How can I increase traffic to my website?


How can I increase traffic to my website?

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
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Have you ever noticed how some brilliant, genius artists don’t get the due they deserve? Websites often suffer the same fate but there’s a magic spell called promotion and marketing that can save your website from premature and anonymous death. If your website is struggling for traffic, here are the top 9 tips that you

Have you ever noticed how some brilliant, genius artists don’t get the due they deserve?

Websites often suffer the same fate but there’s a magic spell called promotion and marketing that can save your website from premature and anonymous death.

If your website is struggling for traffic, here are the top 9 tips that you should try to drive more traffic to your website:

1. Google PPC Online Advertising

Google PPC Online Advertising lets you target your consumers in your preferred location for your preferred keywords.

What is Google PPC Online Advertising?

Google offers the service of running ads for specific keywords and you can pay a certain amount to get your ads to appear on the first page of Google and above all the organic search results.

It’s the quickest method of dominating the search results that will help you generate impressive leads in a short period of time. It works instantly as you can decide when and how you want to run them and for what keywords.

Moreover, Google only charges you the cost per click when someone actually clicks on the ad. So, you won’t have to pay if none clicks on the advertisement.

2. Retargeting


Often, people abandon websites without buying anything. You can target these prospects by using retargeting.

Retargeting Ads use tracking cookies put in an individual’s computer to show them specific ads.

For example, if a person checks out a Louis Vuitton bag and Davidoff Cool water on your website, you will be able to show the same products to this person through retargeting ads.

Retargeting ads are great for targeting prospects who often abandon carts.

3. Social Media  

If you don’t have a budget for Google PPC Online Advertising, you can use Social media to drive traffic to your website.

Connect your official website with your Facebook page, Twitter handle, LinkedIn Profile, Instagram Page, Pinterest profile, etc.

You want to engage more people and interact with them so make sure that you post content that people enjoy such as high-quality, beautiful photographs, useful, very short posts (Twitter even has a limit of 140 characters).

While LinkedIn is more B2B and great for publishing long content and frequent business updates, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google Plus, etc offer you the opportunity to build a relationship with your audience.

Since Pinterest and Instagram are photo-video sharing platforms, you can easily help drive more traffic to your website by using irresistible images.

Also, post shareable and visual content (photos & videos) so more and more people share your content and help you connect with a larger audience.

4. Facebook adverts

Among all social networks, Facebook offers the best opportunity for running targeted advertising for growing your traffic & conversions.

Facebook adverts

You can run ads with the objective of “clicks to website” and get them to appear on the home/feed of the target audience you select.

You can use information like age, gender, hobbies, designation, etc to target your audience and only make your advertisement visible to your desired audience.

You can also run ads on Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Bing, Twitter, etc.

5. Blogging

The biggest reason why people are not visiting your website may be that you are not using the right keywords or that you are publishing shallow content on your website.

You need to actively create content for your website to ensure that more people come and read your content. Content, whether visual or textual, draws more people to your website.

Write blogs and content that helps answer people’s questions like top 10 things all solo-women travellers should keep in mind, 7 best books every budding entrepreneur should read, etc.

In addition to creating amazing content, you also need to make sure that you distribute it well so more people notice it.

Pro tips:

  • Always optimize your content with the right keywords.

  • Keep updating your website with relevant blogs.  

  • Invite other people to guest blog for you and start guest blogging to get more people to your website.

  • Use irresistible headlines.

6. Youtube

Reports suggest that by 2019, 80% of the total internet consumption will through videos. So, use Video content to your advantage and attract more people to your website.

You can use a variety of tools to find what topics and videos are trending. You can also find different tags to rank better and use your videos for driving traffic to your website.

Embed your website URL and your logo in the video and follow a consistent video creation and distribution strategy. Make sure that you make videos on trending topics or your preferred niche area and use a clean script to avoid any controversy.

7. Search Engine Optimization

If you more and more traffic to flow in and millions of people to visit your website, you must optimize your website.

There are some simple basics like optimizing your content, tags, URLs with keywords, using a sharp content strategy, etc. While you can manage updating your website with keywords on your own, there are some technical aspects of SEO like a canonical issue, indexing, XML sitemap, link-building, etc that may require a professional.

Search Engine Optimization

To get Google and other search engines to rank you and help you get more visitors, you will have to modify your website as per the ranking signals.

Moreover, make sure that your website offers value to the traffic that you want on your website.

For example, if you sell designer bags and maintain no blog or use no keywords, it would be very hard for Google to rank you and people to find you. However, if you use a smart title and other tags like Louis Vuitton designer bags in Manhattan, more people from the surrounding area will visit you.

8. User Experience

User Experience is everything in the Online world as you can’t expect a person to stay on your website if you offer a bad experience.

A messy website will be particularly hard to browse but you can attract more traffic and retain it by enhancing the user experience of your website. A design that’s easy to use, practical and smooth will help you get more traffic.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly

Keep the Mobile factor in mind too. Most people use their smartphones to browse the internet. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, the visitor won’t stick around. This way, even if you get visitors/traffic, it won’t be of any use to you. So, retain your visitors with a practical and functional responsive design.

Landing Pages

Landing pages usually act as the entry point to a website and are a must for Paid advertising on Google and social media platforms. Moreover, they are straightforward and offer simple valuable information in brief.

9. Socialise on Forums

Forums are online portals where people actively exchange advice so they give you a great opportunity of establishing yourself as an expert and thought leader.

Socialise on Forums

You can use quality content/expert advice to grow your traffic. If you use relevant content to answer questions, more and more people will read your answers and eventually visit your website.

One such famous platform is Quora where millions of users ask and answer questions and connect with experts.

Summing up

The biggest factor in driving more traffic to your website is Search Engine Optimization. Help Google find your website by optimizing your website with the right keywords and by submitting your website for indexing.

To double your chances of getting maximum traffic, you can run Google PPC (Pay per click) ads to rank above search results and further use retargeted ads to lure abandoning visitors back to your site.

Support your website’s SEO Campaign by using Social media to connect with a worldwide audience and blog regularly to inspire and entertain people with interesting information.

them interested. If your bounce rate is higher, intrigue your audience and retain them with video content.

Use professional Search Engine Optimization assistance to get the maximum results and make your website easy to navigate and responsive so anyone can easily access it on his/her phone. Use your expert knowledge to gain an audience on the question and answer forums like Quora and drive more traffic to your website.

With all these tips, make sure that you keep measuring your progress and improvising along the way to get the best results.