ways to fill the content gap and minimize its adverse impact on your online business.

  1. The first step to fix the content gap created due to keywords is to run a complete audit and find the broken, irrelevant, and meaningless keywords. Remove them from the content and optimize the text with a new set of keywords having higher search volumes. Combine primary and secondary, LSI, short, and long-tail keywords, and even local ones to prevent future content gaps.
  2. If there is a content gap in the marketing or sales funnel, you need to identify the steps in which customers can encounter the gaps. For example, if you traverse the funnel from the top and find the awareness portion ambiguous and vague, the gap is present at the awareness stage. So, you need to optimize the phase to ensure your audience can find exactly what they are looking for.
  3. You can also use the feedback and reviews from your audience to have a deeper insight into your business performance. Take help from these datasets and create the perfect SEO strategy that addresses all the concerns raised in reviews and feedback.
  4. If there is any content missing on your website but present on that of your competitor, you need to brainstorm the ideas and include those sections. It needs to be unique, relevant to your business, and meaningful. Also, try to connect with the audience through the new additions you make to the content.

Hire the best digital marketing company to combat the content gap in SEO strategies

SEO Corporation is here for you if you are looking for the best content marketing agency to run the content gap analysis and fix the issue. We have spent years understanding the concept of content gaps and devising an analytical process to find the areas where the gaps are present. In addition, our experts are aware of current market trends and how to use them to fill the content gaps. So, with us, your SEO strategy will yield maximum investment returns.