How to Write Catch Headlines That Instantly Hooks Up the Readers


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How to Write Catch Headlines That Instantly Hooks Up the Readers - SEO Corporation

How to Write Catch Headlines That Instantly Hooks Up the Readers

Headlines are extremely important for driving traffic. The sooner you understand this, better it will be for you. Writing catchy headlines, however, is not an easy task. It requires lot of effort and intellectual ability to write an enticing headline. It is most important part of the entire article.

I will not call it an art completely. It is also a science. However, it also needs a fair degree of luck so that people click your headline. But, there is no guarantee that people will click it. You can question that what is the use of wasting so much energy in the age of Google algorithms which does not understand wit, pun, satire or humor. The question seems genuine. But, that does not mean you should right stale headline. Before delving further, consider the following headlines:

  • 10 Teachings of Jesus for Many Tricky Life Situations
  • This Man Is Known For His Wit, But He Always Shed Tears When He Is Alone!
  • This House is Haunted, But People Are Ready To Pay Millions To Buy This

Above headlines may seem you crazy and entice you to read the article. They are normal articles. But author has cleverly used the most interesting part in the headlines. It throws a question to readers. It compels them to look for answers which in turn force them to click the article.

Make the Best of Both Worlds

What is the best strategy for headlines which is SEO friendly?

Is this possible to please both search engine and humans?

Answer to both of the questions is- Yes.

Don’t write same title for article and page. An article title is for readers where as page title is for the search engine. This difference should be perfectly clear for the success of any SEO strategy.

It is true that this means some extra load of work for you. But this pays in the medium and long run. But, this extra work results in more eyeballs for your content. Mind this: The goal of SEO is to reach at top. If you fail to do that, your strategy fails at all.

What is the trick?

I know you all are dying to know the secret. I will reveal this. This is very simple, but quite effective. You should follow this religiously and rest assured, you are on the way to master one of the most popular open secret of a perfect seo strategy.

  • Try to start the headline with a number. Human mind is naturally drawn towards positioning of the human eye beside the text. It is better if your digit is odd number.

Example: 7 ways to look smart in the summer season

What is the trick

Create Distrust

Humans are often attracted towards the chance to read about how things are manipulated. We are tempted to read about such stuffs.

For example:

  • 6 Lies Your Property Dealer Will Never Tell You
  • Take The Advice of Your Doctor With A Pinch of Salt
  • Your Skin Toner Is Actually Damaging Your Skin

Sense of Urgency

This is a normal human psychology. People look for shortcuts to achieve success. You can capitalize on the human weakness.

For example:

  • Know These Tips to Lose Weight in 30 Days
  • Learn these Five Techniques to Memorize Things Three Times Faster

Use of Few Words

Use of certain words like Amazing, You and Your, How to attracts readers to read article.

For example:

  • You Should Know These Facts To Get Success In The Interview
  • How to Look Good in Summer Season, Here Are The Tricks

Read the Most Popular Websites

Websites like Mashable, Viralnova and Upworthy are great sites. You should constantly follow these sites as you can really learn a lot from these sites.

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