What is E-A-T in Google Ranking Metrics and Why is it Important?


What is E-A-T in Google Ranking Metrics and Why is it Important?

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E-A-T refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, as well as Trustworthiness. The origin of the concept is from the search quality of the Google guidelines. The E-A-T algorithm is one of the common factors which is used by Google for evaluation of the overall quality of any web page. As Google suggests, the quality of a page

E-A-T refers to Expertise, Authoritativeness, as well as Trustworthiness. The origin of the concept is from the search quality of the Google guidelines. The E-A-T algorithm is one of the common factors which is used by Google for evaluation of the overall quality of any web page.

As Google suggests, the quality of a page plays an essential role in ranking the page and in determining the organic search results of the page. As per the guidelines, Google states the most necessary factors which are used for the determination of the overall quality of the webpage:-

  • Aim of the webpage
  • Quality of the content and the accuracy in the information provided on the website
  • The reputation of the author or the website
  • Expertise, Authoritativeness, along with Trustworthiness

The higher the demonstration expertise, authority and trustworthiness of a webpage, the more its rank would increase.

How does E-A-T google ranking is determined?

At a higher level, three main components are present in search quality evaluator guidelines of Google:-

  • The expertise is possessed by the creator of the primary content.
  • Ensure useful, accurate as well as truthful information.
  • The trustworthiness and authoritative mess of the main content, website and the creator.

A good E-A-T ensures accuracy and quality information to researchers. Anyone can create and publish a website and post as per their wish. No professional degree is required for creation as well as posting content.

Hence, Google takes care of the trustworthiness, expertise with the authoritativeness of a web page. Verified content tops the priority of Google in comparison to unverified suggestions or advice.

How significant is the E-A-T SEO checklist?

Google comprehends that a person might be influenced to make a life-altering decision based on what they read on Google or online. Hence, a lower or bad source of information in search results of Google is prone to have a negative impact and could give rise to severe consequences in the real world.

If your content or web pages is classified into YMYL categories, then you must ensure to tread carefully. You should make it properly clear that it’s been authored via proper standing.

The more you can apply E-A-T standards to your content, the more the visibility and ranking of your website would increase.

Is E-A-T the best google ranking tool?

In terms of measuring metrics, E-A-T is not a direct best google ranking tool. However, there are various other signals which are used by Google to ensure three prime ranking factors such as trust, expertise and authority.

A white paper named, “How Google Fights Disinformation”, is released by Google in February 2019 which briefs about the significance of E-A-T to get Google ranking SEO. Moreover, E-A-T has been referred to around 137 times currently in the Search Quality rater guidelines which define its importance.

Although there is not only a single metric for measuring google E-A-T score. Rather it does evaluation of different other measurable factors which gives a clear indication about the quality of brands, authors, websites as well as web pages.

This overarching procedure works in sync along the following lines. To analyze website google ranking and Google’s algorithm search quality raters measure as well as feedback is used. Moreover, it is very easy for Google’s algorithm to properly measure signals which are correlating with E-A-T.

What role does E-A-T play in the latest Google ranking factors?

The users which have been attentive to the algorithm of Google search corr updates in recent times might have noticed how enhancing the experience of the users has become a recurrent theme of Google.

For a long time, Google has initiated to penalize keyword stuffing since it not only disrupts the flow of the content but also hurts users’ reading experience. They believed in making mobile responsive friendly ranking factors when a larger part of the population started using digital or mobile devices to surf through the internet.

Google gives more priority to HTTPS over HTTP since it wanted an increment in security for visitors. The development of Core Web Vitals took place because they wanted to ensure a seamless user experience.

Thus the role of E-A-T kicks on. It’s one of the convenient ways for Google to keep in mind that the delivery is done according to the demand of the users. E-A-T determines the credibility of a webpage. E-A-T plays an effective role in deciding a website google ranking.

Based on its evaluation, it is determined how individual pages, as well as websites, can give real value to every user. Google prefers serving up the pages with the utmost value about a particular search query since this is what engages the interest of people.

If SEO or search engine optimization is crucial for the success of your digital marketing company then google E-A-T score should be your top priority at the time of developing an SEO strategy.

How to get Google rankings up through E-A-T score?

Given the importance of E-A-T score in organic search, users should be aware of the best E-AT SEO practices. Some of them are enumerated below:-

#1. Maintain the accuracy of the content

Unless the genre of the content on your site is something that is not subjected to any changes, it’s always a good choice to keep updating your content and post quality content.

Try to keep all the information included in your content accurate and up to date. This is highly recommended to those who have pages that constitute sensitive information.

#2. Showcase your credentials 

Calling your authors an established professional without giving proof of their level of expertise might not gain a lot of momentum. Verification of the credentials of your team and putting them on your website below the content produced by them would build trust between your audiences.

You can also provide links to the author’s social handles and website to help Google in assessing the entities behind the content. Meanwhile, listing expertise on your page might define the goal of your website, contributors and Team.

#3. Doing an audit of the content

Until and unless your website is quite new, you probably constitute a good amount of existing content such as datasheets, blog posts, look books, articles, case studies as well as white papers etc.

Doing a content audit to be assured of everything which has been published on your webpage so far that meets the standards of E-A-T is important. The three fixed options which come with every page are:-

  • Updation
  • Deletion
  • Combining it with other relatable pages

#4. Put up your contact details

This might appear minor, but putting up your contact related details on your website proves that you are a real company. Moreover, it shows how much you value your audience and are looking forward to hearing from them.

#5. Getting more reviews

It’s one of the popular business strategies to promote and earn online reviews for your services or products. Since the reviews play a key role in building the site’s E-A-T in front of Google.

A good amount of positive feedback across a wide range of review sites such as Facebook, Google, Instagram etc demonstrates the trustworthiness of your company and poses a good image to consumers.

What are some of the new website google ranking issues?

You need to understand the reasons behind the poor performance of your site. It might be because:-

  • Penalizing of the site by Google
  • The site is facing certain issues which led to a drop in its ranking.

One of the initial things is a proper assessment of the situation and the major issues which is the sole reason for the downfall.

Below are some of the common reasons behind the downfall of your site:-

  • Algorithmic or Manual drop in rank
  • Google Flux
  • Dropping of the site since it’s losing links
  • Outranked by your potential competitor
  • Demotion of your site because of on-page issues
  • Being unaware of the latest update in the Google algorithm

The smartest owners of websites always prefer being one step ahead to avoid future consequences. They take precautions at the time of building and marketing their sites.

What are some of the initial signs of the best SEO company?

Some of the initial signs are:-

  • Providing logical and professional advice
  • Improvement in search rank
  • Setting realistic criteria for success
  • Increase in revenue even though the traffic on your website is unassured.

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