How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines


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How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines - SEO Corporation

How to Create Compelling Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines

Long ago, there used to be a magician called ‘SEO Copywriter’. They had ability to turn everything into gold by touching anything. He was named as ‘Midas’. The only thing he had to do that he had to place certain keywords in a right proportion, and voila, your site would come at top. It was what needed at all few years ago4r555.

However, the times have changed. It’s not just keyword that matters; it determines links, social sharing and semantic keywords. However, getting those links and shares is the toughest part of the job. So, the challenge has been to create a compelling content that attracts people to share the story.

How to create share-worthy content? How to write the content that increases traffic on the website?

These are the million-dollar questions? Everybody is looking for such content. A smart SEO content writer has knack for the desires of the prospective audience. He weaves these desires into the content so seamlessly, the content features prominently in the search engines.

But, how it can be done? How to weave words that creates an impact that forces people to share the content. A good content evokes instant emotion. And, they feel urge to share the content.

Sometimes, they feel to look more intelligent. And, inevitably they become part of the crowd that makes content viral. It is the same force that prompts the people to retweet and send content.

To sum it up: a good copywriter needs to have a flair for writing content that’s inviting to share and to link to. She needs to have top-notch skills to optimize.


Creating a viral content is the biggest challenge marketer’s face. Now, what is the viral content? The viral content is something that is equally loved by the readers and search engines. And obviously, they are shared hugely by the people. However, creating such content is very difficult if not impossible.

Everybody talks about writing compelling, unique and original content, but in reality, it is very difficult. Writing a copy that is loved by search engines and converts the readers to clients is something has been an elusive dream.

So, what does this mean: the era of writing keywords stuffed article is over. However, this does not mean the word ‘SEO’ is dead. In fact, the area of influence of SEO has enlarged.

Let’s learn it from the real life examples

Take an example, there is an article published in Huffington post which was shared more than 54000 times in the Facebook. The title of the book is ‘Why you’re not married?’ There is one thing that can be easily said that the title of the article has an evocative appeal. It creates the curiosity factor. Let’s click the link below to read the full article.

When you read the article, you must have noticed the evocative pointers. They arouse instant emotions.

Now, take another example. “Every Day, This Tiny Dog Takes a Trip by Herself That’ll Leave You in Tears.” It is one of the titles from a popular site

“What is the first thing you infer? Obviously, the headline generates the curiosity factors”

Secret # 1: So, pay attention to the headlines as it is the first thing, user pay attention. Try to find out what element of the article can be highlighted to grab the reader’s attention.

Secret # 2 Use the words audience loves to use. By using difficult words, you may sound intelligent, but sad reality is that such words often fail to establish a normal cord with the people.

How to write a good headline

If headline is the first weapon to attract the readers, then how to write a good headline that is also seo friendly should be your target?

It seems instead offering you solution, I am making your job tad difficult. Don’t worry; just be with me in this journey. Things will be easier as you travel the distance.

Without beating about the bush, these are the five most important ingredients of a successful headline.

  • Rewarding : Five Benefits of Walking That You Can’t Ignore
  • Adding value: Want to Read 30 Percent Fast, Know These 6 Techniques
  • Arouse curiosity: Every Day, This Tiny Dog Takes A Trip By Herself That’ll Leave You In Tears
  • Shock value: Hiroshima Before the Nuclear Bomb Blast, and After
  • Emotive: This Lady Brought Up His Child by Selling Scraps on the Road

Did you understand what I meant to say? Just try to find the most interesting part of the article and try to think the ways you can use to titillate your target audience. These headlines have something interesting to share.

Recently, I was going through an article in the newspaper which was about the millionaires’ dogs. Important thing to know is that use of the words such as millionaire is not common with the dogs or pigeons. However, the headline generates instant curiosity to know about those dogs.

Now, let’s discuss some examples of the bad headlines.

  • Drug Victims Rarely Talk to Police
  • President Obama Announced a 300 Million Dollar Package
  • Yemeni head seeks arms

You can easily point out that these headlines make no sense. Do they look exciting or arouse curiosity.

Final word

The best headlines are those that weave SEO with Emotions. It should have clickable virtues. Read the example below:

Information: Google’s new mobile-friendly update from 21 April….

Headline: Google is going to launch a new mobile-friendly algorithm, are you ready to face the music?

What do you think can you improve upon this? It is a simple technique that can help you to drive more traffic to your site and earn trust of your readers.

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