What Should Be Length of the Online Content?


What Should Be Length of the Online Content?

Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh
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What is the ideal length of Facebook post? What should be the ideal length of a Twitter or a blog post? How many words should be there in a Google headline? How many characters in a E-mail subject line Have you ever thought on these questions? These are the less known SEO secrets that even

  • What is the ideal length of Facebook post?
  • What should be the ideal length of a Twitter or a blog post?
  • How many words should be there in a Google headline?
  • How many characters in a E-mail subject line

Have you ever thought on these questions? These are the less known SEO secrets that even Pro in the top SEO companies don’t know. And, why else an expert online marketer will reveal these best kept SEO secrets? And, mind it, the best SEO companies know these techniques and apply them that give them an edge over lesser knowledgeable SEO mortals.

So, you want to stand out in social media, but don’t know how to grow your followers on Twitter or Facebook? Many of you will say ‘it depends’. But, this means you don’t know the right answer.

# 1 What is the ideal length of the Twitter post?

Creativity and simplicity are at the core of Twitter. You may ask Twitter is already limited to 140 characters, so where is the possibility to curtail the length? Is it simple ridiculous to cut a piece of pea!

However, you should not jump the gun while making a hasty conclusion. The buddy media research found out that if your tweet is of 100 characters, it puts you in a sweet spot. Such tweets get 17% more engagement than a normal 140 character post.

They are not alone as another social analytics company track social Track Social confirmed this conclusion. If the length of your tweet is between 71-100, it’s best. It brings a value for the fellow re-tweeters.

# 2 what’s about the ideal length of a Facebook post?

Just make a wild guess? It should be something around 250-300 characters? The logic is simple: It should be at least twice the length of a Twitter post. Well Done, Intelligent answer!

But, stop for a while. You are wrong. The ideal length of a Facebook post is just 100 characters! It is equal to twitter post. So, when comes to Facebook post, short is really sweet.

Jeff Bullas, a famous digital marketing guru, found that 40-character Facebook posts have hopping 86 % higher engagement. And, posts with 80-characters had 66% more engagement. However, a meager 5 % posts qualify these criteria.

# 3 What is the ideal length of a Google headline?

Demian Fanworth from Copyblogger found that the length of a headline should not exceed 60 characters or six words.

It has been found that longer headlines don’t gel well with search engines. Even, KISSmetrics research proves this point. Try to contain your headline in one line. It is because search engine scans the first three words and last three words of a headline. That’s why if you keep the length within six words, the entire headline will be scanned.

If it is not possible, your first line should be simply amazing!

3 Amazing Headline Secrets That Google’s Search Engine Loves, And People Praise

What’s your opinion about the above headline? Of course, I leave the judgment on you.

Amazing Headline Secrets
Amazing Headline Secrets

# 4 What should be the ideal length of a blog post?

It is perhaps the most important question for a blogger. It is a widely perceived notion that bigger the content, better it is. However, bigger means different for different writers. For me, it is 750-900 words, whereas for other it can be 3000-4000 words. Medium, a content research firm, found that an ideal blog post should consume around 7 minutes. It is equivalent to 1600 words. In the picture below, the density of dots is maximum around 7 Minutes.

Most of our clients seek to write blog posts with 400-500 words. My own blogs are typically 700-800 words long.

Neil Patel, from quicksprout.com, has a different take. He is of the view that it’s difficult to set a limit for length. What matters more is the quality, substance and the format of the article. But, in general, longer posts seem to perform better with search engines.

SERP TRACK, another company found out that the posts with length greater than 2000 words got ranked higher in the search engines. However, moz.com, research tells that longer post often gets more links. upworthy.com, another very popular site found no correlation between the length of the article and attention. However, it’s better to write as many words as the content deserves. Therefore, we are of the view that longer the post, better it is, and it should be around 1400-1500 words. However, if you feel 500 words is sufficient for the topic, just don’t stretch the topic.

There is one more secret here.

#5 Do you know what should be the ideal length of a line in paragraph?

Without beating about bush, there should not be more than 40-55 characters in a paragraph. You should try to follow this as much as possible. And, let’s take another very important question.

# 6 What is the ideal length of an E-mail subject line?

MailChimp in 2012 found out that it should be 28-39 characters long. It is a profound statement by world’s most popular Email marketing company.

And, the ideal length of the title tag should be 55 characters. This is an important point as the title tag defines your page on the search result. If it exceeds 60 characters, Google shows a truncated title.

Final Word

These are the tips that should be kept in mind when you start writing your next blog post. These are the secrets revealed by most successful digital marketing gurus. Before leaving, there is a question for you.

What’s the length of my article? It’s 998 words. So, have I violated the rule of 1600 words in the blog post?I have already revealed that I can’t write more than 1000 words in a single sitting.

And, you will obviously enjoy the infographic in the article. It will remind of an old maxim: A picture is worth 1000 words. And, you will regale that how true is this.