Lessons from JcPenny Be Careful While Choosing an SEO Firm India or SEO Services Company


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Lessons from JcPenny Be Careful While Choosing an SEO Firm India or SEO Services Company - SEO Corporation

Lessons from JcPenny Be Careful While Choosing an SEO Firm India or SEO Services Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO India) is a great bet for drawing organic traffic to your site. If you rank in top three in search results then you are going to make plenty of dollars through sales and profits.

Today, you will laugh of at a company if it is not using SEO Services India to optimize its sites coz its competitors are hiring SEO Firms India, or other SEO India service companies to optimize their sites.

But SEO is a tricky business. You need to show your site’s relevancy to the search engines through original content, incoming links from trusted and reputed sites or you can try to manipulate and deceive search engines through spamming and other black hat techniques (which you should never do). Intentionally or unintentionally, JcPenny took the latter route.

A NYT report recently blew the whistle about the fact that JcPenny has been at the top in Google SERP’s for a wide variety ( mostly unrelated and irrelevant) of products through out the past holiday season.

These all ranking were due to black hat SEO techniques presumably used by Search-Dex, the SEO firm JCPenney has since fired.

To deceive the search engine algorithm making it look like a very popular website, thousands of links were placed on hundreds of sites across the Web with smart use of anchor text –many of them completely unrelated to the keywords in question but all leading to JCPenney’s website.

This type of SEO tactics is a complete no-no in Google’s world where site’s using these types of black hat techniques is severely penalized. Few years back, Google suspended the auto giant BMW’s site from search results due to a similar practice.

But discussion aside it’s also an excellent opportunity to draw out some key lessons about how SEO should and shouldn’t be done. If you are hiring an SEO Company or SEO services in India then you should keep the following things in mind.

1) Now the Webmaster’s guidelines: Google has a fairly extensive set of guidelines which should never be violated if you want to win the final war instead of short term battles. If you are planning to outsource your SEO work to any SEO Company always choose an SEO Company in India which follows these guidelines.

But it is the best if you know the guidelines SEO guidelines yourself so that you can judge whether the Professional SEO company or SEO Firm India is following ethical practices or not. Never allow your SEO Firm India or SEO Agency India to resort to spamming or other black hat techniques. Fortunately most of The SEO firms in India strictly follow white hat techniques.

2) Never Buy links from link brokers and sellers: Never try to deceive search engines algorithms by cloaking links with a malicious/manipulative intent,” or presenting different content to search engines than you display to users, while next in line is linking to Web spam sites. This can seriously hamper you search engine rankings. You can hire a link building services company in India for acquiring natural and organic links for your site.

You can base your SEO Services India strategy or link building services strategy on the following guidelines

3) Anchor text: Use relevant anchor text from external website to link to your site.

4) External link popularity: It considers the link quantity and also the link quality of external links to your site. The more trusted a website linking to your site the better will be your ranking.

5) A diversity of link sources: The links should come from relevant sites as well as from a varied range of sites. Getting several links from a single source will never be useful.

6) Use keywords in Title, first paragraph and last paragraph.

JCPenney’s used links and anchor texts to match search terms like “dresses” or “home decor,” and they were placed on hundred of sites, unfortunately on poor-quality ones.

Pay attention: Keep an eye the SEO strategies adopted by your SEO firm India, SEO Expert India Agency, SEO Services Company or any professional SEO entity to which you have outsourced you SEO services. Make them clear that you will not tolerate any unethical SEO services violating webmaster’s guidelines.

SEO Corporation is one of the largest SEO Companies in India which strictly follows guidelines provided by Google and other major search engines. Talk to our SEO Experts today and avail risk free 100% ethical SEO Services form the largest and the most trusted brand in SEO Biz.

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