Google’s Right Side Ads Vanishing A Quick Guide For Your Business


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Google’s Right Side Ads Vanishing A Quick Guide For Your Business - SEO Corporation

Google’s Right Side Ads Vanishing A Quick Guide For Your Business

Google is the leader in search engine. Information gathered through Google is outstanding. People rely on the search result by the Google. Recently Google has changed the logo in fun, but people were surprised as major changes in the actual search engine result page (SERP) occur less often. Therefore, a removal of ads from right – hand side of the desktop is making big news in SERP.

Google Advertising
Google Advertising

“What exactly Google has done for the right hand side ads running on the desktop,”?

Google is preparing for a dramatic change by removing ads from right hand side and placing it on the top / or bottom of the pages.

How it can affect your online business?

This decision of Google is creating a chaos in the digital marketing sphere, although product listing Ads and ads in the knowledge panel will continue to show on the right – hand and adding fourth ad for highly commercial queries above the organic search result.

Now some of you may think, what is an organic reach?

Let us know the spine of organic reach. When you post some beautiful and informational message on your social media account and you get lot of visitors without sponsoring your posts, is the organic reach.

“Organic reach is the total number of unique people who were shown on your posts through unpaid distribution,”

It is never too late, and no issue to panic. Just take a glance, the detail, and the affect of this change started by Google.

What exactly did Google has changed? By removing ads from right – hand side of the results page, they have reduced the maximum amount of ads, which a user can see from top to the bottom and throughout the entire page of the desktop. This means that from now onwards, there will be fewer clicks for folks who advertise on these pages and who are not in top three or four paid positions.

What is the response to this change? Marketers are worried that it might affect organic reach and how does it influence advertising?

First lets us know in detail, what exactly Google has changed, Why they changed it and what are their policies regarding this change?

  • Scenario – Before Vs After Change

Google search ads were shown up in three places, above, below and to the right of organic search result.

Now what will show folks?

With the recent changes, they have removed one of these three ad locations together. The one on the right – hand side of the search engine results page. In some cases, they may increase the ads that appear from organic search results from three to four.

What this is called?

There are highly commercial queries; mean Google is confident that user’s intention is to make a purchase.

The ads, which will be visible below the organic search result, will not be affected by the change.

Smile………………..Product Listing Ads ( PLAs), may stick around the right hand side of the desktop page.

  • Why Google Decided For Such Change?

As, we know that in a nonprofessional language, change is good. There is a very common phrase,

“If you are not a tree, then move from the place, for betterment,”

This change is appealing, will give a cleaner experience to the user, after completing search on Google.

It is beautiful, as we, love clean and healthy environment Desktop is just like a virtual environment to the user and if it is clean, it pleases us.

Introduction of fewer options will also provide a more cohesive experience to the user between mobile and desktop search to the user.

Majority of paid clicks ads come from ads above organic result. The elimination of right – side ad from the SERP, will clean up the page without removing the necessary used ad unit.

  • Is Organic Result be Affected

Change always creates something new; so definitely, it is going to affect a marketer’s organic result.

However it is still hard to say, how it will affect them.

Few ads can increase organic traffic, and a fourth ad above organic result could bring result down the page to a point than lowers the traffic. As a marketer, you have to keep complete information to the types of results that are being displayed on SERPs for keyword that you are trying to rank by organic reach.

  • How Marketer’s and Advertiser’s can survive in this change?

If you want to stay on and cope up with these changes, here’s we suggest some tricks that you can implement to win the race and face the change.

  • Frequent revisions of your ads on Google – Don’t be lazy, as lazy lad never wins any race. Try to preview your new results by navigating to the Tools tab on Google’s search campaign by clicking on “Ad Preview and Diagnosis”. This will help you search according to your location, language, device and domain.
  • Review your average position in search result for your particular ad – Be alert, because to maintain high impression, and click on ads, you have to reach the average position higher than three or four depending upon the keyword.

If you are lower than three or four………………Alas! You will be pushed down below organic result or even worse than that.

“Average Pos” can be searched in Keywords tab of Adwords

  • Use relevant keywords to increase average position in search results – You can use two ways to increase the average position of keywords in the search result.

First – Improve your bid and improve your quality score. Google always determine the Ad rank, which is based on your bid, competition, everyone bidding on that keyword and the quality score.

To move up the ladder fast, improve your bid, and quality score. It can be achieved by the relevant ad and landing page of your website.

Victory always cherishes us, it is good to fight to win, but don’t take un necessary pressure to win as it can make you a complete confused lad. Too high bid and less click can generate less profit for your business then the ads cost.

This will prove very bad for your online business, so always try to use CPA (Cost per Acquisition or Conversions) as your magic meter for your online business.

Google is very deliberate about the changes and it maintains mountain of data before going for any decision. It is not in a fraction of second that let us change, so it is better to stick on the change.

Remember that the change brought about by the Google has made it more important for the user is optimizing for the top spot, and for the knowledge graph.

For example, The ad of real estate removed from the right side is a good move for the marketers who rely on organic search and it could affect the organic results moving further down the page.

Those who are having top organic spot or a spot in the knowledge graph, will result better and will have better organic shots at those organic clickthroughs than anyone else.

Therefore, it is wise to follow and welcome the new change policy of Google. Following the above can help you to achieve milestone for your business.

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