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How to Recover from Google Penalty - SEO Corporation

How to Recover from Google Penalty

There is a different reason why I thought to write this blog post. I wanted to write this long time back, but I wanted to be sure of the results. Last year in the month of May, 2014, a client had approached me to seek solution. His website had been penalized by Google Penguin update because of the poor service of a cheap SEO service provider. His website cost was something around $100000, and he not only lost the ranking but also the business. This is because he had hired a cheap SEO provider company which purchased few poor quality back links. He lost 75% of the business as his business nature highly deepened on page ranking. He seemed desperate. I took his case as a case study.

What happens in Google Penalty?

In the case that your site has been punished by Google, it becomes extremely vital that the issue is addressed quickly. Once you’re hit with penalty, your site will first lose visibility on Google, then movement, and after those changes. Also that is very bad from the business point of view. When it’s all said and done, what great is a site if no one can discover you?

Luckily, there are steps you can take to recuperate from punishments. Despite the fact that it can once in a while take a couple of weeks (even months, sometimes) to see any kind of change, the sooner that you begin the sooner you can return to where you used to be—assuredly in the great graces of Google.

Basics of Google Penguin punishments

There are two essential sorts of algorithmic Google punishments: Panda and Penguin Penalty. These punishments happen when Google rolls out an improvement to its calculation. This implies that everybody on the web can possibly be influenced by the punishment. There are additionally non-algorithmic manual punishments, yet this kind of punishment is particular to your site and something a Google worker has decided you have done not right.

With the end goal of this article I am going to jump deeper into Penguin punishment.

Penguin is about Link spam. This incorporates low quality backlinks, content commercials passing Pagerank, having an excess of links. You can study to see the greater part of the Penguin punishments took off by Google, yet beneath are three of the latest:

Penguin 2.1: This had a moderate effect on destinations and was basically an information upgrade rather than a significant change to the calculation.

Penguin 2.0: Individuals suspect that this redesign was focused at the page level. It was likewise a moderate change that hit a littler number of destinations.

Penguin 1.3: This was unbelievably minor, influencing just 0.3 percent of inquiries, however it’s intriguing to note to what extent it took for Google to hit us with 2.0.

The seriousness of your punishment and resulting rankings decay will depend upon your general Link profile.

Tips to recuperate from a Penguin punishment

The first thing I did was to diagnose why the site was penalized. This is very critical. This is easier to do. You ought to first check your Webmaster Tools to check whether there is a manual punishment notice. If not, check online to see what Google calculation upgrades may have happened. This will normally be highly promoted. When we recognized that it was a Penguin punishment that hit the website, we took following measures to recuperate:

Make a list of all your backlinks

There are various tools you can use to help you construct this rundown, including Google Webmaster Tools, Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, Ahrefs, and numerous others. It’s a great thought to take help of few reports as this is similar to cross-referencing. The more information you can gather, the simpler it is to verify you’re not missing a considerable measure of connections.”

It’s a nice thought to take this rundown and structure on your own spreadsheet to have a clear picture. This will help you later on in the event that you need to screen your backlinks to verify you don’t get punished once more.

Dissect the majority of your connections for quality

The reason you are punished is likely because you have a considerable number of unnatural connections indicating back your site.. There are a few sorts of connections Google has a tendency to investigate all the more, for example,

  • Links originating from non-listed locales
  • Links originating from the site with poor domain authority

Decide which links you have to remove

You should make an spreadsheet of every link you need to keep tab on. Once you are done with the list you will have an idea that which links you should remove. This is about cleaning the profile. Incorporate data, for example, the URL, contact data of the Webmaster, any progressions you’ve made to the connection, and so forth.

Identifying spammy and low quality links is not difficult. For instance, on the off chance that you’ve been emphasized on the BBC News, Guardian or a high caliber, definitive site, you can be genuinely certain it’s a solid connection that needn’t bother with evacuating.

Begin conversation with webmaster

The most ideal approach to do this is to contact website admin and request to remove the links. Most of the web admin will act in affirmative.

When you have arrived at a point where you don’t trust you will get any more reactions, you can move to utilizing the Google Disavow tool.

Check Anchor Test Distribution

To recover from a Google Penguin update, you will first have to check your back links anchor text distribution. Login to your Monitor Back links account and click on “Anchor Text” from the left menu.

When you build backlinks to your website, always try to create a diverse anchor text distribution. Try to get less than 50% commercial keywords in your anchor text. If possible, go for even lower.

A few Links are not difficult to distinguish. For instance, in the event that you’ve been offered on the BBC News, Guardian or a high caliber, legitimate site, you can be genuinely certain it’s a solid connection that needn’t bother need removal.

Final Word

Whether you have been penalized of terrible backlinks still you can recover from the damage. But it takes time. My clients ranking started showing improvement after three months and in the next three months, it was again sitting at the top of the page.

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