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How to Defend Your Brand Against Negative Reviews?

How to Remove Negative Reviews from the Internet? The world’s growing exceedingly digital. With the advent of technology, plenty of rating and reviewing tools have cropped up that can be strategically used for promotion. But with the promotional advantage comes the great disadvantage: the voicing out of opinion online and the fact that people have […]


Outdated Link Building Strategies that you Shouldn’t be Using

For marketers who think link building is an old practice for marketing strategies, Google recently revealed how links are one of the top three ranking signals it still uses in the search algorithm. Most SEO professionals and marketers debate over link building strategies and their potency in today’s online marketing tactics. Some claim that link […]

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Get your business listed top on Google Maps

Get your business listed top on Google Maps with our proven strategies in 6 months or get your money back! Variation: See your business ranking top on Google Maps with our proven/competitive strategies in 6 months or get your money back! Variation: Get your business on top on Google Maps with our proven/effective/competitive strategies in […]

Local SEO

Local SEO in 2018: 5 simple ways to dominate local search

Anyone familiar with SEO would know the constant thing about it: It is always changing. In local SEO, it’s especially important that you optimize your on-site and off-site SEO tactics. Customers and clients are looking for you online and there is a wide scope for better lead generation and improved conversions locally. Local competition is […]

Everything You Need to Know About Marketing a Website in 2018

Marketing a website is going to become more important than ever in 2018. As the present year is just about to fold down, it’s the right time to learn important aspects of website marketing to get a head start in 2018. The following section presents four important trends that you need to pay attention to […]

Is SSL necessary for Google Ranking?

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is simply a standard encryption technology by means of which data is transferred securely from a web browser to a web server. Users leave data on different webpages, such as checkout pages and contact forms. This information is prone to malicious attacks from hackers and other malicious users. SSL prevents […]

Link Building for Real Estate Website in 2018

Yes, real estate is all about looks and detailing. However, real estate websites need to be optimized for SEO, in addition, to be designed in an effectual manner and full of detail-oriented images, videos, and other effective media. Adding quality media can drive visitors into considering your business offerings, however, it’s important to let visitors […]

Top 10 Ways to get traffic to your website in 2018

New Year is up, and so should be your tactics to attract more, relevant visitors to your website in 2018. Here are 10 effective ways to make the most from web traffic in 2018: Add Website to the Chrome Web Store – Chrome Web Store is an opportune place to get a good stream of […]

What is AMP and does it Help in SEO?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a project launched by Google in February of 2016 to rival Facebook Instant Articles. Since then, Google AMP has outlasted Facebook Instant Articles both in terms of usage and use in SEO. As the name suggests, the technology allows websites to render the mobile-ready version of their web pages. […]

What is Domain authority and Ways to Improve It

What is Domain Authority? Domain Authority or DA is SERPs ranking score that helps in predicting how well the website or webpage will rank on SERPs of different search engines, most notably Google. It is developed by Moz. The ranking system allows assigning a number anywhere between 1 to 100 to a webpage or website. […]