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– Content Writing Packages –

  • Press release writing only
  • 1
  • 400-450 Words
  • Buy Now $20
  • Press release writing & distribution
  • 1 press release + 25 submissions
  • 400-450 Words
  • Buy Now $39
  • Press release writing package
  • 5 press releases + 25 submissions each
  • 400-450 Words
  • Buy Now $149
  • Article writing
  • 1
  • 400-450 Words
  • Buy Now $14
  • Article writing & article marketing
  • 1 article + 25 submissions
  • 400-450 Words
  • Buy Now $40
  • Article writiing & article marketing package
  • 5 articles + 25 submissions each
  • 400-450 Words
  • Buy Now $180
  • Web content writing
  • 1 page
  • 300 Words
  • Buy Now $12
  • Proofreading
  • 300 Words
  • Buy Now $10
  • Editing & Re-drafting
  • 300 Words
  • Buy Now $15
  • Blog writing
  • 1
  • 250-300 Words
  • Buy Now $15
  • Blog writing
  • 1
  • 400-450 Words
  • Buy Now $20
  • Ghostwriting services / Children’s book writing
  • Ebook writing
  • Travel writing
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Coffee table book writing

We find pride to present our clientele with impeccable technical writing. No matter what technical niche you’re from or looking to project your content to, SEO Corporation deals in all. We have some of the highly recognizedand seasoned technical writers, holding expertise in multiple technical fields. Our professionals are also adept at adapting as per your technical content requirements.

We understand that technical writing mostly involves sharing information in a professional setting. Our experts are well trained in gathering relevant technical information from a giant pool of information and present readers with only accurate technical content, ranging from writing how-totechnical blog articles to technical documentation.

Diverse Range of Technical Writing Services

SEO Corporation provides a wide range of Technical Content Services, varying from concise and precise memorandums to striking business proposals. We benefit our clientele with Customized Technical Content packages to get the most out of their investment and meet all content requirements as well.No matter what Technical content you have in your mind, share it with us to let our professionals develop an effectivestrategy to suit your technical content requirement.

Our seasoned technical writers are well versed in providing information clearly whilst meeting all technical standards. No matter what tool or additional sources your technical project will require, we are pledged to provide you with genuine and expressive technical write-ups.

Technical Content Services We Cater

Ranging from technical blog articles to technical documentation services, we cater a number of technical content services you can benefit from.

    • Press Releases
      We know how important it is for a business to clearly and effectively notify its extant clientele as well as potential customers about its new services, products, and recentdevelopments. Our technical writers are proficient in writing compelling PRs for your business.
    • Memos
      Used for in-house purposes, memos are a form of write-ups to convey important information within your business environment. We provide concise and precise memos to circulate within your organization.
    • Business Proposals
      Technical writers at SEO Corporation find pride in delivering clear and expressive business proposals for organizations looking to extend their business. We are preferred by several businesses to get their consummate business services offerings translated to impeccable business proposals.
    • Datasheets
      All businesses need datasheets to clearly summarize performance as well as other technical characteristics pertaining to a product, machine, component, or service they offer to their clients. Our technical writers are adept in preparing insightful and impressive datasheets.
    • Product Descriptions
      Out of the various forms of Technical Writing, product descriptions are a form of multi-purpose technical write-ups. We create clear product descriptions to meet all your marketing, selling and other requirements.
    • White Papers
      SEO Corporation is proud to provide concise and precise white paper write-ups to businesses. Rely on us for passingyourorganization’s philosophy on a specific matter of interest in a clear and effective manner.
    • Resumes
      For technical professionals looking to get impeccable resumes enabling them to showcase the best of their skills and seizing opportune career opportunities, we offer professional technical resume write-ups.

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