What is a Link Wheel How to Create a Link Wheel


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What is a Link Wheel How to Create a Link Wheel - SEO Corporation

What is a Link Wheel How to Create a Link Wheel

What is a Link Wheel?

A link wheel is the best practical implementation of making the most out of link multiplication technique. It is one of the most effectual ways to build tiered links. Google and other prominent search engines prefer natural link building. As link wheel imitates natural link building, it is the desired way to make the most out of SERPs standings for websites and web pages.

Following the recent updates released by Google Search, the leading search engine imposes a penalty on websites that have links related to irrelevant websites and suspicious web sources. Therefore, any link wheel strategy needs to be relevant to the source it is developed for. Link wheel is also known as Link Pyramid and Link Prism. It has replaced the technique called private website networks, which is no longer considered a good SEO practice.

Link Wheel in SEO

Link wheel is a circular approach used to create links between high PR websites of different types, which also links to the webpage the link wheel is created for in the first place. SEO backlinking is used to enhance the link wheel effect by using Web 2.0 technology, i.e. sources promoting user-generated content. Tiered links are preferred over simple backlinks.

The difference between tiered links and backlinks lies in the fact that the former links are first linked to another lower set of links, which is then linked to the targeted URL. Hence, they are layered. Despite the fact that any number of (link) layers can be used, the ideal number is 3 or 4 layers. This is because using too many layers decreases quality while employing a fewer number of them is considered unnatural. For generating effective link wheels, a mix of platforms, including Blogger, Digg and WordPress, is used.

Link Wheel Services

Different organizations offering link wheel services make use of distinct strategies. Due to the fact that different websites have distinct needs, a specific link wheel service might be effective for some specific types of websites while ineffective for others. Hence, it’s important to undergo an extensive research before coming up with an effective link wheel strategy.

Moreover, link wheel strategies need to be created judiciously, as using an irrelevant link wheel strategy might attract penalties from Google Search and other search engine providers. Link wheel can act as an effectual means to boost traffic and extend a webpage to the most relevant audience only when done with caution and devotion.

Link Wheel is a powerful strategy to get power back links. Advantages of Link Wheel are:

  1. Link Wheels can increase your search engine rankings.
  2. Link Wheel increases your link popularity.
  3. Link Wheel helps in reputation management/ Brand management.
  4. Link Wheel attracts lots of traffic to your site.
  5. Link Wheel establishes you as an expert in your niche.

Learn how to create a Link Wheel from the following illustrative diagram which describes the linking structure of a link wheel.

how to create a Link Wheel

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