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How to Optimize Google Place Listing For Your Business

Local SEO services have become extremely important for many local businesses. Whether you’re aware of this reality or not, but digital factors have started driving your business to a large extent. Many businesses such as dentists, physicians, real estate brokers, or restaurants depend largely on the local SEO.

Therefore, your local SEO efforts should be meaningfully geared to get better result. Your website should offer customers complete, accurate and meaningful information that makes their task users.

This is where the role of Google Map optimization comes into picture. It allows you to sell more, so ignoring that would be a disaster. So what is Google Map Optimization all about? Shopify blog defines it as follows:

“Google Places for Business is a service that helps business owners share information about their stores, products, and geographic locations with interested shoppers when those shoppers search for products or types of businesses on various Google properties.”

The basic objective of the service is to help brick and mortar businesses that sell through both physical and brick and mortar stores. In this post we'll show you seven areas where you can optimize Google Maps for better listing:

1. Go Through Google Map Quality Guidelines

That is very important. Ensure that you are fully aware of the Google Map Quality Guidelines so that you have idea about what’s going on. This is the most basic information you must have.

Though there are many important points, but the key takeaways are:
  • You should be authorized to manage the Places listing
  • Post your business correctly online and offline
  • Use precise location information
  • Choose the least number of categorize your core business
  • Don’t use categories solely as keywords

2. Complete Your Google Place Listing

All marketing experts including Google, recommend to complete the listing process first so that it becomes more attractive for the process.

That is because Google’s aim is to offer as best experience as possible and this is possible only when if there is more information on the Google Places page. That is because if Google has two choices to show for the same information, it will display the more complete information.

Even when two results are shown side by side, more complete information will look more promising for users. So take care to include your website URL, email address, telephone number, hours of operation, and accepted forms of payment and well written description of your business.

3. Choose Proper Business Categories

Google Places listings help users by proving the sort of information they want on Google. It shows a business’s forst three categories to help them make a decision about which listings they should consider fast. It displays additional categories when the user clicks on the particular link.

It’s a matter of fact that Google uses the category information you provide to decide how prominently display your information. So it becomes for you to select categories very carefully which really gives right information with your potential customers.

Mike Blumenthal, a reputed local SEO expert, has placed a lists of current Places categories that you can review:
  • U.S. Google Places Categories
  • U.S. Google Places Dashboard Categories
  • Canadian Google Places English Categories
  • Canadian Google Places French Categories
  • Australian Google Places Categories

Google recommends for changing more specific categories to get better result and those categories should represent your business accurately. Google's search algorithm is so specific that it can show more specific categories like ‘Used Book Stores,’ or ‘Comic Book Stores,’

4. Encourage Interaction & Reviews

Most marketers are now realizing the importance of user generated content as a powerful and effective optimization tool. It adds validity to your information or statement written by your company. No content is better for your company than customer testimonial.

Just encourage your users for writing testimonials of your business or service. Providing business testimonial or uploading some additional ways could encourage local interaction.

5. Use Right Keywords

Using important and powerful keywords in your Google Places profile is a tactical way of increasing optimization. However, avoid keywords stuffing in your description in your business name, which are not relevant for your offering. Does your research up front utilizing your analytics account to determine what keywords are appropriate for your business?

6. Write Effective Descriptions

Users click on your description when they find it persuasive or in the right context. So you should convey your core value proposition to the customer and think on CTR than stuffing it with keywords. Google uses your geography and the categories in order to decide which Places listings to show for particular search query.

7. Include Rich Content

It has been found that user’ eyes moves from left to right for first couple of listings, but after that users attention shifts to the pictures along the right-side of the screen. What does this mean? People rely on images for deciding which listing deserves attention.

You should add as much rich content, picture, videos as possible. Also, the higher quality images and video you can provide, the better. Think of including content like special offers, coupon codes, or other updates from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Google+.

8. Use Google+

Google encourages Places listings in order to integrate Places listings if they’re integrated with a Google+ for Business account. That helps your business to:
  • Create posts that customers can read
  • Answer to reviews
  • Put a cover image

The process is not difficult and can be done easily. Hope you would have liked the article. Using these simple tips will help you optimizing your place listings in the Google effectively.

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